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22 February 2021 - 08:54

Some people like the entropy too..



I like fast pace and slow pace..



The technical speed.. which could be slow or fast..

In Topic: This game was so fun

22 February 2021 - 08:51

It's not that it's cheap or not cheap.. in Guild Wars 2 it's free.. but you still have to do it..



It's more annoying etc.. I'd just prefer a more classic style..



I don't mind things as revenue stream for the game.. I just don't like things that what I find annoying..



In Albion Online they kinda go overboard with how much it costs to repair.. I don't mind that.. the company has to make money.. it's just the annoyance.. that if it were up to me.. I'd remove it etc..

In Topic: Hello

21 February 2021 - 17:16

Have you ever wondered why the game isn't popular?



Maybe make some changes.. on both sides of the entropy.. get rid of repairing.. deaths door.. and add auto attack etc..



On the other end of the scale I suppose you could increase the max level to 60 or something.. but not by too much though.. the lack of community makes the game boring as it is..

In Topic: This game was so fun

25 January 2021 - 16:42

I really liked RuneScape Classic and all that so I know what you mean.. Old School RuneScape changed a little but it didn't ruin the game completely.. RuneScape 3 changed so much that if I wanted to play a game with better graphics I'd just play a WOW clone or Guild Wars or something..


So I come back to Eldevin every now and then..


TBH in terms of the click and point games.. there's not much to choose from.. there's Albion Online.. Eldevin and Guild Wars 1.. and maybe something like Old School RuneScape.. the ones that are any good anyway.. there are some worse ones out there..


This is just a suggestion.. I know "repairing items" is a thing in modern gaming nowadays.. but if you removed a couple of things like repairing armor & weapons and the curse of death.. which is just annoying.. you could get some new players..


I've been kinda waiting for RuneScape Remastered.. but no luck there.. and I've been playing Albion Online a lot of the time..

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