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#998941 Development Map

Posted by GrayNight on 04 October 2019 - 18:14

I think we could all benefit from some sort of development map.  The updates to FS are so few and far between, that it's starting to feel like our beloved FS is being abandoned.  I think the community (sorry if I'm speaking for everyone) deserves to know what the plans are.


1. Who are the coders? Who even works on FS anymore?


2. How often is the game updated?


3.  Is there an update schedule that is followed?


In the past, Hoof let us see what was happening in terms of development and it was awesome.  I hope it's not too much to ask that we see that side again.


So, to answer your questions as best I can:
1. Fallen Sword technically has four coders, two of which are dedicated to the development of the app (JustConix & Kamikazer). Hoofmaster and Moltenkore work on multiple projects (and are kept very busy as a result). Hoof is almost always making behind-the-scenes tweaks, most of which lately have been to facilitate functions of the app.
BigGrim works support, and handles content generation/admin whilst a variety of artists (myself among them) contribute to making things look shiny.
2. The game is updated as often as possible, which is not to say that it is updated as often as we would like.Getting Fallen Sword to cooperate with the App has not been a smooth ride but we're making good progress. Unfortunately that progress has also lead to the game misbehaving in ways we couldn't anticipate, and it's easy to break stuff, not quite so much to fix it afterwards.
3. We're using a Trello Board to plot our roadmap but it's focusing on the App development at present. Once the app is up, running and polished, our efforts can return to Fallen Sword in general.
We're focusing on the app at the moment, as Hoof has mentioned, but the app is nothing without Fallen Sword so rest assured it's not abandoned. You've all been wonderfully patient with us, we really appreciate it, and we understand your concerns! With a little luck this helps ease some of them, but we're unable to provide a roadmap simply because our objectives shift so frequently. We like to think this helps us keep up with what's most in-demand!
Kind regards,
The FS Team

#994397 Hello Everyone!

Posted by GrayNight on 24 October 2018 - 10:41

Hey there!


Just in case you were wondering who this 'GrayNight' character was, appearing in the admin guild like some sort of maniac, I thought I'd introduce myself. It's always a little intimidating joining a new community, especially one so well-established, so bare with me here!


It's an honour to be working at Hunted Cow, as part of the Fallen Sword team, helping to bring the game to mobile with a sleek new User Interface. I've not been here long but you seem like a great bunch, and I can't wait to contribute to your Fallen Sword journeys!


All the best, 


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