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In Topic: Game Update v3.9 / App Update v1.2

05 August 2022 - 16:19

App gives error on accessing the guild.

In Topic: Cut Above The Rest (Level 943 and up)

20 July 2022 - 13:06

The Ultimate Fallen Sword Guide (v1.321) - Provided by Hunted Cow Studios Ltd.


This has everything you need to know about the components and resources. For anyone at level 900 onwards, they should be checking the guide frequently because they may need to carry one component for about 20 odd levels before it comes in use.


@GoHalos, you also find info about how and where to get the said components and resources.


(Edited to add: I just realised that the original post was of 2011  :o :lol: )

In Topic: Storybook Forest Returns!

24 June 2022 - 18:30

Seems pretty exciting but ditto on the timing! I wish this was after the DxP.

In Topic: Essential/non-avoidable quests

22 June 2022 - 04:23

Thanks Penny! In the hunting setups list, there is a mention of Storm Seeker quest that is essential to accessing the level 1370 map. I am far away from that level range, for now.

In Topic: Feedback and Suggestions

31 May 2022 - 11:43

I really would love an option to disable all animation. The present option only disables avataar animations, but does not affect guild avataars on the FS homepage or the realm design animations.

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