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#997541 Close the forums

Posted by paingwin on 29 June 2019 - 16:02

You seem to imply that nothing is accomplished in the FS world.  Not so.  Not including the app, recently added were things like:

  • Juvi's Thief in the Night Global
  • Never heard of it, must have been before my return.
  • Quango quests up to EoC
  • Quango hasn't been opened nor received an update until very shortly ago and that was the first time in what, seven years? 
  • BG hinting often of other new things in the offing
  • BG has been hinting to things being done for years, that have never come to fruition. GvG has been in disrepair FOR YEARS, yet has been one of the things "on the list to be done" and that was before I went on "vacation from the game" 2 years ago. Titan hunting has been pointless for a long while now, and yet another member of the "things to be done" club. Loyalty rewards, don't get me started on the 100's of thousands of loyalty tokens I have that just sit there because there is nothing that is even remotely worth buying with them(and others have far more than me......). The arena is stagnant, and in need of serious attention, and also mentioned in that "things to be done club" 2 years ago when it was just a problem, and 500+ online players was common. Here it is still stagnant as pond water and there are AT BEST 150 online players now. 

And judging by the buff showers from hooftest in recent days, the next version of the app will be released soon.

     Buff showers? What is that? Hooftest got on the game and gave some players buffs? Woopity Doo, get on the game and make it playable. Don't just show up like the POPE every once and again, wave at some folks, and think your work is done. Get your flipping hands dirty like mother Theresa and do some work with the people. Make your followers actually BELIEVE in you again. Or lose them simple as that.  


I know that all of us are impatient, and some things seem to be taking much much longer to come into fruition but consider this.  It's summer and vacation season in cowland.  Things will undoubtedly go slower.  But progress is being made.

     Vacation season in cowland? Has it been vacation season for the last half a decade??? I was once very active in the forums.......years and years ago. It used to make a difference, but it doesn't work that way anymore. The forums are flooded with posts calling the cows out on stuff that they shouldn't need to be, and if you don't believe me look at half of the threads that have been locked in the last 6 months. All I'm saying is fix the damn game, or kill it now, I don't like to see unneeded suffering......



Sure, I wish all this would go faster.  We all do... But closing the forums or any other avenue of community communication is a really ill-advised idea, in this old lady's opinion.

#997539 Close the forums

Posted by paingwin on 29 June 2019 - 14:01

well thank you for your  input ,as the forum is a place for all to speak there mind  im glad you have spoken out.


shame that it is misguided and needs to be deleted

     Misguided? In what way might I ask? In the 8 months I have been back to the game, and a decade+ since I first logged into this game, and everything in between, I have seen most everything. All I have seen lately is forum threads go unanswered, tickets sent to "customer service....." given the vaguest of answers, that don't remotely answer the question or rectify the situation. The lead programmer/HCS attendee/Boss that has been absent for who knows how long, yet is used as an ultimate answer giver/end all discussion. All I'm saying is congrats HCS on going from one of the most engaging company-to-consumer gaming companies out there to being one of the most........I don't even know what to call you anymore. 

#997498 Close the forums

Posted by paingwin on 26 June 2019 - 13:53

     Since I came back to the game (7 months ago)the only thing I have seen the devs even remotely talk about or focus on is the app. With no knowing how long it will take for you to completely turn the FS I know and love, and have loved for over a decade into a mobile version of itself, shut the forums down. If your not going to allocate any of the manpower resources to any of the things that need to be done to the game, or any of the things suggested, then the forums are just pointless to say the least. The game has devolved into a race to the next set of EOC content upgrades, to keep the modest few still here. This game once thrived with thousands of players online at a time, but now your lucky to see more than 150, and thats on a good day. With the creative and supportive staff occupied elsewhere, this game is in its death throes.......I'm glad I was able to come back and see it. 

#996762 Epics Epics Epics, and those pesky hanger-on titans...........

Posted by paingwin on 02 May 2019 - 17:18

Well I hate to say it, but it shouldn't be allowed. I mean the cooldown exists to ensure that none of the titans are monopolized by one group or another, but allowing individuals to secure even though the guild is on cooldown negates the necessity of the cooldown in the first place.

#996674 Epics Epics Epics, and those pesky hanger-on titans...........

Posted by paingwin on 25 April 2019 - 15:53

Paingwin makes his triumphant return to the forums after over 4 years(fanfare hits its crescendo!)


(Ok, since I am typing this for the second time, Since my "session expired" after my first run through, and none of it was saved, know that I am typing this with anger in my heart LOL)


     First, I have been playing this game for a decade, off and on at times. I came back to the game before Christmas, about 5 months ago, and was pleasantly surprised by something. The something I am referring to is the resurgence of some long dead epic items. The first ones in the game in fact. The Inferno Hammer, the Steamwork Cuirass, and the Writhing Ward.  All of these items were given a considerable boost in worth, and function with the tier system. 


Hammer P/FF +79 stamina           Cuirass P/FF 0 stamina           WW P/FF +125 stamina

                          0 stam gain                                0 stam gain                            2 stam gain

                          0 xp gain                                    0 xp gain                                1 xp gain


Tier 5               +223 stamina                               + 240 stamina                    + 202 stamina

                          5 stam gain                                  5 stam gain                         5 stam gain

                          4 xp gain                                      4 xp gain                             4 xp gain


     Quite the considerable change if you ask me. And why not, the first epics in the game were experiments to be quite honest, and once others were introduced, deserved to be made "epic".



     Titan hunting used to be one of the most lucrative areas in the game, now it's just a dead husk of what it once was. Since I came back to the game I have seen titans sit for WEEKS without being cleared, and even saw a titan get cleared and the item go to an INACTIVE player. Seriously, an inactive player received a titan epic because it took that long for it to get cleared? Titan epics have all but lost most of their value(incentive to hunt) and therefore become something of an off-chance past time. Here is an example......before I went inactive for 2 years, I bought a Deepwater Choker that was Perfect/Fully Forged for 300 FSP. Now I can go to the AH right now and buy one that is uncrafted without forges for 13 FSP. People are practically giving these items away, and the titans that drop them are living on the map far longer than they should. Something needs to be done about this, and I have a suggestion........  



     Introduce the same type of tier system to "HUNTABLE" titan epic items as you did for the IH, SC, and WW. The overall stat enhancement doesn't have to be game changing, just enough to make them worth hunting again. And nothing as drastic as the aforementioned tier items. It takes 16 Inferno Hammers(in a perfect no failure world) to make a tier 5. This in itself is insane, just because the failure rate is ridiculous without the help of the best, and some "discontinued" potions in the game. Not to mention the other gear pieces required to make them which have become insanely expensive.Super Elite items required to invent an item is ok, IF the chances of finding an item from one isn't 1% with the best easily acquired FI1k pot. Hell I just sat and watched LE gear get sold for gold in the AH during the last LE during Easter.  Use those items for the recipe, and lets spice up GvG a little bit........


     To invent the tiers of the huntable titan epics create a new "resource" or a few new "resources" that require guild RP to purchase. They can have a 100% extraction rate and be unaffected by Extractor II. Thus, increasing activity in GvG as well. Ok, I'm tired as I work 3rd shift and have been up past my bedtime. Thanks for looking at my post and rest assured Belaric, an even more epic post(suggestion) is still in the works lol. 

#941992 PvP Seasons Rewards. Thoughts and desires please.

Posted by paingwin on 29 July 2015 - 05:16

Oh, I have not dropped into a PvP seasons thread to comment since this massive change to pvp began in idea form. I think that the massive amounts of stamina required are a bit high and ridiculous personally, but this is a rewards thread, so i digress. 


Potions, Bound, I really like the idea of the 12-24 hour time limit guys, kudos on that. They of course should be unbreakable or unleechable since thousands upon thousands of stamina were used to obtain them. some buffs i think would be good to include in the line-up would be:


* all time limits are set, BM will not increase them as they are already long enough as they are.....


Stun LvL 200 - 24 hour 

Blood Thirst 250 - 24 hour

Shatter Armor 225 - 24 hour

Shield Strike 250 - 24 hour

Absorb 250 - 24 hour

Terrorize 400 - 24 hour

Erosion 500 - 24 hour

High Guard 500 - 24 hour

Barricade  200 - 24 hour

Golden Shield 300 - 24 hour


Just some of the offline type buffs i think should be in the potions section. Too much of the seasons thing is about being able to DEFEND while offline and getting hit by the same 4 people 30 times over a 12 hour period. just the way i see it to be honest.


Gear, Bound, Crystalline, LOW durability. I'm talking like 10-20 durability on it MAX!!!!! People claim that if they do the season, then get what they want, whats the point in doing it again? This idea will answer all those questions. BUT PAIN!!!!!! you don't lose durability while defending......NOPE, but you lose it when you burn through 5-10 k stam smacking everyone you see. Make it crystaline and bound, people will have to come back for more if they wanna keep themselves decked out in all that shiny stuff.


As for inventing this gear, dont use old tokens(lets use those elsewhere), or anything of the like. New resources, bought in the seasons store, or won as a prize. ******** fragment, (****** being said set name) each piece of a set would require X amount of fragments to assemble(for a cost of gold of course), maybe at the new blacksmith in the gurgriss arena.......oh you would have to make the blacksmith guy too lol.


no random rewards, just give out tokens to people(or some other currency you so choose), and let them buy the stuff they want. Gear wont matter as it will be bound and crystal, and pots will get drank. people will HAVE to play the season to get more.



Gold cost to skip guildmates. This was either an oversight on your part HCS, or something you were planning on as a gold sink. When the "random" target is generated, and i use random very loosely, then guildmates should not require gold to skip. This is my opinion on it of course, but i think lots would agree. (sorry, this isn't a reward, but I had to throw it in here).

#930439 idea for realm stores

Posted by paingwin on 01 May 2015 - 06:29

This is just something very simple, would take no time at all. Can we get the stores in the game, that sell bottles, plants, and the like to have a place to enter the amount of said item you would like to buy? I swear when i make potions i can feel the carpal tunnel syndrome setting in.......click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click


thank you for your time.

#921893 Last Ditch(no pun intended) effort at salvation

Posted by paingwin on 28 February 2015 - 05:53

I don't see that this offers anything to levellers. Indeed, by making more gold get transferred to the attacker, you make it more likely that people will get hit (with lower gold-in-hand needed for the attacker to think it worth their "risk"). So the net effect could so easily be as much XP loss and more gold loss from more hits.


Personally, I don't understand those minds that think it is appropriate for me to put my effort into making the game fun for them and not for me - but I accept that there are people who like to play the game that way.

I honestly don't play the game "my way" to take away from your own gaming experience, or to in anyway degrade your effort in anyway. Hence the reason i posted the 2 buffs that are both more in favor of the person being attacked than the attacker. I am not saying there aren't people out there that will hit someone over and over for no reason. I have seen it done myself, and personally don't see the need for such action. However, I do like to steal gold from those that don't protect it properly. 


BOTH of these buffs give you(collective you) as levelers,  a very real chance at protecting a large portion of your experience during a gold hit, and if you wear offline gear as opposed to epics a very real chance of GAINING experience during an attack. I personally don't hit people while they are offline unless they are holding a large sum of shiny stuff out in the open. I prefer to hit people while they are online, buffed, and either in the midst of a hunt or close to the end of it. This guarantees a better return on my part to be very honest. I can't count how many times i have LOST a hit on a hunter wearing the normal suicide hunting gear setups. But, everyone is entitled to their personal take on everything of course, and I don't judge people on their views or opinions. I actually encourage them, i'm not a bad guy i assure you. Ask anyone who knows me. But thank you for your input, it's much appreciated.


also, as  for the part of this creating more attacks, I don't agree with you based on my own style of gameplay. I for one am not going to decrease my gold standards to hit someone just because i may get a few thousand more gold. I'm still going to keep my targets at the high volume held as i do now.

#921769 Last Ditch(no pun intended) effort at salvation

Posted by paingwin on 27 February 2015 - 09:55

Ok, for the last 3-4 years or so, the greatest battle in this game has been a divided community. Is this yet another forum thread about PvP? Yes and no. I have posted a few threads on PvP over the years, with my ideas on how to get it going again. I am posting this one in an attempt to get it going without completely killing off the leveler side of the card. 


I for one can not grasp the joy of a leveler. I myself see no joy in 1234567890 wash, rinse, repeat, wait 4-30 days to do all over again. But, I can say I don't understand since that is not my style of play. I do understand that is what you like, but I also understand that this is a mixed community with the capability of interactions between both styles of play. NOTE: I did not say favorable interactions......


With the aforementioned being said, and the looming(hopefully) 1600+ buffs coming up, I propose a few buffs that might help out in the long run.


The first buff I would suggest is a bit complicated. But I personally think it will be a big hit for those who like to keep their XP.


Staunch Scholar: At LvL 175(the highest castable level while in a guild with the Fury Shrine maxed) XP loss is reduced by 50%. However, while skill is active Thievery enhancement is increased by 50%, and Master Thief enhancement is increased by 25% for the attacker. So, .3%(ISH) XP protected per level, with a .3%(ISH) increase to Thievery and a .15%(ISH) increase to Master Thief per level. Duration would be the same as Nightmare Visage. Would not affect XP loss on the bounty board or on the ladder.


Story Of The Dead: At level 175(the highest castable level while in a guild with the Fury Shrine maxed) upon victorious DEFENSE of incoming attack 50% of attackers lost XP is transferred to player attacked. So, .3%(ISH) Transferred XP per level. Duration would be the same as Nightmare Visage. Does not Apply to bounty board or ladder.


What do you think? Mostly I'm looking for the opinion of BG and Hoof but all other input is welcome of course.

#859092 Zombie Yeoman Global Event

Posted by paingwin on 01 April 2014 - 06:13

Some people here who are whining (because they only received gold-tier rewards for doing the minimum 3k kills) are the same ones who log off for hours with full stam and let their stam gains oveflow. If you spent some of those wasted stam ticks on the event to at least reach your 5k kills regardless of how the community performs then you'd be enjoying the top rewards by now. What's a small amount of stam for another 2k kills to help increase the community totals?

Lesson: Do at least 5k kills regardless of how the community will perform.

i have to say i disagree. I dumped 30k stam into the global as always, so why should someone who has the same stam bank as me or larger enjoy rewards for doing the minimum?

#859081 Zombie Yeoman Global Event

Posted by paingwin on 01 April 2014 - 04:58

Was pleased to get my silver Top 100 medal.........Was DAMN pleased to get the total prize even though we didn't reach ruby. Thank cows, but if you want you can have 3 of mine back and give me the gold tier ones that we earned. The fact i got my silver medal was plenty enough reward for me. Plus i only killed to help the community. Thanks for the event, I actually missed these in my time away........

#857932 Titan Update and Bounty Board Feedback

Posted by paingwin on 27 March 2014 - 04:52


About the Game

Join thousands of other adventurers in this constantly evolving web-based massively multiplayer role-playing game set in the fantasy world of Erildath. Along your travels you will encounter fellow players who you can engage in battle against. You may also band together to create a guild, or join one of the many that already exist! With your allies you may partake in guild conflicts or hunt some of the many powerful monsters found across the world.

Features Over a thousand levels worth of content, realms and creatures.
  • State of the art HTML5 canvas game play.
  • A vast array of skills and abilities for your character.
  • Thousands of items and quests to collect.
  • Free to play with no downloads.
  • Trading and auction systems.
  • Variety of exciting community events.
  • Weekly updates and improvements.
  • An active and dynamic community of thousands of other players.

Funny...  No were in this game description does it state this is a pvp game!!  It merely states there are many different aspects for the in-game play. We all have our own reasons and things we enjoy about the game.  Some GVG, some PVP, some hunting Elites and Titans, Some who just like playing to meet new friends.


We already have 3 forms of PVP protection that can be bought if you do not like to PVP. 




First, we have made a new update to the code for Titan Hunting. This activates in a Realm where a Titan is spawned and will allow us to better track and stop scripting.  Has been needed for way to long.  If they are truly that good then why are they afraid of a level playing field?? 
Second, we are looking to update the Bounty Board sometime next week with the following : PvP Ladder hits will no longer be bounty-able and Bounties will no longer expire.  PVP hits should be allowed with no bounty.  As you opt in or out of this aspect of the game.     If you pay for a service ( to place a bounty, then it should not expire, there is an aspect called "services rendered"  :)
Furthermore, we are thinking that anyone who takes a bounty cannot be bountied for taking it. This would mean being a Bounty Hunter would no longer be more damaging to the Hunter, making it a viable part of the game again. However, we would like constructive feedback regarding this.  Bad call on this one,  If you elect to take the bounty then you are subject to repercussion.  Now there used to be some logic or Honor code that if cleared with 10 stam hits you were good in most players books, there were those who would still bounty the Hunter, they were added to a list and smashed harder any future time on the bounty board.
GVG, is another aspect that has fallen to the way side,  It is harder and harder to find target guilds to play with.  We have way to many Inactive guilds or dead guilds that show on the A to Z list,  can we fix this or have a filter  built to search for guilds we can fight.  Prime example, if i have a 7 player GVG team, let me place their levels in the filters, then click submit, search, find..  what ever you want to call it button. And have it search for guilds the way it does for pvp targets.
Another option to fix this would be for small guilds to merge, With the founders each retaining ownership of their former guilds gear.  The Merging guild founder then has no rights to new gear purshased for the larger guild, unless they become the Founder. ( but still has rights to his gear he brought with them in the merger)
I personally feel this last idea would help promote the game in a better fashion than thousands of small struggling guilds, that try to recruit new players, that play then quit, as they are pawned upon by more well founded and well funded guilds.
Cheers to those of you who still play the game.   And thanks to all who have provided constructive feedback,  not crying or whining feedback.
An old saying I grew up with in the service. "It is fine to complain about things, as long as you provide feedback and or thoughts and ideas on how to improve it, make it better, or benefit the group as a whole"



I highlighted the pvp mention in the OP. so yes, it does say it has a pvp aspect to it. but the rest of your post is pretty solid.

#857803 Titan Update and Bounty Board Feedback

Posted by paingwin on 26 March 2014 - 21:13


Hi there Everyone.
A few things this evening.
First, we have made a new update to the code for Titan Hunting. This activates in a Realm where a Titan is spawned and will allow us to better track and stop scripting.
Second, we are looking to update the Bounty Board sometime next week with the following : PvP Ladder hits will no longer be bounty-able and Bounties will no longer expire.
Furthermore, we are thinking that anyone who takes a bounty cannot be bountied for taking it. This would mean being a Bounty Hunter would no longer be more damaging to the Hunter, making it a viable part of the game again. However, we would like constructive feedback regarding this.
~ The Fallen Sword Team


First, Titan hunting doesn't really affect me. So that one is what it is.


Second, PvP ladder hits should have been made unbountyable LONG ago. You opt-in to the ladder fully knowing you are going to be hit and hit repeatedly. If you can't take the abuse, you should sit on the bench and just watch the game. As for those saying bountying people who "cheat" on the ladder, then opt-in, and smash them every hour on the hour with every bit of stam you have. They will stop, though i'm not real sure how they are cheating on the ladder. 


Now, the big one. Bounty hunters who clear with 10 stam hits, in & out, it would be fine if they weren't bountied. But making anyone who hits on a bounty immune would kill guild wars. The bounty board is the fighting and smashing grounds for guild wars and should remain that way. Or you could simply make it that the winner of the bounty is immune from counter and everyone else is free game.

#807263 Darksun Dragons II

Posted by paingwin on 19 August 2013 - 14:39


Here is a list of the top 100 as it was when the event was supposed to end:


Username Kills
Xoulou 94094
Shardoom 88888
spons369 81020
Will1982 79951
mzzery 60666
llednew 59058
evilbry 55555
HOFFA 55490
ozzzy651 50100
Earl234 50000
Spaz2 49100
Lithuania 42420
hattivatti 38435
boeffie 38138
FallnBlood 38000
KitiaraLi 37929
Xaero1369 35714
grimnok 35410
woodman12 35210
Ashgaerath 35087
Klimaytys 33333
WGRahl 32960
Yoco988 32600
wraith70 32454
paingwin 31700
Azarek 31227
jadesmax 31172
yuuzhan 31115
kenwyl 31111
roby3321 31070
TechN9ne72 31006
PrimeBr 30930
iut044 30684
Molehunter 30528
Y0DA 30263
Bildor 30030
Sakuliver 30005
micu05 30000
Lucifer678 30000
g2joe 30000
Yotekiller 29330
LoneEagle4 29262
Troyannn 29013
bigchaos 28110
KmetJanez 27840
Impreza 27777
animal4321 27670
DJB306 27320
Xomax 27210
levy1977 27110
Baberon86 27052
2zina 27002
Jaroslav 27000
destrMylo 26903
icd55mph 26755
chslayer 26666
Zookum 26601
Boatsnhos 26410
savipats 26400
ernzor 26343
vetlet 26260
bizzpu17 26209
Anegr 26133
gvz 26128
acvila 26110
Zennaro 26095
squirelly 26007
Gutie 25800
clarechiu 25740
Savanc 25632
Torgh 25580
Ptakopysk 25555
Maralada 25475
fharoun 25365
SirDavid58 25351
cool1989 25347
subito 25292
Stringer6 25275
jr1093 25246
alyxa1 25160
kwalsh5318 25130
Thulekin 25125
BraveKath 25083
Serena541 25030
Nagoyaka 25001
Lindalou 25001
bryllo 24971
Sneaky1 24936
Whydha 24863
bloody18 24567
Elincia 24555
lapdragon 24402
Strenua 24355
shnocka 24113
dowuones 24060
GoldenFox 24051
Blixen 24015
berten 23625
Dotaboys 23501
Juggeranut 23355
Virtually yours,


well there you go, there is your list of people to get rewards and credit for medals.

#807256 Darksun Dragons II

Posted by paingwin on 19 August 2013 - 14:34

Don't remember the unfortunate player's name, but when I looked, the #100 spot was earned with 23,355 kills.  This was shortly after the event was supposed to end.  Now, #100 is 24,015.  That certainly isn't right for the people who were kicked out of the top 100.

well i look at it this way. If they wanna leave the global rocking after the deadline so people can get potions they should have worked for during the 4 days, then once the deadline hits, SNAPSHOT the top 100 and THOSE people get credit, not the ones that wait until afterward to get kills in.

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