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#1009158 Planned GvG Updates

Posted by Toreth on 17 March 2023 - 15:33

TL;DR: Send the trials with the caveat of increasing the level ranges as part of the trial. This is a fix to the structural portion of how GvGs are done; rewards come after the structural part is fixed. Current Epics from GvG Rewards: 25% of them are upgraded; other upgrades still pending. Opt-out is terrible - notification system allows for Unbreakable casts to assist in the ONLY negative of gear damage.


While I certainly don't envy HCG for having to come in here and sift through the posts, trying to decipher what's legitimate and what's an "I want," I do hope they can see the dichotomy of the players in the community in regards to this aspect. What's a little surprising is the fact the HCG has come out and said "this is a trial," which has been met with disdainful comments of "No. Terrible. That's not going to work. That's no good." when the proposed quality of life changes haven't even been attempted yet. HCG has finally come down after how long to breathe some life in an absolutely dead aspect of the game?


Obviously I agree and support what's been proposed being the original, original poster that Arioche linked to, but there's a reason each of those were brought up initially:


  • Reducing Offline Time for Targets: This is to help prevent farming completely AFK players. Someone is much more likely to show up online if they've been AFK for ~24+ hours when compared to ~6+ days. Traditionally, once someone hits that ~48 hour mark, the chances of them logging back in for any reason drastically decreases.


  • Expand Level Ranges: This was proposed to go hand-in-hand with the Reduction in Offline Time for Targets as well as provide more overall target opportunities in dead ranges not at the very low or very high end of content where players are crowded. This is one I would strongly urge HCG to do in conjunction with the Reduction in Offline Timer during the trial as doing the former without this limits options for players.


  • Notification System: Also should be self-explanatory; nobody likes to be hit while they're AFK and not know about it. Imagine you're going to be pelted for 25 hits and there's an option ahead of time to give you notice to, at the bare minimum, buff up with Unbreakable. Now you've saved yourself gold. Without the notification and time for prep? No time for anything - have fun with that bill. And all of this is for the casual - those who want the hard core will only utilize it for much higher potential.


Everyone keeps touching on rewards, but they fail to address the core issue of GvG being a "I wanna farm AFK players who are unprotected." These would assist in doing that. Until the core is repaired, at least some, then the reward structure will do nothing but become stagnant rather quickly even if things are introduced.


"I want new items and new epics." Sure, but have those who've asked for such things taken note of the Epics that are currently in the process of being upgraded? Only 5/21 (or 5/20 if omitting Cobalt Rune due to low level) have been upgraded so far. That's 25% or less of the way done on those upgrades, but they are coming. BG said it was going to take a little while as it has to be done in phases. The impatience and desire for instant gratification is going to run this into the ground before it even has a chance to take off.


Others have tossed out other ideas around as well; some with merit (Structure for the notifications), others without (“Let me just disengage from GvG altogether”). There are also some that would require more substance from HCG, which also isn’t feasible: BG Overhaul Quote.png


The seasons idea was brought up in the Original that Arioche linked to that had favorable HCG response: BG GvG Ladder Response.png


But, if the core function of GvG isn’t patched first, then the GvG ladder system will be just what it is now - “farm AFK players and race to 1st; then, park until the reset.” These ideas up for trial are the initial steps into injecting a competitive nature back into FS. GvG (and PvP, but that’s a separate topic), are meant to be competitive in some regard, but there’s nothing to appease those who want a challenge.

#1008361 GvG - The Rejuvenation

Posted by Toreth on 19 September 2022 - 00:17

@BigGrim and @Arioche,

Is this still on the radar, by chance? I don't want to probe too much, but FS would still benefit a great deal from this update.

#1007956 New Titan Items!

Posted by Toreth on 01 July 2022 - 07:16

You are only talking about weapons here, that is bias data. Most people would say disable for weapons, there isn't much of an issue with non weapons. Weapons only speak for 1/9ths of the epics and they tell a much different story.

If not allowing COA/COD, then how about tuning invigorate. I'm going to use some random numbers here to explain.

Invigorate = 200% bonus 1 epic
Invigorate = 100% bonus 2 epic
invigorate = 30% bonus 9 epics

In this case it may allow for invigorate to scale well enough with wearing a filler epic and not make a full set of 9 overpowered.

Using a weapon isn't biased data at all. I'm going to guess you believe I was using a value for an Enchant Weapon potion in the calculations, however, you'd be incorrect. Enchant Weapon was set at level 203, just like any other buff level that wasn't available via composing.


Provide the data for the other 8/9ths of the picture and compare. It's a different story.

Since you asked nicely, the other eight slots were completed as well. I have requoted the parameters, however, sets had to change based on the slots used, so the sets are annotated next to each set of data. There's a TL;DR towards the bottom of the data.


Buffs Used: Armor Boost, Coordinated Attack, Coordinated Defense, Defensive Aura, Keen Edge, Layered Armor, Shield Wall, Smashing Hammer, Invigorate, Epic Forge, Epic Craft, Fortitude, Constitution, Sanctuary, Anchored, Chi Strike, Cursed Ring, Cursed Rune, Enchant Armor, Enchant Shield, Enchant Weapon, Iron Fist, Aura of Protection, Berserk, Evade, Fortify, Fury, Great Vigor, Rage, and Rock Skin.

(For Buffs with a Composing Equivalent, the Distilled Composing Value was Used for Those Values)


Also Included: Battle Totem 10, Health Shrine 20, Armory 10, Weaponsmith 10, Sharpening Stone 20, Guard Tower 15, Artificier 15, War Shrine 25, Healing Tent 10, and Relic Bonuses @ 10% For All Stats


Gloves: Periwinkle, Daemonic Reindeer, Poison Chomper, and Emperor Hydra Set with The Hunted Cow Gauntlets

  • 203's No COA - 403,503 Total Stat Points; 203's COA - 443,581 Total Stat Points (~10%)
  • Composing No COA - 573,072 Total Stat Points; Composing COA - 686,181 (~20%)

Helm: Periwinkle, Daemonic Reindeer, Sullivan and Pistos Sets with The Hunted Cow Crown

  • 203's No COA - 406,813 Total Stat Points; 203's COA - 447,246 Total Stat Points (~10%)
  • Composing No COA - 572,511 Total Stat Points; Composing COA - 685,563 (~20%)

Amulet: Monarch, Parfs, Vile White, and Chimeric Sets with The Hunted Cow Sigil

  • 203's No COA - 374,684 Total Stat Points; 203's COA - 411,932 Total Stat Points (~10%)
  • Composing No COA - 538,155 Total Stat Points; Composing COA - 644,431 (~20%)

Boots: Monarch, Parfs, Vile White, Chlodwigs Sets with The Hunted Cow Sabatons

  • 203's No COA - 380,542 Total Stat Points; 203's COA - 418,363 Total Stat Points (~10%)
  • Composing No COA - 546,899 Total Stat Points; Composing COA - 654,894 (~20%)

Ring: Parfs, Stalkers, Chancellors, and Pollen Sets with Woogle Ring (Project Stats Used Post Reprisal @ 1/3 Attack; 2/3 Armor @ 4.55 Stat Points Per Level Like the Hunted Cow Items)

  • 203's No COA - 374,558 Total Stat Points; 203's COA - 411,868 Total Stat Points (~10%)
  • Composing No COA - 537,209 Total Stat Points; Composing COA - 643,461 (~20%)

Armor: Chancellors, Stalker, Pollen, and Poison Chomper Sets with Egg Shell Armor (Projected Stats Used Post Reprisal @ 1/3 Damage; 2/3 Armor @ 4.55 Stat Points Per Level Like the Hunted Cow Items)

  • 203's No COA - 367,654 Total Stat Points; 203's COA - 404,279 Total Stat Points (~10%)
  • Composing No COA - 530,605 Total Stat Points; Composing COA - 635,547 (~20%)

Shield: Vile White, Periwinkle, Chlodwigs, and Stone Chomper Sets with Glob Encrusted Shield (Projected Stats Post Reprisal @ 1/3 Defense; 2/3 Armor @ 4.55 Stat Points Per Level Like the Hunted Cow Items)

  • 203's No COA - 373,385 Total Stat Points; 203's COA - 410,579 Total Stat Points (~10%)
  • Composing No COA - 523,861 Total Stat Points; Composing COA - 627,470 (~20%)

Rune: Daemonic Reindeer, Daemonic Santork, Periwinkle, and Pistos Sets with Cranks Loathsome Rune (Projected Stats Post Reprisal @ 1/3 Damage; 2/3 Defense @ 4.55 Stat Points Per Level Like the Hunted Cow Items)

  • 203's No COA - 413,752 Total Stat Points; 203's COA - 454,971 Total Stat Points (~10%)
  • Composing No COA - 580,953 Total Stat Points; Composing COA - 695,862 (~20%)


As you can see and as now shown, all nine slots have disparity of ~10% using only level 203 Buffs and ~20% as Composing Buff Levels are introduced proving the growing disparity as buff levels get higher. What you're referring to above about weapons holds even more true when we start referencing level 1500+ buffs. If we're already at ~20% disparity with ONLY Composed Potions being introduced, introducing Global Event and Donation Chest buffs into the equation throws the disparity much higher. I'll reiterate once again, COORDINATED BUFFS SHOULD NOT WORK WITH EPICS.


TL;DR: You're wrong.


The way I see it is making Epics do not disrupt CoA/D is just really a problem for PvP... It'll increase interest for hunting, of course, if you have a good hunting setup where the loose 9th piece fits with an Epic that gives relevant stats (damage mostly), then yeah, it's useful for hunting...But we already have enough damage and attack to one hit anything without a thought, so what difference would it really do? Just increase the interest and market demand, which I think it's the point of new Epics to start with.

But now, for PvP, would the stats of a setup with 4 sets + 1 Epic really be that different from a setup with 4 sets + 1 legendary/Unique/Crystal? I don't think it would be for level 3000+, but for lower levels Epics are waaaay too strong and that might be a problem.

On that note, I dislike the idea of just cancelling it to Weapons and make it would for the rest of Epics, it has to be simple and straightforward, that would create too much confusion.


All those questions might change once the Epics get reworked with the new formula, so I think we should just leave it for now, and come back to this subject once we have an idea of what the improved Epics gonna look like, better than having to revert that decision in the future.


Hey Yghor! I'd be willing to run some math around the difference in filler options for specific sets if wanted for PvP purposes in comparing Epics to Legendary, Crystalline, etc. There are other variables to take into account when doing something like this, though, as there isn't that "one size fits all" type set for PvP like there generally is for hunting.

#1007937 New Titan Items!

Posted by Toreth on 30 June 2022 - 06:48

Before we finalize considering the inclusion of Coordinated Buffs in with Epics, let's take a look at some stats, first, and the potential disparity it would cause, shall we?


For the stats listed below, the Periwinkle Purple, Daemonic Santork, Silicathus' Sandy, and the Poison Chomper Sets were used with the Greater Flamedeer Antlers for all math. Included buffs list is at the bottom.


~Current Flamedeer Antler Stats

  • Buff Level 203's (Including Coordinated Buffs)
    • 432,071 Total Stat Points
  • Buff Level 203's (Not Including Coordinated Buffs)
    • 392,927 Total Stat Points

- Difference: ~10% Total Stat points


  • Composing Potions Only (Including Coordinated Buffs)
    • 658,583 Total Stat Points
  • Composing Potions Only (Not Including Coordinated Buffs)
    • 549,833 Total Stat Points

- Difference: ~20% Total Stat Points




~Projected Revised Flamedeer Antlers Stats @ 4.55 Stat Points/Level (Post Craft/Forge) at 67%/33% Def/Dam

  • Buff Level 203's (Including Coordinated Buffs)
    • 460,715 Total Stat Points
  • Buff Level 203's (Not Including Coordinated Buffs)
    • 418,974 Total Stat Points

- Difference: ~10% Total Stat points


  • Composing Potions Only (Including Coordinated Buffs)
    • 701,026 Total Stat Points
  • Composing Potions Only (Not Including Coordinated Buffs)
    • 585,262 Total Stat Points

- Difference: ~20% Total Stat Points



As we can see by the two data sets, the change in the potential datasets show an equal 10% and 20% disparity between both sets depending on whether Coordinated Buffs are allowed to work with the set or not. 10% may not seem like too much of an issue at the base level using 203 buffs, however, with as often as composed potions are used, we can see that using composed potions widens the disparity between the two data sets. The kicker? The gap will continue getting wider as you pile higher level buffs on top of each other due to the way the buff stacking works.


When a single buff level goes up, the disparity inches a little higher, eventually coming to a peak if a person were to use the best epic potions available. There are other ways to give the "icing on the cake" to epics, but allowing them to work with Coordinated buffs SHOULD NOT HAPPEN. It would be an outright powercreep to what's available now.


Buffs Used: Armor Boost, Coordinated Attack, Coordinated Defense, Defensive Aura, Keen Edge, Layered Armor, Shield Wall, Smashing Hammer, Invigorate, Epic Forge, Epic Craft, Fortitude, Constitution, Sanctuary, Anchored, Chi Strike, Cursed Ring, Cursed Rune, Enchant Armor, Enchant Shield, Enchant Weapon, Iron Fist, Aura of Protection, Berserk, Evade, Fortify, Fury, Great Vigor, Rage, and Rock Skin.

(For Buffs with a Composing Equivalent, the Distilled Composing Value was Used for Those Values)


Also Included: Battle Totem 10, Health Shrine 20, Armory 10, Weaponsmith 10, Sharpening Stone 20, Guard Tower 15, Artificier 15, War Shrine 25, Healing Tent 10, and Relic Bonuses @ 10% For All Stats

#1007849 GvG - The Rejuvenation

Posted by Toreth on 21 June 2022 - 06:01

While I can certainly understand the want for a reduction in the proposed RP Prices, the prices presented were picked so as to help RP maintain a reasonable value. If we reduce the cost of RP packs that provide a greater benefit to the players, then nobody would ever touch the RP Items/Epics again as the value of uptime on any potential RP Packs would vastly outweigh the minor gain in those mentioned Epics.

By taking the market value of the RP Items that currently sell at ~0.5 FSP per RP and applying a "payout structure" to those items the way Guilds in-game currently do, you'll find that a 300 RP Buff Pack comes out to about an average of ~0.593 FSP per RP. (Minimum being ~0.46 FSP per RP; Maximum being ~0.72 FSP per RP)

I didn't toss out ideas for any additional rewards (the aforementioned potions) as I believe those would need to be thought out a little bit more as far as what's affected by them. With that said, there are some unused chests laying around from a scrapped Ladder Seasons event that could make an appearance...

#1007802 GvG - The Rejuvenation

Posted by Toreth on 15 June 2022 - 02:16

1- Players will have their VL locked from the beginning to the end of the GVG, this prevents players from escaping the range (For example, my current LVL 268 and VL 299, if I make a GVG and reset my points, it will be unfair to the target)

As much as I understand the want for this, this change would require a fair bit of additional coding due to the potential change to parameters. BG said in another thread that things can't go through a complete overhaul, so while there's some merit, I don't foresee this happening. Plus, levels are easy to lose now-a-days. There's always the potential to drop down further into a range of someone else.

2- Prevent any recruitment during a GVG (use your members to defend yourself)

Not a bad idea - I don't think completely locking out recruitment is correct, but something that yghor said is probably more feasible.

3- The guild has at least 7 days of creation to start a GVG, avoiding fakes multis guilds ( Or maybe you need the guild medal to participate (defend or attack).)

There's actually already a requirement for a guild to be level 100 to initiate a GvG conflict. Maybe you'd want to see that raised some?

I initially had ideas of the rewards from the mentioned GvG seasons requiring Guild Loyalty medals of Silver+, so the Guilds participating would be required to maintain some level of continuity to be rewarded. The only reason it was omitted wad because I'm unsure as to how much potential coding that would require.

#1007794 GvG - The Rejuvenation

Posted by Toreth on 14 June 2022 - 03:20

I have a question in regards to a draw, when no hits will be done (after the initial period to prepare).  Both guilds are buffed and starts defending. Does the attacking guild (initiated the conflict) lose rating if they don't complete all hits?

The idea behind the proposed suggestions in the OP is just to provide simple fixes to the system that's currently in place.

What this means is that the way that the GvG conflicts are carried out with the 50/75/100 hits will remain the way that it is now, and that the resolution of the conflicts at the end of them will remain just as they are now so as to not need to change any coding from the Cows.

#1007785 GvG - The Rejuvenation

Posted by Toreth on 13 June 2022 - 03:45

I’d like to take a moment to proceed with laying out something of a change, or changes, to the way that GvG currently functions that isn’t a mentioned overhaul. In doing so, previous ideas to address GvG and its intricacies were taken into consideration when compiling ideas.



  • Updated RP Packs

  • Notification System + Prep Time for Incoming Conflicts

  • Offline Time for AFK Targets Reduced 7 Days -> 2 Days

  • Level Ranges Expanded; +25 Levels Every 1,000 Levels Gained

  • GvG “Seasons;” 3 Month Intervals with Achievement


I reached out to a few people in the GvG community to gather ideas and data to help with the way that GvG functions to come up with something that could inject some life into an otherwise stagnant aspect of FS.


The general consensus to GvG is that “whoever initiates is guaranteed AT LEAST a draw” because the idea is to rush the opposing guild and hit those targets who are offline in Epics and have zero or close to zero chance of fighting back. In doing this, the defending guild has to hit back into targets that are now buffed up after they’ve all utilized potions to nearly guarantee, at the very least, an unresolved combat.


The first proposed change to combat this would be a notification system; the game could send an “Admin Guild Mass” PM to all members notifying them of the incoming conflict. A separate idea could potentially be to enable notifications for incoming conflicts the way they are now for when opposing guilds take relics. Anything that helps notify individuals of incoming conflicts would be better than the way it currently functions. “The Guild ‘Minions of Mirkwood’ has initiated a conflict against you! You have X hours to prepare for incoming hits!” of which the “X” hours COULD count towards the 24 hour conflict timer, or it could be its own separate timer prior to the 24 hour window.


Another issue that was a general consensus is that if there’s a target who’s offline for a few days, then they were likely one of the prime targets. The idea here would be to decrease the inactivity timer for targets. It’s currently a seven day timer, however, most have said to decrease it to 48 hours and under.


The last general consensus idea was to have some GvG level ranges expanded more. Similar to how the PvP ladder scales and works now based on level, the idea would be to do something more in line with that as well. While leaving the lower brackets as they are (50-300, 301-699), the idea would be to have scalar level ranges to provide more activity. 700-1000 (+/- 100), 1001-2000 (+/- 125), 2001-3000 (+/- 150), 3001-4000 (+/- 175), 4001-5000 (+/- 200), 5001-6000 (+/- 225), etc. The minor change in level scaling would provide a boost in activity in the middling ranges that are barren at the moment provided the compression at the bottom at the “race to EoC” at the top.


The RP packs need to be updated, and there are other ideas that could inject more life than Epics currently do. Crystalline gear across all the levels available in FS, perhaps some niche potions that are distributed to each guild member at the time of purchase, etc. Having the items available as consumables that aren’t just a “one time purchase” here also helps with the demand of gaining RP as well.


The below are the RP Packs that have been brought up in discussion:


  • Enchant Pack - 100 RP

    • Move Levels to 200; Change to Contain ALL Enchant Buffs (No Cursed)

  • Fortune Pack = Stays Same

  • Mastersmith Pack - 5 RP = Mastersmith 200

  • Titan Pack - 300 RP

    • Titan Doubler 200

    • Light Foot 600

    • Avert Gaze 200

    • Teleport 200

  • Leveling Pack - 300 RP

    • Stalker 400

    • Sacrifice 350

    • Overkill 350

    • Animal Magnetism 400

  • Defense Pack - 300 RP

    • Avenger 300

    • Stalwart Heart 300

    • Healer 300

    • Fortitude 300

  • Bounty Pack - 300 RP

    • Anti Deflect 400

    • Spell Breaker 300

    • Retaliate 300

    • Undermine 300

  • Buff Provider Pack - 20 RP

    • Buff Master 250

    • Guild Buffer 250

    • Extend 250

    • Buff Enhancer 300

  • Fighter Pack - 200 RP

    • Fist Fight 250

    • Critical Strike 250

    • Side Step 250

    • Riposte 250

    • Sharpen 250


In addition to the minor quality of life type changes mentioned above, another change mentioned would be the resetting of the GvG rating every three months or so akin to the PvP ladder with the reward being a simple guild achievement displaying “1st Place in a GvG Season” with the reward potentially being an additional relic slot, or base stamina gain so as to incentivize actively pursuing 1st place repeatedly to keep others from achieving the same.

The ability to provide individuals a competitive aspect to partake in while being rewarded for doing well, coupled with multiple opportunities, over time, to climb and attempt to make the most of a “fresh start” at the start of the three months will also help inject that liveliness into an otherwise humdrum aspect. We already have the resetting of rating present in the game, as mentioned, so transitioning that into the GvG area seems like a relatively easy and feasible way to go about helping bolster individuals’ pride in their ability to conduct themselves at the pinnacle of guild activities.

While there will be more feedback, I’m sure, from those who have a vested interest in the GvG aspect, hopefully this can serve as a basic backbone moving forward.

#1007757 25 Level Content! 5076 - 5100!

Posted by Toreth on 06 June 2022 - 15:26

Ultimate Guild is completely updated and the Master Realm, "Barotic Castle", is now active.
~ Grim

Appreciate the update to the guide! Only a few items missing - those from the Thieves In the Night Global Event we just had. The recipes are there for the sets, but the sets themselves are MIA.

#1007675 Epics: Not Looking so Epic

Posted by Toreth on 17 May 2022 - 16:14

Crikey! Thanks, will give this a read. You're suggesting outright doubling their stats?~ Grim

As EP and I have discussed this before, I feel rather comfortable answering in his stead; what he made mention of isn't doubling the stat points - that would invalidate many other options in the game.

What he's saying is that if epics had 4 stat points per the items level to make it a general linear model for their viability.

For instance:

Level 1000 Epic = 4000 stat points
Level 2000 Epic = 8000 stat points
Level 3000 Epic = 12000 stat points
Level 4000 Epic = 16000 stat points

Obviously all allocated accordingly. The stat points don't and shouldn't include the max Stam as they don't hold value in the day to day play.

Moving towards a y=4x system for epics only helps all future releases maintain value as well as give value to preexisting epics as well.

#1007666 Epics: Not Looking so Epic

Posted by Toreth on 16 May 2022 - 21:48

In no way was the OP attempting to ask for nonsensical things such as "Reserve Stamina Gain" or a change to the way the hell-forging system works by increasing the cap up to a number higher than the original 5.

What the OP is doing is merely asking to bring parity to higher leveled epics when compared to the lower level epics. When it's more advantageous to wear a Unique item for PvP, GvG, or Arena, than it is to wear an epic, I would wager to say that the issue with the items isn't something like the aforementioned reserve Stam gain or an outright change to a game mechanic to "fit the bill."

All that would need to happen is a minor tweak to the items base stats to bring them back up into the "Epic" category where they belong instead of between Rare Items and Unique Items where they currently sit.

If we were to talk about any potential change outside of raising the base stats, while I know we've been told "+8 and higher will never happen," it may be time to explore that potential. With every new epic that comes to the game being more-or-less "dead on arrival," there has to be something that's going to bring value back to them as well.

As it stands, with the introduction of +7's only, their value is dictated before they even hit the market; what this will eventually do is drive the value of ALL +7s DOWN more. And those items needed to make the Hunted Cow Epic +7's? Their value also goes down as a result.

We don't need to reinvent the wheel for this one - in fact, there's a simple fix here for the entire item economy without doing anything drastic; we just have to get things moving in that direction.

#1007576 Game Update v3.8.2 / App Update v1.1.1

Posted by Toreth on 26 April 2022 - 10:07

New Skills:

Relentless - Offense (Lvl 2000)
+0.15% per point of Damage is transferred to Attack (casting level can be adjusted from your Preferences)
Aegis Shield - Defense (Lvl 2000)
+0.15% per point of Defense is transferred to Armor (casting level can be adjusted from your Preferences)
Avenger - Offense (Lvl 4000)
+0.03% per point boost to Attack when an opponent hits you (Max 5)
Stalwart Heart - Defense (Lvl 4500)
+0.03% chance per point boost to Armor when an opponent hits you (Maximum number of boosts: 5)
The following skills will also become available on the Player Skill Tree:
Allied Frenzy - Defense (Lvl 3500)
Increases the level range that Assist works by +1 level per point
Guild Berserker - Offense (Lvl 3500)
Increase the effectiveness of First Strike, Nullify, and Breaker in GVG Only
Gambler - Special (Lvl 3500)
+0.1% chance per point that a random stat will be tripled while all other stats are halved at the start of combat
Healer - Defense (Lvl 4000)
+0.01% per point chance that players health will fully restore after any given combat round


The Daily Quest Reroll is fantastic; while I haven't used it too much aside from my daily freebie to see if I can test my luck, having the option to keep going if I wanted to attempt for a better reward is a huge benefit.



Now for the buffs...


Healer being added to the skill tree has been great; a slightly lower level but more readily accessible version of the composed-only buff is nothing short of a welcomed add.


Guild Berserker is a head scratcher of sorts - at level 203, it invalidates the previously composed-only buff of level 70 (level 81 post Zombie Brew Distilled). Is there another composing update planned to get this potion level up to ~350 or so? Just so that it isn't dead in the composing tree here?


Allied Frenzy - this is an "oof." Not for this one by itself, but because "Assist," the buff it builds upon is dead in its current state. It goes unused as it's much easier to get optimal stats against creatures by oneself than to rely on a chance to add 50% from an ally. If "Assist" ever gets a change, I could see Allied Frenzy getting use, but, unfortunately, this one was dead on arrival.


While I've never (and still am not) an advocate for "% chance to..." buffs, Gambler has been interesting from what I've been able to experiment with. The potential to triple a stat has been funny in some instances, as basti pointed out, but other times it's left me in a hole, stat-wise.


Note: Please no more "% chance" buffs. The ones we have in-game currently are detrimental to fun, competitive gameplay as-is. Adding more of these buffs only compounds issues that are already present.



As for the four brand new buffs that came along, absolutely well done on ALL of them. All four have viable use and some even help the ever-lacking "Armor" setups against the defense-heavy "meta" that we constantly see everyone dressed in for offline use now. A few more tweaks, and armor sets could likely be just as viable as defense sets. We're almost there, but there are a couple of buffs existing currently that could use minor changes to help bring balance back to the wearing of offline sets.


What are the plans for future buff balances? Is this the appropriate thread for presenting feedback and potential changes to preexisting buffs as well?

Overall, most well done on the buffs here!

#1007553 Game Update v3.8.2 / App Update v1.1.1

Posted by Toreth on 22 April 2022 - 12:39

Thanks again!

Hopefully I’ll have time over the weekend to test the effectiveness of some of the new buffs here - appreciate the update overall!

#1007551 Game Update v3.8.2 / App Update v1.1.1

Posted by Toreth on 22 April 2022 - 12:10

Hi Toreth,

Thank you for pointing out this issue. We have looked into this and can confirm the decimal point was in the wrong place. This has now been fixed. Thanks again for pointing this out and happy hunting.


Of course! I appreciate the quick follow-up!

Hi everyone!

We have just updated the game to v3.8.3.

This update adds the following changes:
- Relentless, Guild Berserker, Avenger, Aegis Shield and Allied Frenzy durations have been increased by 30 minutes.
- Healer duration has been increased by 1 hour.
- Fixed an issue with the Gambler skill activation chance.
- New buff icons now display correctly on world map page

Thank you for your feedback on the most recent update. We hope these changes further improve your enjoyment of Fallen Sword.

~The Fallen Sword Team.

As Sidd, said, well done on such a quick update! We all greatly appreciate the increased duration on the buffs - is there any chance Stalwart Heart can receive the same love for the duration bump as well?

#1007402 Fallensword VR!

Posted by Toreth on 11 April 2022 - 12:44

While I think the idea behind VR is great and all, might I suggest conferring with "The Three D's" before spending too much more time on this project?

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