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In Topic: PvP Seasons & Bounty Board - Poll Results

13 August 2015 - 14:11

Miss you already.

Well I am logging in to get rid of gear and perhaps when what feels like a milestone is gone, I'll get a wild hair - who knows :)


Thanks a bunch Belaric -- miss chatting with you and well many of FS -- really a lot of tremendously bright and fun people in this game, though many are gone now too.

In Topic: PvP Seasons & Bounty Board - Poll Results

13 August 2015 - 04:20

What would get you to play again?


I've done a few recent  events, but  I've moved on and have my interest elsewhere now.

In Topic: PvP Seasons & Bounty Board - Poll Results

13 August 2015 - 01:26

I'm not actively playing, so I'll say it, my opinion doesn't count and I can truly say how the Season PvP system evolved, I was fine with it.


What I did not understand with the poll was why not separate the PvP and Bounty system, as some folks had issues with just the BB - or at least that was what I was seeing.


Also I have to agree with Cyrus on the point he makes on page 2 about the 547 "Don't Mind" votes.  Don't mind is, by my interpretation: 'doesn't bother me, I'm not doing it, have at it'.

I know it takes time, but perhaps refining the poll and breaking down components would be valueable?  Perhaps don't have Yes - No votes, maybe have "N/A",  and a scale of how much people like or dislike each component.  I know you're not scraping the whole concept Hoof, but you're only bringing it back for short stints here and there.  

Scale: 1 = Worst thing ever; 2 = not my cup of tea; 3 = meh, I may play, I may not; 4 = Cool but I'd like some tweaks; 5 = YeeHaw Love It!

Just a thought.  I just felt the poll was a bit too simplistic.

In Topic: Double XP Event Extended!

23 December 2014 - 14:53

Thanks for holding the Double XP event.   I'm quite happy it was extended, as this worked out great with my schedule and I got more levels than I anticipated.  I just finished my hunt a short time ago.



Peace & Joy to all the HCS Staff along with appreciation!



As Always, Kath

In Topic: Update v2.60

28 November 2014 - 22:17

PvP Tokens + Dom Medals:



Why punish everyone who took the time to play the ladder.  I earned mine - used a LOT of FSP buying gear, buffs, potions and took a lot of time online.  It was a fun battle.  Then my range changed and the next few ladders were filled with people who refuse to fight or they only gang fight and bounty, and that holds no interest and I get peevish if I show up for a fight and no one else does or they're too lazy or incompetent to do their own fighting.  But what some folks do on the ladder is not the point.

Players who have invested hours and FSP into the Ladder shouldn't be shafted and have the PvP tokens removed or become worthless, and their medals should remain.  Perhaps there should be a store where some exhange rate is possible - that would be fair and respectful of players who are also let's face it - customers.  Most serious ladder players buy dots.

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