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Flight of Dragons, Wave 2!

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Posted 29 December 2023 - 16:20

Hi all,

The first flight of Dragons has been repulsed, however, a second assault has begun!

Maladore (Dragon LE)

The Dragon Maladore is a filthy snake-like creature who's stench is as dangerous as it's foul rotting toothed bite. Such a horrible beast is shunned by it's own, prouder kind, and in fact Maladore rarely flies upon his ragged wings, preferring to hunt his prey in the dirt and has no breath weapon besides extreme halitosis, which is actually pretty effective at stunning his next victim...

Recommended Level : 115+

Gonji the Ever Ill (Dragon LE)

Few Dragons repulse as much as Gonji the Ever Ill. None really knows what happened to this Dragon but some suspect he may have been cursed. He can barely fly upon his tattered wings now and his pox riddled body is covered in pustules and unhealthy scales. His breath is no longer a roaring flame and now he can only vomit up a foul sickness, so full of illness it is instant painful death to anyone it touches.

Recommended Level : 415+

Von Drakken (Dragon LE)

One of the worlds most feared Dragons, Von Drakken is a terror of the night skies. Von Drakken is said to have been bitten by an ancient and powerful vampire in the dark past. The dark curse of vampirism turned him into nocturnal blood drinking fiend.For such a large Dragon to drink his fill of blood he is said to find other large beasts to feed on, that or entire villages...

Recommended Level : 770+

Styran the Ogomie (Dragon LE)

Styran the Ogomie is of a unique species of Dragon, one that is semi aquatic and rather than breathing fire they breath out a thick bubbly foam. They use this foam to suffocate and drown their victims and also as a deterrent to any trouble making Dragons as the foam is remarkably effective at extinguishing the fire most other Dragons exhale leaving them at the mercy of sharp claws and teeth.

Recommended Level : 1025+

Ooch Mess (Dragon LE)

Ooch Mess is a Seadrake from the Heilan Island. Natives say his home was in the deepest part of the Whisky Sea, something the flame haired locals jokingly say attests to Ooch Mess angry temperament. Ooch Mess is known for his attacks on ships at sea and coastal raids where he doesn't just eat the people he also drinks their taverns and holds dry, before drunkenly swimming off into the depths.

Recommended Level : 1350+

Slibz and Tyronus (Dragon LE)

The great double headed Dragon Slibz and Tyronus draw their powers from the two elements of water and fire. Slibz the water half can blast freezing ice at foes and Tyronus can draw upon the more traditional dragon power of fire. Such a mix of powers shows in their personalities and both halves often bicker and fight, however they are an excellent team when a potential meal presents itself...

Recommended Level : 1800+

Bellathrognis the Deceiver (Dragon LE)

Bellathrognis the Deceiver is a massive dragon but does not destroy through his vast physical power. Far, far too boring! No, Bellathrognis much prefers using the power of his mind to bewitch, confuse and control "lesser creatures". He does this to further his plans and also to keep himself amused, usually at the expense of his poor, squishy victims.

Recommended Level : 2250+

Selachi Waterbourne (Dragon LE)

Selachi Waterbourne is named so for he has adapted to deep water living remarkably! His body is streamlined and the scales of his skin are smaller, rougher and closely resembles sharkskin. His head in particular has a sharks aspect to it, right down to the dead, soulless black eyes! His wings appear to have split and become huge membranous paddles, with which he powers himself though the water and surf.

Recommended Level : 2725+

Valarath the Dead (Dragon LE)

Valarath the Dead is a horrifying sight. A huge undead dragon, he exhales vile, poison laden clouds from his diseased, rotten body. The pall of death surrounding him is palpable! This monster wishes only for all to join him in death!

Recommended Level : 3025+

Agitosilex (Dragon LE)

Agitosilex is a big rock dragon. This huge creature has slab-like rocky armor plates. He's weighed down and slowed with these colossal plates but he's near impervious to harm. His most effective way of attacked those who come for him is simply to tuck himself in and roll over them. This is invariably messy and leaves armored knights and the like a bloody, gooey tinfoil.

Recommended Level : 3475+

Eukary Algae Dragon (Dragon LE)

Eukary Algae Dragon is a gentle, placid creature who rises from the depths to recharge itself from the vital rays of the sun. This creature is also happy to have some of the algae surrounding it's form harvested by local tribes.

Recommended Level : 3925+

Emperor Hydra (Dragon LE)

Emperor Hydra is a vast, three headed dragon. Intelligent and extremely cruel, this horror claims the mantle of 'King of Dragons' and destroys any creature that tries to stop him, blasting them with magical lightning.

Recommended Level : 4375+

Periwinkle the Poisoner (Dragon LE)


Periwinkle the Poisoner seems like a friendly creature, however, his pretty purple body emits an odourless poison. This seeps into the area, slowly killing those around him while he revels in their unsuspecting deaths!

Recommended Level : 4825+

Nox of the Dark Moon (Dragon LE) (NEW)

A lunar dragon that was once sealed within the Dark Moon. They are both the sibling and sworn enemy of Lune of the White Moon.

Recommended Level : 5275+

These creatures shall causing trouble in the Realms until 16:00 hours on the 2nd of January, 2024.


~ The Fallen Sword team.

#2 hades8840



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Posted 02 January 2024 - 17:31

Are we getting the 3rd wave?

#3 Tilley10



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Posted 11 January 2024 - 04:34

Is the new Avenger Egg (Nox of the Dark Moon) supposed to be not breakable/leechable?

#4 BigGrim


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Posted 11 January 2024 - 09:32

Is the new Avenger Egg (Nox of the Dark Moon) supposed to be not breakable/leechable?

Nope, thanks for the heads up. Removed.


~ Grim

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