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#869634 Guild vs. Guild 24hr Smack Down!!!! "A Storm is Coming...

Posted by WarQueen on 21 May 2014 - 01:40

Winners Pot-Pooling Money:
Check with Grim/Hoof, but I think that's not permissible.  We used to run contests regularly and as I recall they considered this gambling, so we had to make some adjustments and I don't want to say exactly for fear my memory is off..  I may be not remembering the details correctly, but before you step in a hole, check it out and clarify how you can conduct it.


I may have missed something but I think a Winner's Pot might be permissible. There were no issues when we raised over 1000 fsp (I forget exact amount, 1200-1400 fsp) for the Grand Graphics Tournament last year. That included entry fees from participating artists, donations from the FS community, and funds raised from the GGT auction (all donated art, over 100 pieces. And bids ran high on many).

I see no reason why a pot couldn't be started for the GvG Tournments.
An entry fee of say 10 fsp per participating guild? (more guilds join in, the bigger the pot).
Maybe have a pvp rampage where the loot goes towards the pot? (Obviously a lot of fun for the pvpers, not so much fun for unlucky levelers!)


^ Just an idea. Don't shoot me for sharing! :D


If a winners pot for the next tournament gets started, I will gladly put in a donation of 100 fsp. ;)

#858099 Zombie Yeoman Global Event

Posted by WarQueen on 27 March 2014 - 15:24

so we're skipping the zorgorm vs. shroud global event?

didn't BG say there wouldn't be an event for awhile? *goes wandering off to find the post*

#853609 New Xp formula for Composing needed

Posted by WarQueen on 06 March 2014 - 17:31

As a personal note to WarQueen while you were busy flaming me you might have missed my apology to DomCorvis in my second post.


Yes, I did miss it. From the time stamp, it was posted while I was busy typing up my 1st commentary. I'm a slooooooow typer when I'm trying to word something to not sound like an evil troll in full on flame mode. :)

My apologies for not seeing your apology.

#853597 New Xp formula for Composing needed

Posted by WarQueen on 06 March 2014 - 16:55

Instead of flaming/bashing someone, get off your high horses and TEACH the correct way of playing.
Encourage people to enjoy FS, don't discourage them into leaving by being rude.

#851608 50 FSP Avatar contest

Posted by WarQueen on 25 February 2014 - 12:45

ivangold and bobbybear, you might find this helpful in regards to submitting entries to graphics contests.



#850235 Animated Png

Posted by WarQueen on 18 February 2014 - 23:25

send in a ticket and ask them.

#848100 The Painted Blade -- Graphics by CQ

Posted by WarQueen on 12 February 2014 - 04:34

Caught up with homework enough that I had some free time enough to whip out some avatars.

I greatly apologize to everyone who have patiently waited so long. I hope the following pieces were worth the wait. :) (If not, tough cookies. hehehe)


For chianty



For Liflin

liflin_zpsfbab7bb4.png  Liflin2_zps0fbc35b6.png


For Nulgath



For PeneLudata



For ShadowRB



For StarCraft


#845086 Game Update v2.43

Posted by WarQueen on 30 January 2014 - 14:43

Disappointed with the automation. A compromise would have been better. People like to liken it to the auction house... so have it such that everyone has x number of slots to start and with upgrades, they could buy more... If I started the game today, I would have not become social at all as I would not have to communicate with anyone. oh well... :(


You'll probably still get a notice saying x had bought your buffs. What's to stop you from PMing them a thank you note, thus creating an opening for a conversation?

#841123 Game Update v2.39

Posted by WarQueen on 16 January 2014 - 01:54

There seems to be an issue with 'double paying'.


I asked 'Player A' for 1 buff but he went AFK so I asked 'Player B' for the same buff.


'Player B' buffed me and my gold went down. (as it should).

'Player A' returned and attempted to buff me but I already had the buff from 'Player B' yet my gold in my bank went down again.


Thankfully it was gold and not fsp...



Earlier you said this:



So the reason you were charged twice was because you got impatient and made a second request before the first expired.


The disclaimer we've both read says you will be charged if the seller accepts your request, even if you already have the buffs.



What's the solution here?  


Should the package request be fully denied if any of the buffs are already active on the recipient? Should requests expire sooner? 


Or perhaps it should be left the way it is, so that buyers cannot request from every seller at once, and only the first who clicks Accept gets the sale? Some people do that, and it wastes the time of the sellers.


No solution is going to seem 100% fair from both sides.


You're taking my comments out of context.

My original comment was regarding the paying twice.

The follow ups were to give detail as to WHY I didn't wait for the 1st buffer.

The issue remained the same, paying TWICE.


Obviously you think it's fair that buffers should profit from 1) players who can't afford to wait 10 minutes between requests and 2) people who accidentally click twice (like the person who bought buffs from f257).

It's ok to waste a player's gold/fsp but heaven forbid that a buffer lose out on getting a profit because they kept their customers waiting. However did those poor buffers deal with a missed/overlooked buff request prior to the Buff Market?


My suggestions are:

1) Lower the time limit to 2-3 minutes. That's generally more than enough time to buff people the old fashioned way and is definitely sufficient for clicking Accept .  (unless you're a turtle player using dial-up. lol)

2) If all the buffs requested are active, don't allow payment to go through if another buffer accepts the request.

3) If only a few of the buffs requested are already active than the payment should be adjusted based on how many buffs go through. (i.e. If your buff pack containing 5 buffs costs 500k and only 3 buffs get cast than you get paid 300k instead of 500k). If that's not good enough because some buffs cost more than others than put those more pricey buffs into a separate buff pack.

#841035 Game Update v2.39

Posted by WarQueen on 15 January 2014 - 20:48

I was simply pointing out the disclaimer on the page, which states that if you ask multiple players, and they accept, you will be charged, since that is what you were complaining about. Not sure why you take offense to the facts being pointed out, but oh well.


You can, of course, still use the old-school method of getting buffed if you desire, and that is, to PM players who advertise they're selling. I'm still seeing plenty of "buffs for sale" ads in the ad boxes.


No matter which method you use, the fact remains that there is a human on the other end of the request, and therefore it is possibly there may not be "instant" service.


Not taking offense, like I said, I'm sure you DIDN'T mean to sound that way. Pointing out blatantly obvious things to me like I'm a new to the game nubbin is kinda like rubbing a cat's fur in the wrong direction. *shrug*


Sure, I could contact people the old fashioned way (and yes, I know how to do it, thank you for telling me it's via the PM system...) but doesn't that make the whole reason for the Buff Marketplace kind of ridiculous?


My issue wasn't with "instant service". The issue lies with the getting buffed ONCE but paying TWICE.



if this is making profit for buffers without even having to cast one buff, something is wrong.. 



#840915 Game Update v2.39

Posted by WarQueen on 15 January 2014 - 13:55

Are you sure that was not lvl 170x175 kind of thing?

The buff on me was 175 and I'm sure the other was the same but even if it wasn't, it wouldn't have been cast (if lower or equal level) and should not have taken gold away for payment.


From the bottom of the Buff Market page:


"If you have a skill of equal or higher level active when the buff package is accepted, it will skip that buff and other buffs in the package will be applied and the full cost of the package will be transferred. The onus is on the requester to ensure the relevant buffs in package can be cast on them."


Translation: If you make more than one request for the same buff(s), and all sellers accept, you will automatically pay each seller you requested from. So, only ask one seller at a time if there are buffs that overlap in their packages. Requests not accepted within 10 minutes automatically expire.


cyrus... I'm sure you don't mean to but that came across as really condescending...


I asked 2 buffers because 1 appeared to have gone AFK. So I asked a second buffer. The first buffer came back shortly after the second buffer buffed me.


And there was only ONE buff in the buff pack.


I don't have time to wait up to 10 minutes for buffs. You know how many creatures I can kill in 10 minutes? Or how many hits I can do on a hot bounty?


This new system isn't really any more efficient than the old way of asking for buffs. We still have to wait, wait, and wait for buffers to buff or not buff. The only difference is that payment is AUTOMATIC... more than once apparently...

#838508 Legendary Event. Dragon Attack 2!

Posted by WarQueen on 08 January 2014 - 14:27

Yeah... the use found for most of them is to fragment them for composing potions...

#835024 Christmas Exchange

Posted by WarQueen on 27 December 2013 - 03:59

Can't wait to see all the pieces done. Hope Roan does post them here!



#832813 The Painted Blade -- Graphics by CQ

Posted by WarQueen on 19 December 2013 - 18:51

Limited Time Shop -- Speed depends on RL work and school schedules. -- Graphics completed within 2-7 days.




♥ Render/Stock (no themes at this time)

♥ Text

♥ Specify Avatar or Signature

♥ Additional Info (optional)




♥ Avatars = 3-5 fsp

♥ Signatures = 5-8 fsp

♥ Subscriber Graphics = 250 fsp (get 2 avatars/signatures per week for 1 year)



~Example Avatars~

WylLib_zpsc8a9aac7.png   SlntScream_zps77057640.png  Elokin_zps5ec6c041.png


Hic242_zps093453c9.png  Dusty_zps45307d95.png  MrScary1_zps8db26b35.png


Roan_zps21103d05.png  S1l3ntD34D_zpsedee46ff.png  Wiivja_zps861dabe9.png


Archie1531_zpsa315f180.png  Dom_zps991d7db8.png  KayeshaAvycopy.jpg


SkitzoPony2copy-1.jpg  theggold.jpg  BeastBoy-1.jpg



~Example Signatures~

















#826160 2013 Grand Graphics Tournament Round 5 Theme

Posted by WarQueen on 06 December 2013 - 14:15

I'll take the Photomanipulation suggestion under consideration.
Love the examples you shared, Chagryn :)

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