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I don't hear voices... I hear music... The music speaks to me and makes me do things...
Sep 24 2014 15:40
  • BadPenny's Photo
    It all depends on one's point of view, I reckon. I find it quite good *MOST* of the time
    Dec 12 2014 18:02
  • EGod's Photo
    What do you mean by "I don't hear voices"? Srry I know you don't know me I'm just curious.
    Apr 15 2015 08:02
  • BadPenny's Photo
    Well, many "crazy" people claim the voices in their heads make them do wicked things. But I have no voices, I have a soundtrack. Sometimes the music is nice, other times just plain evil stuff I don't even normally listen to. So, my music inspires me, sometimes good, sometimes wicked ;)
    Apr 15 2015 17:33
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