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Tips: Ways to ensure that your alliance survives

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Posted 28 August 2016 - 03:24

1. Be sure to make friends with other alliances

 Explanation why : friends can always be a great help but they also come with benefits as well that will ensure your alliance wont fail. When it comes to territorial growth at times there are many alliances competing for the same grounds if the area is highly contested or populated, so if your ally with one of the groups competing than you guys can team up and take on another alliance or simply have a conversation and you guys can lay down the boundary to ensure less fighting over limited grounds. 

2. Be active highly

Explanation: A alliance that lays quiet will not be the strongest to those that are always growing and active and also the tip is pretty self explanatory ;)

3. Manage your members

Explanation: When in your alliance you will see many variations of play styles and times when players are online or offline. You will need to distinguish between them and see who are your strong players and deserve a rank up and who are your weak players and merely best as members at their rank. One very important thing you must watch is when they were last online. If its been a few days lets be honest here its a high chance they may have left the game and deleted it. It comes with being a alliance so you must do some spring cleaning and kick these members in order to replace them with active members 


Side note: These are only a few tips i shall give on the tips for alliance management. If you want more from me simply reply and ask and i may write more. 

- Yours Truly Black Heart Forumer  

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