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#984737 Job Vacancy - Junior 2D Artist

Posted by Thomas02 on 01 September 2017 - 16:08

You’ll be concepting and creating high-quality 2D and UI assets for our existing mobile and online game titles as well as helping to build an exciting unannounced project. Very interesting! Oh what could it be!


BTW this is the second sentence in the first paragraph when you click on the link.  :D 

#963839 Development Update

Posted by Blissy on 02 June 2016 - 00:07

I took a break once and then again but peek back here to see what may transpire. ofc sadface but also agree with some posts that glad to see some kind of response from the devs.


I will say I have always hoped this game took off and I really do love this game but when I came back after several months again I found I was starting to repeat stuff and not sure what else to do that would make me feel like the game was staying fresh and fun.


That said if it wasn't for me peeps in game to do some dungeons with and talk me into some running around TA ( mostly to run away from you guys haha) and some BF stuff I may have stopped again sooner as while I actually enjoy the game because it gives me the option to actually be able to solo most quests ( thus freeing me up to afk at will and stuff lol) I don't want to play an mmo completely without some group participation activities so I'm glad I found some eldy peeps to do that at times.


anyway long ass post haha... uhm arse~

cya on the darkside~ mahwahaaaa...


or sooner if I get myself to peek in on game in a month or so.


have a great summer (just putting that out there, me I kind of hate summer, always have always will lol ) :D


ps. to my ocd peeps, if you must give me the booty from the guilds I understand but if i peek back you better put me in so I can see that title on my head again. in my mind it stands for obssessive cat disorder! :D

#963826 Development Update

Posted by Crofil on 01 June 2016 - 20:37

oh well

#963818 Development Update

Posted by Undjuvion on 01 June 2016 - 19:05

big thank you mojawk for heading straight at us, we made sure we let u know we werent happy, ty for keeping idea that you will still update in future, the game is great!

#963814 Development Update

Posted by gogsy on 01 June 2016 - 18:33

Either that or the devs have put out a statement delaying the inevitable. :( Good chance we wont see any NEW content now.


The phrase to continue "to fully support the game " is an insult to the players that still play as well considering the absolute lack of support the games has had for months.

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