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#944686 PvP Seasons & Bounty Board - Poll Results

Posted by BraveKath on 13 August 2015 - 01:26

I'm not actively playing, so I'll say it, my opinion doesn't count and I can truly say how the Season PvP system evolved, I was fine with it.


What I did not understand with the poll was why not separate the PvP and Bounty system, as some folks had issues with just the BB - or at least that was what I was seeing.


Also I have to agree with Cyrus on the point he makes on page 2 about the 547 "Don't Mind" votes.  Don't mind is, by my interpretation: 'doesn't bother me, I'm not doing it, have at it'.

I know it takes time, but perhaps refining the poll and breaking down components would be valueable?  Perhaps don't have Yes - No votes, maybe have "N/A",  and a scale of how much people like or dislike each component.  I know you're not scraping the whole concept Hoof, but you're only bringing it back for short stints here and there.  

Scale: 1 = Worst thing ever; 2 = not my cup of tea; 3 = meh, I may play, I may not; 4 = Cool but I'd like some tweaks; 5 = YeeHaw Love It!

Just a thought.  I just felt the poll was a bit too simplistic.

#905542 Update v2.60

Posted by BraveKath on 28 November 2014 - 10:07



Hopefully I've not skimmed over it, but I would like a means by which I can look at the composite /break down of a compose pot templates I have and now I don't have a means by which to see that except when the pot is completed.  


Sometimes I want to build a new one or re-do an old one slightly and I use my prior "recipes" to base that on.

If there's a way to see it in the new page set up, I apologize, as I'm just not seeing it.

While I do have this one request, I really think the new composing looks and functions great!


Thanks for your time and consideration, Kath :)

#891540 Pinata Frenzy II

Posted by BraveKath on 27 September 2014 - 09:55

Thanks Grim  :wub:  :D   I needed frags

#889972 Leveling... long time...

Posted by BraveKath on 17 September 2014 - 06:44

EOC - End of Content - getting there quickly or even at all (no wish to be there) is a path chosen by some.  Many of us appreciate the wandering road in between where PVP, Titan Hunting, GvG, Arena, Potion Making, SE Hunting, etc and did I mention PvP :) are enjoyed.  I actually envy you a bit as your level was such a fun PvP level when I was there.

Look around - enjoy the journey enjoying all the by-roads and then you'll truly find why so many of us are still around and why some of us, like myself, wandered away, but couldn't stay away.

I did not look, so pardon me, be sure you're in an active guild that has people more knowledgeable than yourself, and who are enjoying the game's many aspects.

No game is for everyone it's true, but there's a lot here and getting to end of content isn't the most interesting of them in my opinion.

#889325 NEW MEDAL : Garbage Collector ( poll included for fun)

Posted by BraveKath on 12 September 2014 - 10:22

Sounds like a fun Medal :)

#888720 Update v2.50

Posted by BraveKath on 08 September 2014 - 07:11

Well good to see Roadmap progress. :)

The buffing feature looks great, and stam usage and categories all very nice. I concur with the request of many that the list above of those buffs a person has would be much more effective if simply (or perhaps it's not simply) signified on the buffing list itself. .... If you would actually regularly buff people you would see what we mean.

I know it's terribly late in the process, but would you not consider a testing server where a few players can actually give you concrete feedback while you're in process prior to game wide implementation? When someone is widely distributed there will always be negative critics and there will oftentimes be things that even testers didn't catch, but it might make your jobs easier in the long run and not as frustrating ... I at least would be a tad frustrated, as I know you guys are working hard.

This is definitely progress.


#887900 SE Slaughter

Posted by BraveKath on 31 August 2014 - 10:10

Congratz Pardoux!!! :)

#887209 New Global Event Idea

Posted by BraveKath on 24 August 2014 - 05:16

This doesn't work for those of us who are not at EOC and are leveling in Composing. More events = more activity. If I don't want to participate in an event; for example, cave events -- I have no luck in the caves, thus I don't participate. No skin off my nose.

To me this is the every little Johnny & Janie has to have a gift when they go to a birthday party nowadays mentality.

I don't want to chose between Frags and Epic potions and get less of both. I'd rather use more stam and get more of both.

#887206 Guild Quests!

Posted by BraveKath on 24 August 2014 - 05:02

Some great ideas here! I really like the idea of Guild Quests. There's so much gear in the game, I'd almost rather we got a Stam Pack with it or something of that nature instead of more gear. Also with gear not everyone will be able to use it, as you're either too low, too high whatever.

Depending upon the idea then scaling to guild size would be good, though an idea like Bloody's wouldn't require that.

It might be interesting to see if the quest could not be level dependent, thus you don't necessarily need an EOC player to complete it, but I like the idea of finding items and maybe riddles or puzzles you have to sort out.

#887204 About relics

Posted by BraveKath on 24 August 2014 - 04:53

The Highwaymen have not participated in the free Relic Medals since they came out. I'm glad to say that it was unanimous amongst the guild. We're silly and bogged down in ethics and pride of accomplishment and all that silly stuff, but we like it.

A medal for re-taking - sounds good and fair - great idea Penny!

If implemented, will it be manipulated? Yes, just grab your popcorn and we know exactly where to look too; however, that doesn't mean it's not a good medal. It only means that some folks will know they worked for it and some could care less - the manipulation is the game for them.

#887203 AH IS DYING!!!!!!!!

Posted by BraveKath on 24 August 2014 - 04:44

There are too many new updates that have ultimately hit the AH big. The arena for example is causing a fluctuation price on all invented goods at an all time low.

Market prices in FS are the same as they are in your neighborhood and globally - it's all about supply & demand. It has little do to with updates directly, except when we go for long periods of time without them then we lose players (AKA Demand)

High # of active Players = High Demand ... plain, simple -- and accurate. This is the basis of economics forever and always across all realms of real and game life.

Many guilds have an overabundance of gear, much of which we paid premium prices for and now torn between getting gold or maybe 1 FSP or just fraggin it.

Sorry, but your perception of the issues is off in my opinion.

#886916 Darksun Reborn!

Posted by BraveKath on 22 August 2014 - 07:32

the upgrade is great! Thank you :)

#885825 Stamina Pack

Posted by BraveKath on 16 August 2014 - 06:54

ops sorry sir biggrin.png

Speaking up on Cyrus' behalf, though she doesn't need it .... Please pay attention -- she isa "She", thus Sir isn't cool ...

Karina, your pronoun use like your wanting stuff handed to you is all out of whack.

Epics are NOT expensive, not like they were and it costs very little to get out there and hunt a titan yourself.

As previously pointed out, there's already a method of buying stam and you can buy as much as you like. If you want it discounted, then buy FSP when HCS is running a special, as the extra FSP you get means you get to buy more stam, so there's your discount.

#885823 change gvg

Posted by BraveKath on 16 August 2014 - 06:43

*shakes head* This is less about skill than people are bored and can only figure out one thing to do in the game GvG till you want to gouge out your eyes from sheer boredom. I've done more than my fair share of 100 hit solo GvG's - no thank you, and what you're proposing is that only worse. That's no longer skill.

I don't agree the current system is inefficient. Anyway, I don't want to go through point by point, as sorry just not liking the ideas you've got here. No offense.

It's good though to brain storm. Please look through the Forums, there's been a lot of discussion about improvements to GvG, with solid idea that keep it a game of skill not just perseverence. HCS does have GvG on their agenda -- you may want to read the Roadmap as well.

#884689 Peculiar Issue

Posted by BraveKath on 11 August 2014 - 06:11

Check your computer, it may have fallen in with a bad crowd.

"Psychedelic man"

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