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Weird Things

15 June 2021 - 18:13

Lots of strange things happening to the game lately. Post out of wack features. Mention if they are related to the Helper by turning off the helper and seeing if they are still broken. (I believe you can also post on the Helper Tampermonkey page issues, but not sure.)



1. Deflect, Fumble and Unbreakable are not missing from the buff market. They are simply out of alphabetical order for some reason at the bottom of the list.



It appears after some code tweeking, the Helper has been severely crippled. Thanks for all you do on that front Pointy!

What Is An Active Player?

08 June 2021 - 14:45

For the purposes of discussing the daily quest,

[ Common ]
Defeat 3 active players in normal PvP
what constitutes an active player?
Another question regarding the same quest: if you can be bountied for attacking a "PvP protected player" why doesn't the attack count?
HCS, any response?

Ladder Busted

07 November 2020 - 23:14

With all the work being done to the game, someone missed re-adding the 24-48 hour time limit before the ladder resets. It's been over 48 hrs on the current ladder.

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