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#1008291 Titan Design Contest 2022

Posted by Undjuvion on 09 September 2022 - 09:56

Name : The Hexed Carpet


Classification : Magical


Lore : It is well known that before the final blow from any adversary the Shadowlord is collected by his flying minion carpet, it is also well known that while the Shadowlord plots in his towers and dungeons this carpet is given free reign to curse the lands, it is made from adamantite and brought to life by the evilest of hexes. It swoops down and slices through crowds of men, it flexes to the size of a building and often is also seen carrying the Shadowlord and his highest tier henchmen to a vantage point over a battle field where they can see all then slice through all.


Physical Description : Metallic appearing hexed tapestry, building sized.

#1008098 Game Update v3.9 / App Update v1.2

Posted by Undjuvion on 05 August 2022 - 20:14

first of all, good work on the images and fun titles, i think 2% to stats for the first five rewards is fine, there is no rush to complete them, i believe even stronger together being 3 times harder than the original stronger together requires a tripling of reward, alakazam could be more fun, perhaps +75 max stam per member or maybe +125 per member, i think also the golden idol one needs at least doubling AT LEAST tho i'm inclined to not say no to the other feedback as i don't mind GOD MODE ACTIVATED for things there isnt a rush for!


edit: also, i posted this as a minimum for some fun, it could be more fun, tho these arent requirements to play, so i'm happy with what i wrote!

#1008074 Legendary Event!

Posted by Undjuvion on 01 August 2022 - 19:17

You didn't though did you? You threw up the monk robe ff perfect when it wasn't spawning in the caves. Granted you may have had it before, but what's the point of the post?


Deduction isnt your forte is it Prop, so i'm clearer than clear, i was inferring i was happy I was wise after fate to have not farmed it and that i agreed with Maeh's sentiment in feeling that it's tragic for those that farmed!

There is a 600 lvl difference between the 2 sets. Im sure players that are not at EoC will appreciate the bowl/monk set :)


WK, who is gonna pay more for less stats, think!

#1008031 New Potion Idea

Posted by Undjuvion on 24 July 2022 - 09:56

 you are a champ tho i decline  :P unless its deep pockets lvl 200  :D


edit : and u MAY be a nutter <3


edit : this is very serious peeps!!!!

#1007927 New Titan Items!

Posted by Undjuvion on 28 June 2022 - 18:09

to give these new epics use in the arena, arena needs to go to EOC, no?

#1007487 Fallensword VR!

Posted by Undjuvion on 20 April 2022 - 08:18

i have read most of this thread, i see for and against posted, i don't see this as something i would use though i will wait to see how this pans out, so change my mind if u can, mostly though, what i mostly wanted to say is, i commend you on your passion and well done on trying to bring something new to the table!

#1006976 How about a GvG Honor covenant

Posted by Undjuvion on 21 February 2022 - 01:52

as TheCount mentioned, Ryebred's thread, i read it long long ago, it was very very decent, i think now is a good time to act HCS, this would be appreciated being moved into the roadmap ASAP!

#1006764 Fallen Sword Roadmap (March - June 2022)

Posted by Undjuvion on 26 January 2022 - 17:02

i would hope the 'new titan items' includes a few new recipes for the hunted cow titan, it is one titan keeping people checking in for throughout the day and adds value to the realm chests, low enough level that anyone can get in its range and kinda is a bit of a flagship titan bearing the hunted cow name on it.

#1006749 Legendary Event!

Posted by Undjuvion on 24 January 2022 - 16:48

BG, flasks of death are at an all time high, many poorer players could use a better price, cave event?

#1006684 Epics: Not Looking so Epic

Posted by Undjuvion on 16 January 2022 - 06:05

if epics were truly epic theyd have a reserve stamina gain, perhaps every 6 hours.

#1006533 Epics: Not Looking so Epic

Posted by Undjuvion on 25 December 2021 - 09:59

Nice Work Toreth ,

I have always thought why epics are just tied to stamina gain , I'm interested to see increase in other stats like xp gain , max stamina by 4x of current stats  along with rare enhancements.


more stats would make epic arenas actually have more epics maybe!

#1006449 Its back!!! Lag Central!!!

Posted by Undjuvion on 14 December 2021 - 18:12

it was occassionally annoying just at random slow refreshes though just tried doing a DQ and had to refresh the page after every few steps so i could keep moving, this and the occassional 6 sec page refreshes need looking into @HCS, thx!

#1006353 That Friday feeling

Posted by Undjuvion on 03 December 2021 - 12:03

i got that feeling :P

#1006244 Double Composing XP LXXI & Loyalty Update!

Posted by Undjuvion on 19 November 2021 - 16:01

well done HCS, ty BG for working with us on this, huge update, grats!

#1005840 Proposed Loyalty Update III.

Posted by Undjuvion on 16 October 2021 - 13:43

BG doesnt hide anything, he has made it clear its here, noone is fearful of posting here, if they are then one ponders if their judgement is sound enough to be taken seriously, HCS takes harrassment seriously, if it were anything to be concerned over there would be action, zero reason people should be fearful, HCS protects all members, there is nothing harsh going on here, its here so people can post feedback to see if their story checks out!

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