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Titan Competition (Near Future No ETA)

04 September 2022 - 01:33

Hello Fellow FSers. As we've seen, for the month of August, there's a "titan competition" for the roadmap. Here's some ideas on how I believe this competition could be handled to maximize participation and ensure a level playing field:


The competition can be one of two styles, either of which would be more ideal than the traditional Global Events:


  1. All current titans killed would count, each kill equals points. For example: Kantec titan is roughly 4k kills to clear it so each kill is a point, so its a total of 4k points up for grab.

  1. The competition should be titan based HP which would measure any titan kill and kills with titan doubler should count correctly.


  • As a cherry on top, quest titans would count as well.


This method would encourage players to hunt from day 1 to the last day of the competition. This would also force players to clean (finish off) any remaining titans that are active. Overall, this competition would also benefit for the next upcoming roadmap update "New Epic Recipes."

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