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25 July 2019 - 11:35

Many many things have come and gone. I remember the days of first joining pulling together the amount of help I once received from the fellow members, it truly was my first family! Sadly we all disbanded and sought out new adventures. After going a few other guilds, nothing ever felt the same. While they were all lovely they just weren't Pulling Together, that's when I sought on making a guild of my own. Terrors from Hell was a great experience and I made plenty of amazing people and helping return the mentorship I was once given. Sitting strong for so long I was then offered the helm back here at Pulling Together from my good friend and mentor RabidBeast. It was a dream come true and I fought for years to make him proud, to make all the old existing members proud! After many ups and downs, thefts and broken promises it all became less and less worth it. A failure.

Few months past and that's when I was told that they were proud, that I built a great standing family for all! Now I still miss everyone (and I'm not gonna lie this is making me a touch emotional) that was once part of our great family! The mentors that have made me the player I am today. And I'm so proud of my family now that WE have all built.

This is one of my fondest memories and frankly it was the Pinnacle of my fallensword career.

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