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Realm chest update ideas

14 March 2024 - 12:54

This forum post is to discuss ideas for Realm Chest updates please post any ideas you may have below.

My idea for a Chest update is to add a new type of chest that contain epic fragments which you could use to make epics at different level ranges an epic would consist of using 1-3 fragments (depending on level and how powerful the epic would be) paired with either other chest items to incentivise chest hunting or even super elite items that don’t get used on other epics to incentivise SE Hunting.

My second idea is pretty simple, potions for example ones you don’t see like Titan immobiliser you could even add high level potions in these chests as they will be very scarce so it won’t be game breaking.

Please give feedback and/or ideas below!

New Buffs/Potion ideas

10 February 2024 - 04:04

I feel new buffs are needed in the game wether its implemented in new level ranges or caves (new cave pots needed)


here are just a few ive brainstormed and would like to hear thought, suggestions and other buffs you think would be great to add.


side notes

(no percentages will be added as im not sure what will be too over or under powered)



BUFF 1      Description:Chance to reduce a random enemy stat by %

BUFF 2      Description:Chance to use no Stamina in gvg and/or pvp only

BUFF 3      Description:Chance for a double drop

BUFF 4      Description:Chance to get extra fragment when breaking down

BUFF 5      Description:Chance to lose no gold PVE only

BUFF 6      Description:Animal mag for SE (LOW % to avoid abuse)

BUFF 7      Description:Show 1 square around you (will reveal if chest location within 1 tile radius)

BUFF 8      Description:PVE prestige (Claimable with killstreaks too maybe? get a use out of it)

BUFF 9      Description:Lower titan enchantments

BUFF 10    Description:Chance to use no gold in scavenging cave


I also feel titan imobaliser would be a great potion for caves


Lastly a revision on the balanced ATT/DEF level range as that buff is no use after level 200

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