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#1 MrMiss


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Posted 24 January 2019 - 15:20

I played eldevin for quite some time but grow frustrated with the lack of content and wondering if its because eldevin isn't making enough money to pay for dev work. Alot of mmorpgs now a days are sandbox style allowing their players and community to create content for other players to play. 


With this said I thought why dont the devs release the sprite packs and tools to the community needed to create and submit content (opens the door to community created content events) , holding contests for best created content rewarding ep or 1-3 month sub to the winner in return for allowing devs to impliment that content. Relieves the stress off devs backs but also helps keep a steady injection of new content.


We have a level 50 dungeon which no one can enter because the lvl cap is 49 , raising the level cap 1 lvl allowing that dungeon to be accessed shouldnt be to time consuming and should be a quick little fix which opens up new content and posibilities. The community needs to see new content , I log in and surprised to see max level players still playing when they got nothing to do other then help new players. The community is doing what it can to help others and we need something from hauntedcow and the devs of eldevin.. anything... 1 lvl increase although it might seem small would make a HUGE difference in the eyes of the community.


I hope this is read and concidered , I can be contacted ingame on "W1nt3r" or on discord (request). I genuinly want to see this game grow and become as populated as it was during beta testing , something happend along the way between closed beta and release and i believe if we can figure it out it would be the foundation for a new start and a revival.

#2 HappyDays



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Posted 27 January 2019 - 13:47

We have plenty of content, let's be happy with what is in the game currently. just keep replaying it. 

#3 ZombieFreak



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Posted 18 February 2019 - 13:36

level 50 isnt created, Personally i play army men strike on my cell phone. an trust me they make way more off of there new game. :'(

they do this for money.... you have to wait your turn :/

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#4 Amaruk DeRiften

Amaruk DeRiften

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Posted 05 April 2019 - 01:23

Yeah, rn I subscribe ingame to support the devs, but I think a Patreon would help, plus it'd have the advantage of being public so the players can truly see just how much (or how little) is going into the game, and motivate them also to support the game more
Heck, I see plenty of new players everyday and they all say they love the game but from what I hear, the endgame isn't nearly as good and well paced as the early game, and most players just end up getting bored and quitting once they've reached max level and run outta things to do
And that sucks 'cause you can cleary see the devs love the game and poured their soul into it, but it's their career, and just not viable to keep working on it if it doesn't allow 'em to make a living, which is why they focus on their other projects which, since they aren't MMOs, cost virtually nothing to maintain

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