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#825589 Official Stance on Bots

Posted by Mojawk on 05 December 2013 - 14:24

Hey folks, 


Just wanted to make it clear that we do not allow using any sort of bot.


A bot (or afk macro gaming) is a method of controlling an character by an automated means that does not require direct interaction from a player. 


If you suspect a character is being played by a bot, please submit a ticket with the username of the suspected bot to https://www.huntedcow.com/support


If one of our Game Masters visits you, please respond to them, if you don't respond in an appropriate time and they deem you to be a bot your account will be suspended from the game for up to a week and a warning issued. If this happens again your account will be permanently suspended from the game.


~The Eldevin Team

#814276 Next Roadmap...

Posted by iceman66 on 02 October 2013 - 01:55

1. Content needs to be released more frequently.  Every 2 months is ridiculous.  People wonder why we all delevel and relevel? It's because we have no other way to gain GXP.  Plain and simple.  Fix the root of the problem and everyone is happy.


2. Arena is in desperate need of new arena levels.  I think the highest arena level is like 1200 (I think) and players are 1750-1800 now.  That isn't right.  Add more arena levels that suit EVERYONE in this game.


3. Hellforging.  I  stopped hellforging stuff post-level 600 because it literally costs like a billion gold/FSP for stats that are not needed.  If you want people to use gold and stuff to hellforge, either make it cheaper, change the formula, or increase the hellforge bonuses.


Here is a little example: To hellforge something that is level 1775, the total gold cost is 8,253,750 gold and 10 FSP.  Basically you are looking at over 10,000,000 gold.  Does that not seem absolutely insane to anyone else?  You get like 25 extra stats points


4. PvP Ladder- We need new sets to build.  Why would we want to partake in the PvP ladder with the current rewards? The market is flooded with PvP ladder sets that are out dated.


5. Elite sets and other sets.  Please at least have a look at what sets are prevalent in FS and make some drops that are worthwhile.  What I mean by this is just take a minute to look at what gear goes together.  For example: if you release a weapon/ammy set (I'm thinking pounamu), don't release a set the breaks it...release sets that gel with it.  I don't think I've gotten a worthwhile drop from a champ or an elite since kummars which is 1460.  That is >240 levels ago.

#814251 Next Roadmap...

Posted by justinian9 on 02 October 2013 - 01:06

Make medals to recognize the players that work for their guild.  Guild buffers, joining groups, donating gold to guild, donating FSP... ... that kind of stuff.  We have the adviser that you can pull the info from  ...


relic defender would be nice also....

#814255 Next Roadmap...

Posted by aa0007 on 02 October 2013 - 01:14

There are a few minor additions that I'd like to see that are currently features of FSH:


  • Folder selection on the secure trade/send items screens
  • Quick item selection on the secure trade/send items screens
  • Check all option in backpack management
  • Pressing b from any page to access your backpack (and other similar keybinds)
  • Adding the [Reply|Buff|Trade|ST] option to every message, similar to the way FSH does it.

I'm going to put the rest of my suggestions regarding composing in a separate post, to allow for different "Like this" usage.

#814348 Next Roadmap...

Posted by UrcK on 02 October 2013 - 07:51

Guild Store Style Backpack ....



can i get a Hell Yeah! ?



Edit: do my 233 votes from http://forums.hunted...c=55640&page=15 count Hoof?

#814256 Next Roadmap...

Posted by aa0007 on 02 October 2013 - 01:14

In regards to possible upgrades to composing:


  • Change the default potion bottle/potion color to be randomly assigned every time you load the page, to add some variety
  • Adding an option to save your composed potion selections
  • An unlockable way to obtain multiple potions in a queue
  • Possibly the ability to make multiple potions simultaneously
  • Medal for the number of potions created, or some other form of public display of composing achievement

Not exactly an "new feature" but:

  • Composing event, in which xp is multiplied by some amount, or creation times are reduced, or fragments are increased, etc.

#915826 Helpful advice on Global Events (GE)

Posted by Egami on 17 January 2015 - 14:39

Where to hunt*:


Before getting too far in, I thought it would be good to edit in BG's confirmation of the required size of realms for spawning to occur and the relevant level at the beginning:


10 x 10 is correct. Bear in mind, this INCLUDES the borders of the realm. Global critters spawn in Realms of level 25+.

What follows is a general list of "preferred" hunting grounds provided by many players throughout FS. The relevance of the "Just Elite" or "no creatures" (where noted) is simply because a player will not have to worry about hitting something else while using the number key to smack.


Ramdal Caves: Level 25 and the lowest level place they start spawning. Not my favorite, but it does cost less via portal to get here.

Iluore Dragon Pit  level 92: 10 x 10 (no creatures listed). Thanks out to Rexarr.

Tepal Cave (Level 140): Just Elite.

Rarek Dungeon (Level 150): Just Elite.

Kozyu Crystal Catacombs(Level 225): Just Elite.

Vashku (Level 235): Just Elite.

Ragnok Lair(Level 260): Just Elite.

Trvons Clearing (Level 310): Just Elite. Thanks out to yghorbb for the info.

Sphinx Lair (Level 370): Just Elite... thanks out to yotwehc for the info. BG's favorite spot.

Xinderoth's Library (Level 421): No creatures. Thanks out to ironlegs for the info.

Key Lock (Level 460): No creatures. Thanks out to yotywehc. Quest locked. justinian9 suggested the area right before it that also has no creatures: Compound Gate

Ralthien (Dark Corner)level 510: No creatures listed. Thanks out to TobiasRagg.

The Secret Kingdom (Keep): Level 530. Thanks out to crippla for the info.

Darkwater Lighthouse (Lower) (level 533). No creatures. Thanks out to ironcire. BG said it's quest blocked.

Satero Residence (level 930). Just Elite. Thanks out to zizzwyly.


*Please note on the above areas:


Sometimes the fact that an area is "quest blocked" is noted. After some careful thinking, I decided this is irrelevant for the general idea of the post.


My personal advice (since I don't have the necessary knowledge) is: Be sure to check your quest book (on left-hand sidebar under Character). If you are a player that tries to avoid doing quests, then simply avoid the areas near where a quest is necessary or ask around (or in this post). Not all of the above areas are my personal preferences. However, I ended up deciding to NOT exclude areas that "may" be quest blocked. 


Global Booster:


On the left-hand sidebar under Upgrades (thanks out to Scoops1972 for correcting), click on Loyalty. Here you may find various potions for gold or Loyalty Tokens (I personally suggest purchasing for gold) for Global Booster.


This works like Doubler, but the nuance is pretty important: Global Booster ups the number of kills registered for an equivalent stam usage. This makes Conserve useful. HOWEVER, do NOT hit regular creatures while this buff is active. It will drain your stam like Doubler but it won’t do anything for your kills.


Besides the loyalty section, there are other various potions available with this skill in the Auction House (AH) if you select it in the “Grants Buff” drop-down and is also an option via Composing.


This pot will help you get more more kills at a stam cost that is equal to the extra kills. However, when your conserve activates, you will get the extra kills at zero stam cost. 


“Essential” buffs (or potions**) to use:



Animal Magnetism



Other possible buffs/potions to use:


Summon Shield Imp- If you really care about your Kill Streak (KS). Crud happens, lol.


Unbreakable- If you care about your gold. This is relevant to "avoid" repair costs to a "large" degree. Also see the Item Use section further down for additional advice.


If you compose, these are highly recommended on events where frag stashes are dropped by the global creatures (please note that there is some additional info on this a bit lower down***):


Find Item (FI)- This is player-goal and GE dependent. Useful in frag GEs IF you compose.


Lady Luck- This runs in tandem with FI.


**If you are using potions (pots) then you should consider the following. Keep in mind that Global Booster is only available currently as a pot


Distil: This will increase the power of your pots. It should "theoretically" be used before drinking any pots. 


Brewing Master will allow your pots to last longer. You need to decide whether this is relevant or not based on how long you will be smacking. With current maximum level 175 buff (not including the potion) a 30 minute potion will last 57 minutes when drunk after this pot is activated. 45 min = 85 and 60 min = 113. 


In most cases (if you are planning on smacking for more than half an hour, you need to be aware of what is better for you), as soon as you are done drinking ALL your pots, you may want to deactivate both Brewing Master and Distil in order for Reckoning to work "better". 


-Thanks to yotwehc for making me realize the above clarification was probably key (o0


Item use:


Since most GEs are level 25 creatures, it may be convenient to minimize the number of items worn to have stats enough to one-hit but fewer to save on repairs.


You need to weigh the importance of your KS and consider how efficient you are in paying attention to your tick in order to switch for your stam-gain items at the appropriate time.


*** FS options for when there are frag stash drops from global creatures: 


You should know that there are two options that may be important for you under Character, then Preferences then User Interface. At the time of this edit, both are the last two under Miscellaneous at the bottom right of this screen.


1st: Auto Open Fragment Stashes: When you are smacking the global creatures that drop frag stashes, this will automatically open those stashes. The fragments go to your composing frags stash. This is extremely handy since you could have only one bp space open and it will suffice for your smacking. Since items are currently bound, I have had a hard time understanding (though there could be a reason current OR FUTURE) why you wouldn't have this box checked. 


As of this edit, I can say that my investigations have shown that it opens only those stashes received as drops. I hope this continues that way. In other words, according to my experience, it does NOT open anything taken from the Item Mailbox. This is relevant because it means that if you find a frag stash in a chest somewhere, it is not opened when you take it from your Item Mailbox. It also does not auto-open the Frag chests given as prizes in some GEs. I would hope this NEVER changes because, though the Frag chest prizes are currently bound, the chests found in the realms that require a key and contain Frag stashes are not. Some may prefer to send to Guildies or sell. 


Since the above has not been confirmed by HCS and "could" change, I'd suggest using this option ONLY during the frag GEs and deactivating (unclicking the boxes) afterwards, just to be safe. 


2nd: Hide Fragment Stash Logs. The only thing this really does is alleviate the pressure on your log. What it means is that you will no longer receive log messages telling you how many frags you receive when you open a frag stash. 


Any further discussion with expert opinion on adjustments is appreciated.


I tried to make it as simple as possible for all levels and also with a view towards it attempting to be “ever-lasting” (willie wonka reference). Hence, I wasn’t too interested in listing possible pots, ie., check out how vague I was on the Global Booster.

#898516 An Open Letter to the Fallensword team

Posted by DeadParrot on 06 November 2014 - 20:33

An Open Letter to the Fallensword team,


The following statement is long over due and with the current state of the game, is appropriate and timely. ...you ask, who do I think I am? I am a long time player (very long) who wishes the larger community to understand what has truly gone wrong with Fallensword, not just the edited and deleted version that is put forth.


The current state of the game is in disrepair. EoC players are leaving, few new players are entering the fray, and those that do, leave with shocking velocity. The forums are an uninviting place, reserved for the elite (who are lauded for their views, others not so much), and the complacent; for those who dare not question the higher-uppers for fear of retribution or the all-too-frequent bans. Those who thank their lucky stars for ANYTHING to be done is this game have low standards and encourage the game designers to meet those low standards. Numbers in this game have declined in recent years, this is no coincidence as administration of this game passed from Hoof to others. Additionally, ideas such as composing, have come from players, not from administration, begging the question, who is watching this game from on-high? We all know that Fallensword boasts the most loyal and consistent player base in HCS-dom, so why has this game been neglected for the likes of iOS games and Eldevin? The questions may not be answered, and frankly, players are not owed an answer. However, developers have the option of respecting their player base...or losing it forever. Here are my observations in the last few years:


  • The Fallensword team has transferred administration from Hoof to mere moderators as the team sits now....coding and updates are not a priority, shown by empirical evidence.

  • The game and forum moderators are combative and engage in personal attacks, they lack professionalism, which is not required of the customer, but is an advisable trait of an employee.

  • Punitive measures have no consistency and extent is determined based on the party who complains.

  • There are frequent implementation and grammatical errors in events in recent years.

  • The game is constantly being watered down and convoluted based on the views of the few, who are now becoming the majority as active player numbers dwindle.

  • The real money to ingame currency is shockingly expensive is relation to the FSP to gold exchange rate from the early renditions of this game. There is very little value for the money.

  • Players, as mentioned, are leaving in droves, myself included. The results of this post is of no consequence to my game play or character.  I am not seeking change or results.  

  • The long range plans of the game are unclear, as evidenced by the constant slogging of leveling content, and re-hash of events; nothing truly changes. Each change seems patchwork.

  • Content and upgrade roadmaps are largely ignored or pushed off so far that deadlines have very little meaning, what message does this send to the remaining player base?

  • There are so many more issues, PvP, GvG, the vocal minority who continually steer the game, the pay-to-win gear system, Arena gear dominance, top guild titan dominance, scavenging (really??), the bounty board....and on and on. But the problems outlined above clearly indicate that the daily and periodic implementation of Fallen sword is faulty, broken, and clearly shows a lack of respect for the player base.

  • I care not to get into a game of semantics and minute detail.  Those who concern themselves with this are clouding the real core issues. I also don't welcome responses, as these items are not up for debate.  If you feel they are....again, you are clouding core issues.


Just because you disagree or are offended, doesn't mean you're right. You may not like the message or the messenger, but that doens't mean the message is flawed. So sad when a child doens't realize their obvious potential....


Good day, Fallen sword.




A former player

#814253 Next Roadmap...

Posted by jzaz on 02 October 2013 - 01:12

New items for chests that will make buying the keys worth it. Right now, chests are only useful for the medal and random crystalline gear. Maybe include some chest exclusive items/resources/components for inventing new sets? 

#948767 Legacy in general

Posted by Will on 15 September 2015 - 20:24

Greetings to HCS in general. You may not know who I am, but I am Will. One of the Volunteer Helpers over at Legacy. I am here to express a few concerns that I, myself, have that I wish to bring forth and hopefully have addressed. Some of these issues, I know the community as a whole has as well, but they feel it's pointless to even mention it. Which is something I intend to cover as well. Which, unfortunately, means that this post will be quite a read. So I apologize in advance for that.


What my concerns are stem from 3 specific things: Staff, Player, and the Game itself.


The Staff Side:

When I first applied for staff 4 years ago, almost everyone that was currently staff had to step down because Zorg joined HCS. The reason given was because Legacy would now be part of HCS. Which meant that staff from HCS would join in and help on the staff side of the house. I decided that I would stick around since I just joined the team and I would be able to easily mold into whatever needed to be done.


A short time after the merge, we were introduced to a few individuals. They hung around, chatted with the community, posted in the forums, it looked great. But then something happened. Everyone vanished. Almost literally to never be heard from again.


Why is this a problem for me and the other staff specifically? Well, we are no longer allowed to do certain things or be able to view certain things. Such as assist players with account issues. Reason being, we are not allowed to see the emails attached to accounts. We have a harder time catching potential multiple accounts (something not allowed at Legacy) because we are not allowed to see passwords.


This is all fine and good and I fully understand the reason behind it. Privacy related issues and etc etc. But the problem starts when there is nobody around to solve the issue. I can only hope when someone comes to me with an "account issue" is that it's an old, returning player and that they just have to make an HCS account to merge with their Legacy account. And if that's not the case and say they need an email change, that brings up an entire new problem. Relying on the ticket system.


I cannot speak for the other games that HCS own and how their process is done, but I can speak for Legacy. I have went 3, 7, even as long as almost 21 days waiting for tickets to be approved before I can view them. This part, I can also understand because the reason I was given, again, was it could pertain to email specific issues and that is something that I as an unpaid employee to the game, cannot view for privacy reasons. But again, if a person is forced to wait 21 days before they finally get a response, chances are they have just sucked it up and moved on. Or have found something else to do with their time and figured Legacy is no longer worth the time.


And it's not just account based issues. People have flat out told me that they don't bother with the ticket system anymore because the response time is horrid. And whenever I explain to them that it's not our (the Legacy staff) fault because we have to wait for HCS to approve it first, they honestly become appauled that it takes that long before they finally get a ticket approved so Legacy staff can come in to try and help. Which means all kinds of player harassment and abuse are left alone to never be dealt with because...the players feel they can't rely on staff to handle it because it takes so long for them to finally get a response.


The Player Side:

Hard as it is for me to believe these days, I was a player at one point. But even though I haven't been a player for the past 4 years, I have seen the growing frustration of the community. And this extends beyond the normal rants that Zorg has grown accustom to from the community over the last 10 years this game has been around.


First off: like I just said, this game has been around for 10 years. 10...solid...years...Despite all the ups and downs it has had, including a server move that damn near wiped out the entire database Zorg had, people are STILL around from the first days of the games release. Whether because they still enjoy the game itself, the community/friendships they've developed over the years, or even if it's just a part of their ritual to login and see what's going on, the fact is this game has some of the most hardcore dedicated players you will EVER have. Almost no game can hold a person's attention for more than a year. This game has managed to do so for 10. That alone should inspire a company to put some attention forth.


This game, despite having one of the most loyal communities I have ever seen and being promised numerous times that it would get more attention.......it has fallen by the wayside. "Once Eldevin has launched and is on it's feet." "Once I'm done with this project." And I'm not even going to bother going over all the plans and roadmaps that were given to the community. While yes, they were upheld to almost exactly what was stated, as soon as it was done, all presence from HCS and Zorg vanished entirely. And we only see him again every 3 months to rotate our Wasteland Map.


Everyone at Legacy knows full well that there are some very talented artists at HCS. Even having a somewhat dedicated graphic artist would be a step in the right direction because this neglect has went on for so long that our longest standing graphic artist has abandoned the game due to...well the game being abandoned.


The Game itself:

Like I have said before, this game has been around for 10 years. Any game that can claim it has been around for a decade, especially a text based game, is definitely one worth investing into. There are groups of people on Legacy that would group together and buy Legacy from Zorg just to keep it alive and do frequent updates because they love the game that much. So it's understandable why people are upset right now. Frustrating as it is for me to see it day in and day out from players, I can't help but sympathize with them at the same time.


One of the excuses could be, "Well Zorg is the only one who knows how to code it." That might be the case...but that can only work for so long. And after 4 years, the community no longer wants to hear that excuse. In 4 years time, surely someone could have been brought up to speed on how things are done. But nobody probably has. Because no effort, no TRUE effort, has been put forth.


At one point, the game had an accurate playerbase. This was due to the fact that inactive players would simply be automatically deleted for inactivity. But this was removed for some reason. A reason, that honestly, was never given publically. So people were left to theorize why. And the one everyone went with was because a game with no accounts/players looks bad next to the other games. So a bigger number must mean that more people play, right?


There are currently 9180 accounts.


And most of these are people who make an account, look around for 5 seconds, and logout. Never to be heard from again. While yes, the way it use to be meant that at most you would see maybe 800 accounts, but at least that was a more accurate picture. At least those 800 were dedicated enough to keep playing or at some point have supported the game by making a donation at some point so their account became permanent. Which this overall thing looks to me as an easy out for Legacy getting no attention. As long as that number of accounts keeps increasing, it must mean that the game is good enough as it is and there's no reason to put any attention towards it. Which that is anything but the case.


All 3 of these issues tie into each other to some degree. But there is no denying that they are issues.


I'm not here to demand anything. I'm not here to try and cause issues. I'm not here to start drama between anyone.


What I am here for, is to try and be the voice that starts the process of Legacy getting some actual attention from not just HCS, but the creator that has managed to create a game that has brought people together and has kept a loyal fanbase for so long. And continues to grow to this day.


At this point, I believe the community would be happy even if they had 1 day where there is a little chunk of time set aside specifically for Legacy. Even if it's just 3 hours of that day. There are ideas being thrown around in game all the time to try and make things better. Whether it's to better balance the gear or something totally new. So it's not like much has to be considered. Just what is willing to be worked with.


As for me, I would personally love to see some sort of presence of HCS at Legacy. Just to show that Legacy DOES matter and we're not just some addition that was added on when a certain person joined the ranks.


Thank you for your time and hopefully we (myself and the community itself) will hear from HCS/Zorg at some point. Because as this forum has shown, with a majority of the threads being about Legacy, those at Legacy do pay attention and care about Legacy. And I intend to let them know that I created this thread.

#897720 Making friend list and alt characters more manageable

Posted by Mongo on 03 November 2014 - 20:59

It is really tedious sometimes, having to add all your friends alts over and over each time they make a new character. Also seeing 16 people online when it is only one (and 15 alts) seems silly, not to mention how confusing it can be when your friend has 16 characters... who can remember all those? I can just about remember my own! :P


I think the whole thing needs an overhaul to become more user friendly.


Some suggestions:



  • Make it a requirement for us to ACCEPT a friend request, before others can add us to their friends list. This is important in the next suggestions for privacy from strangers.
  • Once a friend is added, it will AUTO add all current and future characters they create.
  • The friends list and server screen should include the CHARACTER and MAIN. e.g. "Mongo(Flash)"
  • There is no need to list all of my characters on the server select screen, just the one I am logged with. In the format suggested above "Mongo(Flash)" or if I am logged on my main , just "Mongo"
  • Also I think it would be really great, if someone could just whisper "Mongo" and I would then receive that message, no matter if I am logged on Mongo, Flash or any other character.


So basically we are taking our main character name (account) and incorporating that to include every alternate character.


Also not sure if you fixed it yet as I have not ignored anyone, but if we add a player to ignore it should include all their present and future characters.


If anyone has more suggestions please post, also please post if you think this idea sucks. Thanks.


Actually thinking about it think the other way round would be better, so Main(alt). Here is a quick mock up I done of what our friend list would now look like (hope you don't mind me using you as example Razzy) :P


So Raziel Is logged on his alt Kainn and has accepted my friend request, I now see this:



#891895 FINAL SOLUTION for BOTH parties

Posted by mary4ever on 30 September 2014 - 02:30

The suggestion is having 2 different kinds of PvP systems:


Raw PvP (with xp loss) and Soft PvP (with pvp xp loss) (I named them raw and soft, names can be changed)


This solution to have 2 different kinds of PvP systems should make both parties happy (levelers and pvpers) and does not force anyone to play something he does not want to, you are given a choice and that is the wonderful thing about this, you have a choice, you decide, it is your decision, it is not forced upon you :)


Once this suggestion gets approved and then implemented you will be asked to choose a side (pvp system, raw PvP or soft PvP) after your next log-in under your preferences !!!


For Soft PvP system look at Dooms post at http://forums.hunted...-loss-from-pvp/


This is how the Raw PvP system works:

  • XP loss, no xp pvp loss !!!
  • Open ranges (can be discussed)
  • PvP rating transfer like in the old days (details about pvp rating transfer for 10-100 stamina, higher lvl attacking lower lvl / lower lvl attacking higher lvl, ….)
  • Every hit is bounty able
  • Raw PvP Rating reset will be randomly at the same time as the Soft PvP rating system reset
  • Rating will be transferred to tokens (ratio currently unknown, needs discussion)

Interactions between raw PvP and soft PvP Systems: (2 options)

  • No hits possible => this option gives lesser pvp activity
  • There will be 2 different bounty board systems (RAW BB and SOFT BB) It is possible to hit someone in another PvP system, difference is you will be posted on the bounty board of the victims system: EXAMPLE: if tom from SOFT system hits mark from RAW system, tom gets bountied on RAW system and loses XP, not PvP xp (this is to counter exploiting ratings for both systems) !!!  gold hits are possible to do regardless of the system you are in !!!

the main point why xp loss had to be removed was because of bullying and the victims had no way to escape as long as there was xp loss, this system gives them an escape chance and solves the bullying issue PLUS gives us PvPers who want to pvp in our system, this is a WIN - WIN situation where everyone (pvpers and levelers) gets what he wants :)


please give your opinions on what you think about this system and please if you say you are against it then tell the reason so we know why and can maybe alter the system to "perfection" , thanks for your input in advance

#998169 Fallen Sword: Campfire Stories

Posted by mary4ever on 19 July 2019 - 17:30

The rise and fall of the trolls


As I look into the campfire I recall old events. This is my story & I am the narrator of this tale. In the golden age wars were a common thing, many skirmishes occurred & among them a war between 2 super powers in which I took part in. Not a day went by without blood being spilt, heroes and warriors emerged, as did a certain individual. This particular one started calling himself the strongest in the whole realm, even went as far as crowning himself the leader. He had a deep rage burning inside him towards all races, he started demanding total obedience, dictating who to ally ourselves with, whom to talk to and the list goes on. When confronted by his allies he totally lost it, consumed by rage he started swinging his sword like a madman, attacking allies and enemies alike as his appearance took the shape of a troll. This led to the end of the war with his side losing due to his crazy actions & it is rumored that the mad troll was spotted mortally wounded in the “sacred plains”, waiting for his return …….


Unbeknownst to us all another troll was biding his time in the darkness, gathering information & observing those brave warriors. When he first made his move, he was accompanied by his obedient sidekicks, 2 naïve inferior goblins. He was a grotesque creature & unlike his predecessor he prided himself in lying, deceit & cowardice. The 2-faced troll twisted facts to his own liking with the help of his 2 naïve sidekicks & even had a god trusting him. Thus it lead to the realm deteriorating & people emigrating. He basked in the misfortune of others & as the people started losing all hope, a higher god descended enforcing a law that was not to the liking of the troll as he had seen through the trolls lies & deceit. Enraged that he could not find joy in the misfortune of others anymore he vanished, leaving behind his loyal sidekicks with a single message saying “Snow Shrine” …..


As time passed the 3rd & most insignificant troll made his appearance. He came from a wealthy family but as a child was neglected by his parents so he sought the attention of others, no matter what, which led to his delusions.  He built himself a secret base underneath his families estate & his wealthy lifestyle was provided by stealing from his grandma. His delusions grew so severe that he was banished from “free speech” which fueled his need for attention even more. He started stalking & pestering “the eternal defenders”, an order he admired by slipping letters under their doors just to get a reaction out of them. Seeing them ignoring him, he applied to join his idols but when they denied him entry his delusions manifested. Even after the troll joined the “laughing stock” order he would at nights stalk each member of “the eternal defenders”, sometimes slipping them letters and every now and then going after their flags, just to satisfy his abnormal need for attention. As I sit around the campfire I make my way back home, feeling the presence of the troll circling around my order excitingly shrieking in a high pitched voice for attention …..

#901808 Remove cooldown pop up confirm for group summon

Posted by Mongo on 18 November 2014 - 12:45

It is only 10 silver, do we really need to have the annoyance of a going through the confirm and cooldown screen just to do this?  :P


Make it so we just get charged 10 silver every time we use group summon.


Can make it an option in settings if you feel it still needs a confirm for lower levels?

#957786 competitive Guild Medals

Posted by mary4ever on 26 January 2016 - 06:36

GUILD MEDALS to encourage competition

  • GvG: win X numbers of conflicts

=> Encourage players to do GvGs

  • PvP: win X numbers of attacks on the BB / PvP ladder

=> Encourage players to join the PvP ladder / BB

  • Arena: win X numbers of tournaments

=> Encourage players to join the arena & tournaments to fill up faster

  • Titan Hunting: get X numbers of TKPs

=> Encourage players to go for TKPs too (not mainly secures)

  • Global Event: get X numbers of kills

=> Encourage players to do globals (frags & chest GE) / more GE kills


The X numbers required are different for each guild, they depend on how big / small  the guild is (# of guild members) !!!

!!! FORMULA is up to HCS to decide !!!


  • GvG: the smaller the guild the more conflicts they need to win (due to small guilds having an advantage)
  • PvP: the bigger the guild the more PvP attacks are required (due to big guilds having an advantage with more members)
  • Arena: small & big guilds have the same advantage (due to the arena 25% restriction neither of them has an advantage)
  • Titan Hunting: small & big guilds have the same advantage (because only TKP are counted, does not matter if secured or not)
  • Global Event: the bigger the guild the more GE kills are required (due to big guilds having an advantage with more members)

Furthermore there will be a top10 for guilds (under TOP RATED) on GvG, PvP, Arena & Titan Hunting that resets EVERY DAY to encourage players to ACTIVELY participate on these different game aspects & to “pit” guilds against each other to try get a ranking in the top10 !!!


The top10 (GvG, PvP, Arena & Titan hunting ) for guilds that will reset EVERY DAY will have guild medals too, 4 guild medals:

  • top10 GvG
  • top10 PvP
  • top10 Arena
  • top10 Titan Hunting

Top10 for guilds will be ranked with 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and NOT with the X numbers of wins / kills which is different for each guild depending on its size !!!

!!! FORMULA is up to HCS to decide !!!



Rewards are GUILD medals BUT each medal UNLOCKS a unique reward


  • SILVER: +1% duration to skills cast
  • GOLD: +1 stam gain per hour
  • CRYSTAL: +1% duration to potions
  • RUBY: +100 XP gain per hour
  • DIAMOND: +1 stam gain per hour

I just posted an EXAMPLE !!! REWARDS are for HCS to decide in the END: REWARDS that will encourage players to participate !!!


To COUNTER EXPLOIT that might happen:

  • # of wins is DIFFERENT for each guild, meaning that if a small guild got BRONZE with 10 members but later has 30 members then they will lose the medal UNTIL they get the BRONZE requirement for 30 members !!!
  • a "1" player guild man has an advantage, can easily & faster get the MEDALS, so the MINIMUM X numbers required for a small guild (from 1 – 9 members) should be at 10 members !!!
  • very big guilds will be at a disadvantage, so the MAXIMUM X numbers required for a big guild should be capped at 50 members
  • !!! FORMULA is up to HCS to decide !!! (to ensure that big / small guilds do not have a DISADVANTAGE or ADVANTAGE over small / big guilds & try to make it "fair" for everyone)
  • please post if you find something that might lead to EXPLOIT, thanks !!!


smile.png please keep it civil, vote & if possible leave a message (ideas, changes, improvements, .... are most welcome) thanks in advance :)

#935091 possible IMPROVEMENTS

Posted by mary4ever on 09 June 2015 - 15:36


  • bring back item & gold tournaments

1st place gets the item / gold & NO Arena Tokens

2nd place gets 50% of the items worth in Tokens (% can be changed, this was only an example)

3rd place gets 25% of the items worth in Tokens (% can be changed, this was only an example)


(tournament with Potion of the Brewers Art as a reward, in the Arena Token Shop = 100 Arena Tokens)

1st place gets the Potion of the Brewers Art

2nd place gets 50 Arena Tokens

3rd place gets 25 Arena Tokens

  • Introduce NEW ARENA recipes that use the old arena items + Elite items + LE items + in some cases SE items

This will keep the arena prices high for a longer time & give HCS more time before they need to put new prices + will drive more players into the arena to make some profit


IMPORTANT: OMACAZ chest (=inventor chest) should NOT work with the NEW ARENA recipes !!!!


Titan Hunting

  • introduce NEW EPIC recipes


Deepwater Choker (amulet) + Feather Amulet of Kantec (amulet) + 2 different SE amulets = NEW EPIC AMULET

Arcing Sabatons of Cyclonus (boots) + Skaldirs Frostbitten Steps (boots) + 2 different SE boots = NEW EPIC BOOTS

Venoxa Tox Gland (rune) + Fuvayus Vortex Stone (rune) + 2 different SE runes = NEW EPIC RUNE

  • Introduce a 2nd cool down (personal cool down) for everyone who did more than >25% kills of the secured Titan !!!


“John” from the guild “HCA” secured SOLO the “Lestus Titan”

The guild “HCA” will be on 1 week cool down BUT “John” will be on 1 month cool down

This will ensure that not only a few (fastest hunters) will be able to profit from this but the others (average, slow & those who will start titan hunting) + it will keep the epic values high for a longer time


“John” (60% kills) and “Katy” (40% kills) from the guild “HCA” secured the “Lestus Titan”

The guild “HCA” will be on 1 week cool down BUT both “John” and “Katy” will be on 1 month cool down because each one of them has more than >25% kills !!!


“John” (40% kills), “Katy” (40% kills) and Mark (20% kills) from the guild “HCA” secured the “Lestus Titan”

The guild “HCA” will be on 1 week cool down BUT “John” and “Katy” will be on 1 month cool down EXCEPT for “Peter” who will be on 1 week cool down since he has less than <25% kills !!!!


“John” from the guild “HCA” got enough TKP (not secures) from the “Lestus Titan” for the guild “HCA” to buy the epic

Both the guild “HCA” and “John” will be on 1 week cool down since “John” got the epic with only TKP !!!


This will not only increase titan hunting activity to secure titans, it will even increase titan hunting for TKP (NON secures) for players to avoid the 1 month cool down + be advantageous for slow!!!

Increase the spawn rate of ALL titans

(there are currently 24 titans that randomly spawn, NOT including the seasonal titans or the 4 elemental titans !!!)

IMPORTANT: OMACAZ chest (=inventor chest) should NOT work with the NEW EPIC recipes !!!!


Super Elites

  • introduce NEW SE recipes to combine the old SE items to get a NEW SE item

=> brings back value to the SE items !!!

  • NEW SE should spawn in random maps UP to the SE level (can be done to the old SE too)


NEW 1500 SE should spawn in random maps from 1 – 1500

There could even be a “SE event” where the spawn rate time is HALFED & the number of maps the titan usually spawns DOUBLED (+maybe DOUBLE the drop rate too) !!!

The introduction to adding SE items to invent NEW SE + NEW ARENA + NEW TITAN recipes will increase the SE items value + increase the SE hunting activity !!!

IMPORTANT: OMACAZ chest (=inventor chest) should NOT work with the NEW SE recipes !!!!



!!! FIRST what I am mentioning here applies to PvPer vs PvPer, it does NOT affect NON-PvPers !!!!

  • DEFLECT needs to be changed so that after each deflected attack the time you can attack again is halfed by 50% until 15 minutes waiting time !!!


“John” attacks “Peter” and gets deflected (“John” can attack after 30 minutes again instead of 60 minutes)

“John” attacks “Peter” a 2nd time and gets deflected again (“John” can attack after 15 minutes again)

“John” attacks “Peter” a 3rd time and gets deflected again (“John” can attack after 15 minutes again)

“John” attacks “Peter” a 4th time and is successful (“John” can attack after 60 minutes again)

I have always hated DEFLECT, it drove me crazy, worst was getting 17 deflects in a row by the same player on the ladder, I wasted tons of stamina & time for NOTHING


  • Certain powerful LUCKY skills like Dispel Curse, Golden Shield, Invert, High Guard should NOT work !!!

Once 1 or more of these powerful LUCKY skills activate you can kiss your calculations goodbye and a very high chance you will lose the combat !!!

(please remember how damaging the old sealed & old reflection skills were to PvP until HCS "fixed" them)


  • Composing Skills should NOT work except for Pride, Anti Deflect, Gloat, Brute Strength, (Buff Enhancer) BUT EPIC chests & global chests should work !!!

I believe that one of the reasons why PvP was so vibrant years ago was because it was kept simple (=NOT overpowered skills) where we had many different PvP setups (even elite & champion items were used) to change into & where skill & experience greatly mattered, NOT who has the highest pots / chests !!!


2 experienced PvPers using high lvl composing pots will get unresolved combats or best case scenario a 2% !!!

IMO this is NOT how PvP should be !!!

Go and take a look at the composing max skills at http://wiki.fallensw...llowable_Skills and you might understand (I already tested it and even saw some players using it)


(fully buffed skills lvl 187 & potted up (EW1725, ..) at my level I can get about 100k armor (+armor boost 345, coord defense403) with all the high lvl composing pots, adding sanctuary460 (= +46%armor) and entrench230 (=+57,5% of damage is transferred to armor) => this gives me about 150k armor !!! the highest damage my opponent can muster with the highest composing pots & buffs & potion is about 150k damage using suicide setup BUT terrorize403 takes away -40,3% of his damage leaving him with about 90k damage in the end !!! so in the end my 150k armor against his 90k damage !!! :( )


DO NOT misunderstand, I AM NOT AGAINST composing in general, I use composing pots for ALL my hunts, be it SE hunting, titan hunting or leveling),composing is very popular and has helped many players to beat titans who had trouble before + help players easily 1-hit kill creatures + and so on BUT I believe for PvP it is doing more harm than good :(


  • For the new PvP Tournament introduce “Synthesize

Synthesize” is an Artisanship like “Crafting” and “Hell Forge” BUT with the difference that it uses “Soul Stones” too which can be acquired as rewards from the PvP Tournament instead of “PvP Ladder Tokens”

“Synthesize” can increase your items stats, pots and chests skills depending on the Synthesize-level !!!

Synthesized items, pots & chests will have a “+” next to their names !!!

This way HCS will not need to worry about releasing new items or pots for the ladder + this will increase PvP activity and even get players to start doing PvP :-D


  • I do not know how the new PvP Tournament will look like BUT hope you will include the BOUNTY BOARD with it !!!

You saw what happened to the BB after you removed bounties from the PvP ladder despite many saying it should stay because it would obviously affect the BB in a bad way and the result was even less BB-activity & the PvP ladder – activity stayed the same or even got worse !!!

There were a very few cases where someone who would sit on the PvP ladder (PvP Tournament) and not do any attacks BUT bounty all incoming attacks so to counter that make it that you will have to do at least 1 attack in order to be able to bounty on the PvP ladder (PvP Tournament)



  • Spawn LOW Level Legendary Creatures More Often

to be honest I would like to see ALL level LE events more often BUT low lvl LE events much more than the higher ones of course

mabye something like this: (this is just an EXAMPLE)

1 - 100 => every week (very important for NEW players to be able to farm their own LE sets)

101 - 500 => every 2 weeks

501 - 1000 => every 4 weeks

1001 - EOC => every 8 weeks



  • Release new rewards



@HCS: When you add new rewards to the ladder, arena, GvG then please make sure you treat everyone the same meaning if you add new items to the arena to buy with old arena tokens then do the same with RP and PvP ladder tokens too!!!


ps: I am very impressed with the recent LE sets, they fit perfectly into the PvP / offline setups and even improve them, excellent work !!! :D

#899799 Realm Map Images Pack

Posted by l3fty on 11 November 2014 - 10:50

Hi everyone,


We've had some requests for our map images to be made available for use in the Eldevin Wiki and fan websites etc. We've put together this .rar file containing all the map images, hopefully some of you will find it useful :D




There is also the pretty map of the world already on the wiki which is really handy for navigating.





You can visit the fan created/maintained wiki here :  http://eldevin.wikia.com/



This is a stop gap until we get time to improve the in game map to make navigation much easier.


Enjoy :D

#814280 Next Roadmap...

Posted by Versair on 02 October 2013 - 02:10

Gold upgrades resetting at 00:00 server time. It was promised to happen after Composing. Link to the thread with overwhelming support: http://forums.hunted...topic=55418&hl=

#910139 Making Titan Hunting more Popular

Posted by mary4ever on 17 December 2014 - 20:11

or zizz you could have asked santa claus to lend you some of his "magic" :P


I am sure the secure would have been much faster then, after all it is in the spirit of christmas and time of "giving"

#891725 Straight from the heart

Posted by BadPenny on 29 September 2014 - 00:08

I have played Fallen Sword for a very long time.  Everybody knows this.  I have made many friends over the years, and I love each and every one of you.  You are the main reason that I play Fallen Sword.


Dramatic changes are coming to Fallen Sword.  At first, I was alarmed and angry about them, and apprehensive that these changes would destroy my favorite game.  But the powers that be assure me that they will not let this happen, so I have chosen to trust them and try to embrace the changes.   I have made this choice public, and have received some unexpected criticism.  I have been called a traitor, pathetic and disappointing.  Being told these things is hurtful.... and it makes me sad to think that I am not as respected as I have endeavored to be.  I am not complaining here, that is not the intent of this note, just stating facts.   My point is, I just want those that have these opinions to know that I am none of these things, and that I hope you will reconsider.  Know this, my feelings about you have not changed, and you will always have a place in my heart.  


Please don't judge me by the company I keep.  Fallen Sword is a diverse community, and my alliances stretch across all class lines.  I judge you by yourself, not your game style or your level or even your longevity in the game, and I would hope you would judge me in the same manner.


To everyone who has stood behind me in these difficult times, thank you.  You can't know how much it means to me.  Thanks for being my friend.



#end rant

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