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Thieves in the Night VI

29 February 2024 - 16:10

Hi there Everyone.
People from all walks of life across the Realms have been reporting shadowy figures throughout the villages and cities. Additionally the reports of various items having been stolen have increased 100 fold!
The Shadow Lord has dispatched his Thieves and Cutthroats to gather as many treasures as they can. Join together now and help defeat them and reclaim the items!
New recipes have been found in the Cathedral of Ways. Those players with items used in the new recipes in the Auction House have had them returned.
Shroud Thief (Level 25)
Counts as 1 kill.
Shroud Cutthroat (Level 25)
Counts as 5 kills.
You can see the current Global Event progress on the World page. The more the community defeats, the more Stolen Supplies will every player who qualifies will receive in their chests .
The Global Event shall be live until 16:00 on the 5th of March 2024.
Bronze Stolen Supplies III
For each tier that the community completes the reward will increase as follows:
Bronze : 1 x Bronze Stolen Supplies III, allowing two random items from within.
Silver : 1 x Silver Stolen Supplies III, allowing four random items from within.
Gold : 1 x Gold Stolen Supplies III, allowing six random items from within.
Crystal : 1 x Crystal Stolen Supplies III, allowing eight random items from within.
Ruby : 1 x Ruby Stolen Supplies III, allowing ten random items from within.
If you qualified, the reward(s) will be delivered to your mailbox shortly after the event ends. Note that you get the reward for the tier that you have qualified for, for example if the community unlocks Gold, but you qualify for Silver, you will receive 1 x Silver Stolen Supplies. You don't receive the rewards from lower tiers, only the tier you have qualified for.
If at the end of the event, you are placed within the top 100 contributors, you will receive 1 additional Silver Stolen Supplies. These are in addition to any reward you are qualified for.
There is a helpful forum post RIGHT HERE full of information on Global hunting grounds and so on compiled from the Community.
Event inspired by a thread by Undjuvion and discussed with the Community!
Good luck everyone!
~ The Fallen Sword Team

New Content! 5,501 to 5,525.

22 February 2024 - 15:52

Hi all,
This is a major content update, we have just added the following to the game...
-New Master Realm 'The Lackter Region'.
- New Area 'Lackter Forest (Copse)'.
- New Area 'Lackter Forest (Roost)'.
- New Area 'Lackter Forest (Haunt)'.
- New Area 'Lackter Forest (Grove)'.
- New Area 'Lackter Forest (Den)'.
- New Area 'Lackter Forest (Thicket)'.
- New Area 'Lackter Forest (Glade)'.
- New Area 'Lackter Fortress (Gate)'.
- New Area 'Lackter Fortress (Courtyard)'.
- New Area 'Lackter Fortress (Sanctum)'.
- New Area 'Lackter Fortress (Ritual Rooms)'.
- New Area 'Lackter Fortress (Pit)'.
- New Area 'Lackter Fortress (Graves)'.
- New Area 'Lackter Caves (Scream)'.
- New Area 'Lackter Caves (Tombs)'.
- New Area 'Lackter Caves (Tunnels)'.
- New Area 'Lackter Caves (Darkness)'.
- New Area 'Lackter Caves (Vines)'.
- New Area 'Lackter Caves (Creep)'.
- New Area 'Lackter Caves (Plague)'.
- New Area 'Lackter Caves (Nether)'.
- New Area 'Lackter Caves (Tomb)'.
- New Area 'Lackter Caves (Cairns)'.
- New Area 'Lackter Caves (Slither)'.
- New Area 'Lackter Caves (Glacier)'.
- New Area 'Lackter Caves (Lair)'.
- 25 New Creatures.
- 2 New 'Champion' Creatures.
- 1 New 'Elite' Creature. 
- 1 New 'Common' Item.
- 2 New 'Rare' Items.
- 2 New 'Unique' Items.
- 2 New Item Sets.
- 3 New Portals.
- 2 New Relics.
- New Quest 'Forest Farmers'.
It is rumored that a new portal to the Lackter Forest (Copse) has been discovered in the Kendarar Wilds (Ritual).
A new Feedback thread is open for all who wish to comment!
~The Fallen Sword Team

Ultimate Fallen Sword Guide Updated!

20 February 2024 - 17:31

Hi there everyone.
The Ultimate Fallen Sword Guide has now been fully updated. 
If anything is still missing, please let us know.
~ The Fallen Sword Team 

Double Composing XP XCIV!

16 February 2024 - 14:02

Hi there everyone!
Today, we have our next 'Double Composing XP' event!
For the next 48 hours, until >15:00 on the 18th of February, XP gained from making Composing Potions shall be doubled, so get those potions brewing!
We hope you enjoy the 94th Composing XP Event!
~The Fallen Sword Team.

Scavenging Caves!

09 February 2024 - 16:27

Hi all,
The following creatures have been spotted stalking the Caves! The heroes have to step up and defend the innocents!
Bahmou (Legendary)
Bahmou is a creature from the ancient past. Stories tell of how a great warrior defeated the beast and left it for dead. Over the ages a forest grew over his resting place and somehow begun to change and regenerate the monster. Now Bahmou has awoken from his death, a creature more plant than animal. It is said he guards the forests of the world like dog guards its master.
Recommended Level : 300+
Recommended Gold : 45,000+
The Gilded King (Legendary)
After your traitorous guide abandons you in the caves, you finally emerge in moonlight and shadows in the fabled hidden Valley of the Golden King. The rumors of vast treasure are true, but the wonderful golden idols and hammered images are not the magical animals you expect but the lamia and jabberwock; the king is a follower of the Shadow Lord! Beset by the gilded one's horde of goons, you fight your way free to boldly face the Golden King himself. Now if only you can survive the king and remember the way back...
Designed by: kinghomer
Recommended Level : 525+
Recommended Gold : 21,000+
Xind Imperial Demon (Legendary)
The mad Sorcerer Xinderoth discovered the Magic of Xind, a potent form of magic that has many properties, including being able to imprint your will to create anything from Xind. The existence of the Xind Imperial Demon and its great power of destruction proves that once again a powerful force has risen up that can control this magic with great skill but who remains hidden behind their demon for now...
Recommended Level : 820+
Recommended Gold : 23,000+
Vorik Hydra (Legendary)
The Vorik Hydra is one of the greatest of its kind and the devourer of many heroes that were sent to kill it. Now few dare enter its dwellings deep in the Vorik swamps as none return from the quest to kill this immensely evil monster. The consequence is that the Hydra has grown hungry for the meat of man and has been forced from the confines of its stinking realm though hunger and set out on its own quest to devour all humans it finds...
Recommended Level : 900+
Recommended Gold : 29,000+
Gargantuan Phoenix (Legendary)
The Gargantuan Phoenix is usually a rarely seen Beast, preferring to stay away from Mortals. Recently, unknown, though presumably dark, forces have been forcing the great birds out of their lairs. At this injustice, the Phoenix have decided to lay waste to all mortals for their arrogance.
Recommended Level : 1230+
Recommended Gold : 29,000+
Psellio the Helleater (Legendary)
Once a reputable demon-slayer of world renown, Psellio is now a monster driven mad by his own bloodlust. His frenzied consumption of demon flesh morphed him into a hideous, multi-limbed abomination whose very name instils fear into demon-kind.
Recommended Level : 2050+
Recommended Gold : 37,000+
Ooze Dragon Uoltrex (Legendary)
Few oozes survive consuming powerful beings such as dragons, as the latent magic in their bones is enough to reduce them to a puddle, or they end up unable to move at all. However, one such ooze was successful - Uoltrex. A volatile mass of fire and slime, the remnants of the old dragon's hoard still occasionally slips out, attracting unwanted attention when unsuspecting adventurers follow the glittering path ...
Recommended Level : 2700+
Recommended Gold : 45,000+
Hustlersattva (Legendary)
Once a rich and powerful Merchant Lord, Hustlersattva negotiated trade deals at an epic scale. Trade deals that could mean the life and death of entire cities or even Kingdoms! Such power inevitably breeds a belief that you can do no wrong, so when a betrothed Princess, called Mercy, caught his eye, he pursued her. The feelings were reciprocated but the betrothal was set! Nothing could be done. The Princess's Father, the King, forbade further contact. Needless to say, neither Hustlersattva nor Mercy obeyed this edict and when found out, Mercy was taken away and Hustlersattva banished, with all assets seized. He can now be seen dressed in a monk robe and holding an empty bowl in one hand. He searches the realms for Mercy and, in her name, helps those who are suffering.
Designed by : 1hustler
Recommended Level : 4550+
Recommended Gold : 45,000+
These creatures shall be available until 15:00 on Monday the 12th of February 2024.
~ The Fallen Sword team.

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