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#998163 Fallen Sword: Campfire Stories

Posted by goolsby7 on 18 July 2019 - 19:38

Let me take you on a small journey. Come, sit here at the fire as I tell my tale.


Almost a decade ago (at the time of writing, the 27 of next month makes it officially a decade), I stumbled upon this world by means unknown to me. It has been so long that the cause eludes my memory. Early on in my stay within this world I met a wonderful woman under the name MLafou who was the leader of the now non-existant M.O.M. (Mother of Miracles). I was brought in and was greeted with warm smiles and welcoming words. Many years were spent within the halls of M.O.M. and I shall never forget them, nor do I wish to. They were some of my favorite years within the world of FS. We had a great many conflicts with other guilds, filled with many giant battles and many tossed words. All of it enjoyable and in good fun. We even began a smaller guild at the time with the intent to train those of lower levels into stronger players. The Rising Immortal Phoenix (TRIP). Though Im sure they will still deny this to this day as they have before in the past, but the past is the past and there is no need to fight about it. Eventually, as we aged, those of us who were younger became caught up in life outside this world and began to fade away. It was a sad sight, but it is the way of the world.


Sadly Nothing truly lasts forever.


After a particularly long time away I came home to find it in shambles. The castle grounds of M.O.M. were naught but empty ruins. Everyone was gone and I was alone. It was a truly sad day, and one i shall never forget. Many friendships were made in those days and some still stand strong. Even now I am still close friends with MLafou outside of this world and and happy for it to be so.


Without a home, I began to wander the world of FS once again, lost and alone with few that i had been with still around. One day, I met TERRORDOG, and i joined him in a venture to help raise a guild. This lasted a short while before I was given the helm and he moved on to other things. I myself am not a leader. I can take charge when need be But I do not prefer to keep hold of such a title. I to eventually moved on, leaving the small hut behind to join My current home and resting place, The Legendary Warriors Stronghold (LWS).


I had met our leader, Lapdragon, through TERRORDOG and had become friends quickly with her. When I had left the hut I found my way to The Stronghold. For years i have helped support my guild, build our walls higher, and teach the younglings the ways of this world we stay in. I can remember the old days, when we would set bounties upon our foes and oppressors to destroy them in force. The days of feverish fights between guilds in our attempts to rise it fame (we held second on the leaderbords for some time before we finally stepped down).


The fire is naught but coals at this point.


In all my years in this world many of us call home, I have witnessed the ups and downs, the victories and failures, improvements and downfalls, and met a multitude of people. I would not trade it for anything. I have made a great many friends, allies, and memories that I hold close and dear. I may not be here forever, but the memories will be. Along with those memories comes a story about a simple in world item. The Cerulean Rose. Many know it as a resource dropped by certain enemies, but it holds a special place for me and a few others.


With that, I leave you with the cause of my title withing the Stronghold.


Guardian of the Roses

"Be wary of where you step, for I am the Keeper of the Blue Roses. Step on one of those roses and I swear there will be hell to pay!

A rose is given to those who are kind at heart and pure of soul. Only those of the highest honor are deserving of this treasure, as it is the greatest sign of not only affection, but trust, faithfulness, and loyalty. A rose from a lover is red, to match the love shared. A rose from a friend is blue, to symbolize the hardships that they bear together, and not alone.

Behold, you are truly the greatest friend!"


Only 3 people have ever received this message and the rose that accompanies it.

#997570 Double XP Event Soon!

Posted by goolsby7 on 01 July 2019 - 15:41

woot! just enough time for me to hunt today and have full stam in time to hunt for the xp event :D thanks BG .3.

#997515 The wiki

Posted by goolsby7 on 27 June 2019 - 02:21

That accomplished nothing and if your trying to say something could you just say it.

#994341 New Skills / Enhancements

Posted by goolsby7 on 13 October 2018 - 08:44

( A )It would be nice to have partner buffs or something to bring player buffs to be competitive with composing and potions. Right now from what I can see a lot of the older buffs are far outclassed by composing and auction house potions that are generated by the game itself.

( B )Also why bother as a player even wasting the time to allot skill points since you are not going to ever use the skills to buff yourself or anyone for that matter.

( C )Since the player skill level will never go over 150 then it would be nice to have partner buffs for some of the sills like doubler or light foot that would raise them to be somewhat inline with potions.

( D )Partner buffs would allow the easy balancing of player skills to near levels of current potions or composing found in the game and it would mean that people would be looking for buffs from players more often the just going with composing or auction house potions.

( E )It would even allow for there to be ones that would affect potions or potions with them that could be made to affect the skills or other potions as they were used to bring potions on the auction house and produced ones to compete with some of the composing ones.

While the idea of partner buffs is interesting, I don't think this would work well. I'll explain in sections linked to those I marked above.

( A )
Again, I think the partner buff idea is interesting, but not for this reason. The reason we have potions at all is so we can have higher level buffs than 'normal'. Yes there are some buffs that are outclassed by the special potions in the auction house, but these are just an option and not a necessity. As for composing pots, not only are they limited to you or your guildmates, but they take a lot of time, gold, and resources to get to the high level mini-god pots lol. Not to mention the frag costs and gold costs of actually making the pots. Giving standard buffs even a small chance of being on par with these is basically spitting in the faces of people who've spent the time and resources to actually reach those points.

( B )
This section in particular, I find somewhat amusing. And that's because of how [redacted] it sounds. If people didn't use buffs at all, we wouldn't have the buff market. Sometimes you need a specific buff for your strategy or playstyle, and you invest skill points in it so you have it on demand. (Quest hunter I'm looking at you lol.) Tons of people use there skills, and saying otherwise is just nieve.

( C )
This section basically was covered when I spoke on section ( A ).

( D )
See sections ( A ) and ( B ).

( E )
We already have two things that do this:
Distill potions, to increase our potion levels.
And the composing potion that raises the level of skills you cast. (Which at Max lvl pot of 300 and a zombie brew, gives lv 192 buffs)

The latter requires high composing, yes, but that's a benefit of putting all the time and resources into that aspect of the game.

All in all I like the concept, just not it's current aim.

#994211 Restart the game on a new server but keep the old aswell.

Posted by goolsby7 on 25 September 2018 - 01:55

(A) You guys will always be united but good luck getting a new starter to stay (....) (B ) Enjoy your little community but this game is now tailored to you guys. There's nothing to keep the new starter enticed (....) © Just not worth the time investment.

(...) (D) Also, it would be the old fallen sword again. I don't see how this effect any of you because you can all enjoy what you're already doing. Yes it separates us, but no one would stay anyway.

So, you went from trying to help save the game, to condeming it to inevitable death?

So a few things if like to say, and each will be marked according to said marked sections above.

Your right about this. We will always be United, and it is difficult to keep new players.


Being United as a community and as family's (as I feel my guild is and I'm sure others may as well), is one of the things that kept me invested over the years. All it takes is a new player meeting some players, starting to build friendships, and then finding what they like most about the game. Be it hunting, pvp, merhanting, inventing, or whatever else.

(B )
The game isn't necessarily "tailored" to anyone. If it was, a lot of us would have not stayed as long I'm sure. It's fairly balanced in all directions. How it's "tailored" to anyone remains a mystery to me.
As for keeping newbloods enticed, see section A.

Whether it's worth time and investment is purely (imo) a case by case situation, as that comes down to whether or not a person finds the game to be something they enjoy in any aspect. To some people, even though it's a massively popular game, WoW isn't worth the time and investment. And not because of the subscription aspect.

If, and that's most likely a no lol, this did happen, it most certainly would not be the old fallensword. Everything would be as it is now, except everyone would be at square one, but with all the knowledge of not only will happen at later levels, but the game as a whole. Nothing would change except for a loss of progress when comparing to the old character, which clearly people have shown they don't want to do lol. As far as "no one would stay anyway" obviously a lot of us old gezers are proving you wrong because we are here advocating against the second server idea.

While admittedly my first thought about a second server was "this may be kinda neat", I agree with the others that it's an unnecessary drain on resources as well as unfruitful endevor.

Try to find new players and actually help them want to stay instead of trying to split the players, or more accurately shove new players into a different server as it seems like that's what would happen.

#993770 titan secures - old frail titans

Posted by goolsby7 on 28 August 2018 - 12:09

The only thing that fixes demand is player numbers.


that and forgetting to claim your timed out auctions XD rip at least 3 epics over the years myself alone XD

#993759 New Skills / Enhancements

Posted by goolsby7 on 27 August 2018 - 21:09

If we need an enchantment. I think it would be the " 2% fail on defense" that no one has an idea about. At least it can be increased by a skill they introduce and decreased by Demoralise. Ofc. It won't go zero chance.

Defense Crusher Enchantment: A Chance to crush enemies Defense regardless how much Attack you have.

Unstoppable Axe "Buff" : Increase Defense Crusher Enchantment by XX% over 100%.

*Edit = This enchantment can be gained through guild structures easily so that everyone has access to it regardless.

Instead of having the trouble if adding it to each and every piece of gear there is.


while interesting, i dont think the cows are going to add anything to modify the mystery number that grants random wins. A secondary number however may indeed be possible. rather than "defense crusher", perhaps "quickstep". The enhancement granting you a chance to reduce your targets defense by 25% (at 100% bar), the chance being a mystery number like that other enhancement... *glares at the minuscule bonus given by master inventor again*


Also I should say we need a buff for HP. At least Visible HP like Smashing hammer, KE , Shield Wall and Armor Boost.

A boost to HP based on number of sets. But the buff shouldn't be so strong since it ll add to armor and weaken defense setups in comparison.

Green Regeneration Buff : 0.025 per point per set fully equipped boost to HP Stats.

It ll give HP the same love other Stats has, even though it ll affect SC a little but it ll make meaning to those HP Boosting Gear. And also for people who have all stats in HP.

Can be a level 4K buff though. Just for the balance. After all this will be a boost to armor Setups.


the armor setups need the boost honestly, eventually it all comes down to def setups because of the large number of buffs in favor of def. and kudos on your math :D the standard 17.5% with the max of 4 sets equipped :D i think this would bring in some variety to sets that people use again.


Another idea, I mentioned it somewhere else buutt let's leave it here.

Inventable Epic Potions from Titan Drops. Some titans are getting way too cheap. Specially the low leveled ones , etc... Let's melt those gear and drink em for the slaughter :)


hmm... Personally i like the idea, but i dont think the cows will do anything with it given their history lol. We already have access to so many epic pots as well, be they event related, purchased chests, or timed events. Sure this would give us access to a somewhat endless supply and could promote finishing off titans and the price revival of epics, but we would also have to take into consideration the buffs we would be getting. they would have to be higher or equal to the ones we can get from event chests, but not so high as to discourage composing. Using multiple epics from different titans could possibly mean we could see higher levels since they would be made from (imo) bare minimum of 3 epics +resources, but theres still the matter of which buffs we'd be getting out of said pots. the obvious pots will be some centered on pvp, while others hunting, but i think if something like this was implemented, they could also make special pots that would give bonuses for titan hunters and SE hunters as well.


for example, a titan pot that gives high level teleport, titan hunter, and light foot even. maybe even a new "titan slayer" buff that works similar to the SE slayer buff.


and the SE hunter pot could have high LF, SE slayer, teleport, and a new buff "impish resilience" which would grant your imp the ability to keep one life remaining when a SE hits you. so instead of one save, it would be able to (or maybe have a chance) survive 2 hits instead of just the one.

#993740 New Skills / Enhancements

Posted by goolsby7 on 25 August 2018 - 18:18

you counted how many buffs boosts attack but you didnt count how many buffs nerf atk and others boost defense. not to mention Dispel curse which is trouble at some point. Fist Fight doesnt boost atk too. it just negate Buffs strictly before combat starts, it does help but its a chance buff. the situation is really bad if you use KE 350 and Coord ATK 250 and you yet cant breach enemys defense... ofcourse that doesnt stand in all pvp bands, it differs according to gear in each band and players levels.

even if you want to nerf atk , it shouldnt be "10%" ... in any case Fumble and Flinch 350 together can do the job for it...



***I cant fix the italics below for some reason so o gave up on it, its not meant in any way.***



Going off of the base buffs, and not potions:

attack nerfers are:

  • flinch (-17.5%)
  • fumble (-17.5% when defending only)

Defense boosters:

  • constitution (+17.5%)
  • NMV (+43.75% def, -43.75% attk)
  • Co-def (+8.75%, all gear part of set)
  • Barricade (+43.75% def, -43.75% dmg)
  • shield wall (+8.75%, all gear worn a completed set)
  • Defensive aura (+8.75%, -8.75% attk)
  • almost no one uses setups of all the same level so im ignoring balanced def

Attack boosters:

  • keen edge (+17.5%)
  • Co-attk (+8.5%)
  • ignoring balanced attack for the same reason as def


So, yes there are more def boosters then attack nerfers. Its a way to defend. HOWEVER. You also have to take into account that anyone using these, in order to get the most benefit without loosing stats, will be getting a net gain of 35%, and that's with constitution, Co-def, and shield wall.


Dark curse at 175 is a 35% reduction that is not a chance While dispel curse is a 35% [i]chance.


So before buffs that nerf attack or drain other stats, its an even match. even with dispel curse.


once you add in the attack boosters, your at an advantage of 26%.


Once you bring all the other stat swap buffs in or potion level, then yes a ton is going to change. But at that point were talking more strategy and chance then anything else since we have many buffs that are chance activated that help us get past these other stat swap buffs. I understand that potions are going to be the huge thing here, but im looking at base numbers and such.


really want an extra chance to hit someone with ridiculously high def? buff them with shield strike and reckoning lol.



and i never said fist fight boosts attack. fist fight makes ALL buffs pointless, at which point its basically an arena fight.


and chance buffs are what make the pvp aspect more interesting since you [i]hope they activate as they can sometimes be what really turns the tide in a fight.

#993703 Reset Player Reset

Posted by goolsby7 on 23 August 2018 - 01:01

If I can buff myself to be able to kill person that is lvl 1000+ I doubt there is a creep that cannot be dealt with.

this is assuming they aren't geared for pvp. gearing up and getting buffed, pvp or hunting, has a lot to think about. if anyone is wearing the right gear and have the right buffs, you can defeat anyone of higher levels. i recently did a bounty on someone 3700+ but i also had to get a good number of buffs, had to get my spell leach/breaker to activate, and sealed as well. without them id never have been able to try to complete said bounty. 


your only lv 293 (at the time im writing this) you have a TON to learn about future mobs~

#993682 New Skills / Enhancements

Posted by goolsby7 on 21 August 2018 - 21:15

And a buff just popped into my head, composing specific:

Conversion chamber - composing pot, max lv 300

.01% chance per point that when conserve activates, the stamina that would have been used is instead added to your stamina pool.

#993666 How do i extract things?

Posted by goolsby7 on 21 August 2018 - 05:18

I looked on the wiki and it says its extracted from a snake head. Unfortunately, i dont know how to extract stuff, and ive looked everywhere for it. Can someone help me out?

The snake heads are a resource drop from the snakes themselves. The buff "resource finder" is a great help in getting them to drop if your having trouble getting them. You can find two different potions with that buff under special items in the auction house (AH for short). Players can buff you with it as well.

From there, you can find the heads in your backpack. Clicking them will extract them, right clicking will give you the option to extract all you have. The buff "extractor" will increase the chance of success in getting a resource from it, while "extractor 2" gives a chance to save the resource when extracting it. Both of these can be found in the buff market, or from higher level guild members if you can :D

If ever you need to find a specific resource for a potion in the future, while the ultimate fallensword guide (usfg) is helpful, I would still recommend the wiki (even in it's dilapitated state), both of which can be found under resources on the left side of the screen.

Hopefully this was helpful and informative.

#993638 Reset Player Reset

Posted by goolsby7 on 19 August 2018 - 23:25

I definitely agree that that upgrade needs a rework on its cost (ive never used it myself but still).


on top of that, its been a few years, can we have another free skill reset oh bountiful and benevolent cows? XD

#993632 titan secures - old frail titans

Posted by goolsby7 on 19 August 2018 - 22:38

He's never explained why.

I thiink it would boil down to what happens now but on a much more serious scale. no one would ever bother to kill a titan more then half if they can just wait for it to decay and rot away. Thats kinda how it is now in reality, except they have to wait for other people to finish it off for the TKP.



'nother idea: let them heal 1% for each day of inactivity  :ph34r:


With this, i like it and would like to offer a counter improvement: at rollover each day, rather then just healing 1% it also removes the same amount from successful kills by all current hunters. That would prevent TKP farming on massive scales if something like that did get implemented. :o

#993608 Epics True Value

Posted by goolsby7 on 18 August 2018 - 22:22

So Epics are one of the ways to increase stamina gain after maxing Stam gain upgrades. And there are several ways to get Epics. Either inventing them from RP or Titan Drops.

For one way or another Epics dropped are what make a Titan worth hunting or not. Also it what makes RP worth Gathering or not.

So Epics value indirectly controls the flow of the game. Oggys might be tiered so everyone hunts them and hoards them. Milk makes Cow epics so everyone hunts the cow.

I have an idea here I want to share. Am 100% sure that many of you thought of it too.

Why not make all aspects of the game useable to invent any and all Epic items. But change the percentage of the reliance of each item on each aspect.

I mean Each Epic would need an item dropped by a Titan , one or more items from RP , one or more items from arena, might need a recourse/ore to be farmed from mobs/legendary creatures that can be always there or might be seasonal.
Ofc. That will have no affect on the current epics. Wee are just changing the way people can get Epics , the game is flooded with them. I do understand that tiering should be a way to raise the value of Titan Epics but still Titan Epics are killing other game Epics.

Here are some Examples for Clearification:-

Oggys Gloves
X1 Oggys Heart X1 RP Gorgon Tears X100 Arena Tokens(item) X300 Magma Ore components farmed at a certain area from a certain mob. X10 Ladder Tokens item

Invader Boots
X1 Invader Skin X1 RP Skull X20 Arena Tokens X400 Shadow Orbs components. X20 Ladder Tokens items

Fuv. Rune
X1 Bottled Titan Storm (Bought from Guild TKP) X1 Fang X180 Arena Tokens X15 Ladder Tokens Items.


As far as current titans, i dont see this ever happening. They are meant to be hunted if you want that specific epic. As far as the idea, i can see this working for future epics, HOWEVER: i dont see many more new epics in the near future. I made a post ages ago about inventing for titan epics, and i believe it sparked the thought of the hunted cows milk XD



Those were just examples I could think of. Of course some people would suggest using several current Epics from RP and Titans to make new better Epics... It won't give the same out come I believe. I want to use this to revive the dead ladder. The Gvg where people don't even care to fight back rather just buffing themselves unbreakable, not to mention some of the big guilds do not even care about whether their guild won or lost. Inventing have been way way down. I rarely see any one farming for inventing like before. Of course farming for composing is available but I doubt it's as farming for inventing, using components and those non useable component slots people have empty...


As far as GVG, if they dont care about defending, then they dont care about gvg lol. the higher ranked guilds in gvg actually defend./attack when needed. sure, gvg is dieng out other then a chunk of guilds, but i dont think this will help much. Maybe some new recipes that use the guild RP items, but theres not to much more that gvg can do until the big revamp everyone has been wanting for ages.  and as far as inventing and farming said resources, i touched on that a bit in my potions need some love post lol

#993502 Potions need a little love

Posted by goolsby7 on 15 August 2018 - 15:40

Alright, so here's my thing:


Composing has killed off a lot of invented potions that were at one time a key part to many players play.

sure there are some potions that still get invented and used, but a great many have become obsolete thanks to composing.


Now before y'all start a witch hunt of "oh you just hate composing because your only level 11 and yada yada yada" I think composing was a nice addition to the game.


But i think some of the buffs that were allowed through it killed off a lot of the old potions made with inventing. A lot of people made their income with it sure, and even i did my own potion selling for a stint. But insert old man voice back in my day (lol) a lot of activity was potions makers searching for farmers. maybe not a ton of the time but it was frequent. It was something to do besides hunt that helped me make some friends and also give me a bit of income.


SO! Id like to propose something that i don't think will happen, but will at least give people something to think about and maybe improve on the idea.


Some new recipes (perhaps dropped by various mobs) that take 2 or more potions (say potion of the bookworm for example) and uses some of the ingredients required to make them, or even other ingredients for that matter, and makes a stronger version with maybe a different name.


For example:

~Potion of the bookworm [librarian 225]

~Required items:

  • Potion bottle (pillar)

  • 1 Jadmare Blossom

  • 3 Trinettle leaf

  • 2 Bloodbloom Root

  • 1 Bloodbloom Flower

There could be a "Potion of the Greater Wurm" [librarian 350]

~Required items:

  • 2 (or three even) Potion of the Bookworm

  • Potion bottle (Cube)

  • 2 grub head

  • 3 Amber essence

  • 1Goobernoob wing

give it say, at 38-40% success rate :o and maybe even have it tagged so that while components can be saved with inventor 2, the potions cannot :o


again just an idea and an example to try and bring back interest in invention potions.

Maybe ill type something up about inventing gear as well XD

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