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#4 ... 5 fsp

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3 fsp on #4

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21 May 2014 - 01:40

Winners Pot-Pooling Money:
Check with Grim/Hoof, but I think that's not permissible.  We used to run contests regularly and as I recall they considered this gambling, so we had to make some adjustments and I don't want to say exactly for fear my memory is off..  I may be not remembering the details correctly, but before you step in a hole, check it out and clarify how you can conduct it.


I may have missed something but I think a Winner's Pot might be permissible. There were no issues when we raised over 1000 fsp (I forget exact amount, 1200-1400 fsp) for the Grand Graphics Tournament last year. That included entry fees from participating artists, donations from the FS community, and funds raised from the GGT auction (all donated art, over 100 pieces. And bids ran high on many).

I see no reason why a pot couldn't be started for the GvG Tournments.
An entry fee of say 10 fsp per participating guild? (more guilds join in, the bigger the pot).
Maybe have a pvp rampage where the loot goes towards the pot? (Obviously a lot of fun for the pvpers, not so much fun for unlucky levelers!)


^ Just an idea. Don't shoot me for sharing! :D


If a winners pot for the next tournament gets started, I will gladly put in a donation of 100 fsp. ;)

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14 April 2014 - 04:27

bhop says: tried to log in to the forums but any time searched a topic or anything else i immediately got logged out, did this for about 20 minutes until i got pi**ed off.. so if its okay im going to order it through here, http://th09.devianta...ian-d32wrna.jpg text = bhop and put in my guilds name \'WaL\' please and thanks :) 



Still working my butt off in RL. Only a 1/2 day on Monday though so will see if I can play catch up on the orders than. Thank you all for being patient with your orders. :)

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06 April 2014 - 04:58

working 12-16 hour days, will work on several of these orders on my next day off. Thanks to all who are patiently waiting for their avatars. :)

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