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#942783 PvP Seasons Rewards. Thoughts and desires please.

Posted by Saxon on 01 August 2015 - 23:01

Probably not the best place to post this, but if HCS tweaked it so that the minimum total bounty before auto posting was atleast 30k (300k gold stolen or 30k added), they would remedy this. At these rates you should break even in ticket cost which would make more sense since it shouldnt cost you to complete bounties (disregarding losses + deflects). Any bit more than 30k min total bounty would give you a little incentive for your 50 stamina, but it would be nowhere near profitable for your stamina unless they made it around 300k total bounty before posting. Thats fifteen times what it is now which I highly doubt will happen anytime soon since it would take a long time to build up and just leave the board dead.


To put profit in perspective if I was bountied on the old system I would have a reward of 90k for a min of 100 stamina (900 gold per stamina not including tickets to accept). Taking bounties around your level were a good profit. Now I can be bountied for a reward as low as 20k per 750 stamina (27 gold per stamina not including tickets per hit) which no bounty hunter, at any level, can profit off.


Also I made this thread to help those who need advice with PvP, its not fully done yet but gives some good core advice.






In this thread some players mentioned wanting new skills. I think its not a bad idea so I'll propose a few.


Salty Wounds 200: 0.2% chance per point to remove a buff from your opponent upon a victory defending a PvP attack.


Corrosive 200: 0.05% chance per point to reduce opponents current Armour Stat by 5% every turn (PvP Only)


Blind 200: 0.1% chance per point to reduce opponents current Defence Stat by 5% every turn (PvP Only)


Fertile 200: 0.2% chance per point to prevent the skill Wither from activating.


Confusion 200: 0.1% chance per point that opponent hits themselves for 25% of their their total damage, does not activate if you initiated the attack (PvP Only)


Guts 200: +0.025% increase to all stats per point, when attacking someone with Cloak, only activates if you initiated the attack.


Flurry 200: 0.025% chance per point to perform two hits in a row (PvP Only).


Blind and Corrosive work as such: If it activates against me and my stat is 1000, that stat is reduced by 50 (5%). The following turn my stat is now 950 and is yet again reduced this time by 47.5 (5% at the start of the turn) to 903 and so on. Like Poison but for Armour and Defence. These numbers can be played around with before release. I kept  the chance on Corrode lower than on Blind because I think it is more impactful on Armour sets than Defence sets which are already chipped by DC, ect.


Salty Wounds has the percent chance of Spell Breaker + Spell Leached combined. Just make sure the skill icon is a picture of a baby crying :P


Fertile is similar to Ageless and along the lines of a Dispel Curse counterpart for Armour setups. Since Wither 350+ is pretty available (and 100% activation is possible with Wither 450), having those two buffs would be good to counter it, since Dark Curse is not as powerful as Wither percent wise


No real need for Confusion, its more along the lines of a better version of Stun (really old buff) merged with Reflection. Good for Armour setups but good for Defence just as much since it can counter high Entrench sets. 


Guts is to make people think twice before popping Cloak. It seems for some people, Cloak is their only real defence from getting smashed, ect. Its really easy to keep Cloak on and not get hit. Yes you are able to hide your stats but now it may give your opponent a slight edge. It also rewards players with the guts to gamble on attacking someone with Cloak.


Flurry is essentially the same as Force Shield and Stun but could work well with Corrosive and Blind if they are ever implemented.


Some of these are pretty relevant for Seasons, ect. I think these are more fresh in terms of buffs since most buffs essentially do the same things (add stats/ transfer). The similarities between these and current buffs shouldnt making coding impossible. I can come up with more but no use unless they catch anyones eyes. These might be good to add in the AH special Section.


Good suggestions, but please not Salty Wounds, Loosing buffs is terrible. The amount of hit being done, its impossible to check every combat to see what is lost.

#942459 PvP Seasons Rewards. Thoughts and desires please.

Posted by Saxon on 30 July 2015 - 18:45

Please can you confirm if this can be fixed before next Season -


Spell Breaker  +0.1% per point chance to remove a random buff from PvP target upon a successful attack.

Successful Attack = Winning the combat, the buff activates at the end of combat

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#942366 PvP Season Update Completed

Posted by Saxon on 30 July 2015 - 15:36

Spell Breaker +0.1% per point chance to remove a random buff from PvP target upon a successful attack.


Please consider changing the code so that successful would mean either winning the combat or at least inflicting any damage at all. Right now successful means just 'evading deflect'.


During this season i lost several dozens of buffs despite of the fact that i won those combats.

This just doesnt make any sense whatsoever....



Please make SB/SL only have a chance of activating on Successful Hits, not losses - I am sure I have said this before LOL


BUT, successful = winning the combat!!!!

#942306 PvP Season Update Completed

Posted by Saxon on 30 July 2015 - 11:56

problem is I didn't use to fell helpless, in the old system I have never felt that I don't have stam, had a fair chance in everything, on ladder competing with players in my own 100 level range usually with the same stam as mine not with 10K+ stam, now I feel helpless, each attack costs 50 stam so I only have one choice, either do PvP season or the board, I have only done 5 hits on board because I don't have stam for both, I can't even hunt to get back my lost levels, how will I be able to play the game anymore like this, do you think this is fair ?


Your lucky, you got into top 100 doing 325 hits = 16,250 stam


I did 689 hits = 34,450 stam (+ had to use huge pots and ALL buffs)

some players did 1110 hits or more = 55,500


So, your complaining about lack of stam, try being a target with 50 EOC players and try and keep up. The stam gain for others is much more challenging.

#942277 PvP Season Update Completed

Posted by Saxon on 30 July 2015 - 10:15

Spell Breaker/Spell Leach - activating on a lost hit = wrong

If you lose a hit, why can you still strip buffs off the defending player?

#942149 PvP Season Update Completed

Posted by Saxon on 29 July 2015 - 18:30

BG im thinking the problem with the auto selection of targets is in the cycling thing - i have never yet it stop on 1st or 2nd  target -its always the 3rd target or more 


This is due to the PVP range you are in, which is a little bit of a pain. I only get the same 5 - 10 players cycled to hit, I never hit Brice or Feralnoob because they are not in my range, which makes the rating very wrong.

#942110 PvP Season Update Completed

Posted by Saxon on 29 July 2015 - 16:20

When hitting on Seasons, it appears you only get players in your range who are within the tier your in or the next tier down. This means the same player names come up all the time to hit and we don't get the option to hit players who are also in the same leagues.


This means the rating is easier to sustain for certain players, while the rest of us get battered down the list.

#941995 PvP Seasons Rewards. Thoughts and desires please.

Posted by Saxon on 29 July 2015 - 06:40



Chest option A (defense) Duration 24 hrs: Flinch 300, Force Shield 250, Constitution 300, Coordinated Defense 300, and Shield Wall 250


Chest option B (offense) Duration 24 Hrs: Coordinated Attack 300, Keen Edge 300, Dark Curse 250, Smashing Hammer 300, and Shock Wave 300


Chest Option C (Armor) Duration 24 Hrs: Terrorize 300, Sanctuary 300, Armor Boost 300, Entrench 200, and Layered Armor 200


Chest Option D (special) Duration 24 Hrs: Last Ditch 250, Epic Forge 300, Epic Craft 300, Ageless 300, and Sealed 200



Composing does this already - This would make the years of leveling composing redundant.

#941870 PvP Seasons Rewards. Thoughts and desires please.

Posted by Saxon on 28 July 2015 - 17:15

Please, no more luck buffs for PVP - Golden Shield, High Guard, Savagery, Sealed etc


Counter buffs to eliminate those buffs would be great :)

#941779 PvP Seasons Rewards. Thoughts and desires please.

Posted by Saxon on 28 July 2015 - 13:00

Can we have a count down timer on the Season Reset ???

At the top of the PVP Season Page would be helpful.

#924340 Current state of the game

Posted by Saxon on 21 March 2015 - 08:21

I agree iceman, the lag and gateway timeouts should really not happen with the new servers and optimisation promised.


Content isn't so much an issue but it should come out faster.

#922716 PVP, GVG, and Leveling Fix

Posted by Saxon on 07 March 2015 - 09:51

It would be good to consider the defense from an unbuffed unsuspecting player who is offline.


This idea would not change the overall result, any player unbuffed (even if EPICs are made into a 9 piece set) still has stats significantly below a buffed player.


EPICs were originally used for hunting before the addition of SH, CO-Ord Att buffs, but since the introduction of those buffs EPICs have only one purpose - stam gain. Which isn't a bad thing, more stam = more game time.


One idea could be an exceptionally long lasting buff (similar to Deflect or NMV duration) which has the % chance to quadruple the defense and armor of the defending player. But those luck buffs annoy the hell out of anyone that PVPs anyway so its not the best idea LOL

#908227 Upcoming Stamina Changes

Posted by Saxon on 10 December 2014 - 08:45

Makes sense, but there are more important developments in the game than this which wasn't really a priority update.


As HCS has confirmed this is going to benefit new players with low stam banks, although the benefit with a low stam gain will be so small its not going to make much difference.


At least the stam gain includes the epics bonuses worn at the point of hourly stam ticks still.

#906713 ????fair or not please explain???????

Posted by Saxon on 03 December 2014 - 16:32

Well done BG for your contribution to the community event. If you can do another 1M kills with magically developer allocated stam that would be great :)

#906695 Development Update 3rd December

Posted by Saxon on 03 December 2014 - 16:13

So, if a player was to spend a bit of time trying new set-ups to work out the best gear for any aspect of the game they lose stam because they were not wearing their EPICs for the 5 minute tick.


I really don't believe a new or old player will benefit from this change. The incremental gain in 5 minute intervals will be so small its pointless. Waiting until the hour is up gives you something to do with more stam.

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