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Roleplay Characters

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#81 rebtex



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Posted 14 July 2011 - 21:50

I remember kitteh. Good times lol I think rebtex might remember too.

Oh yeah, I remember. He/she hated me the most. I was the first person he/she ever put on his/her enemies list. I am quite proud of that. It sounds weird, but I almost miss reading through his/her stupid suggestions and bashing them.


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Posted 16 July 2011 - 21:21

Real Name: Natalie E. G. H….
Toon Name: NatalieEGH also called Talia, Talie, or Nat (real imaginative huh?)
Race: Ellyllon

Age: 224

Nat is heavier than most ellyllon. You can still see signs of strength in her arms and smaller ones seem to take delight in climbing around on her, this includes hanging from her outstretched arm and dropping to the ground. She is 5' 6" in height. She normally is seen around the castle and town in a stained deerskin dress. It is known that though she normally shows no signs of wealth or standing, that she has at least some resources. At formal occasions when her presence is required due to her status as part of the council, she is seen wearing a dark green velvet dress embroidered with golden dragons and peacocks, as well as a necklace of azure.

Combat Style:
She prefers to take enemies down with ranged attacks like the bow but if forced into melee is still dangerous using her natural agility to avoid being hit, waiting for the right opening and finally attacking. She is not above assassination using a quick dirk if she can get close enough and the target is distracted.

Nat knows little of her childhood.

She remembers running through the streets and stealing bread and other food from the merchants. The little gang that she was in was very adept but as members were slowly caught and hung she began to question the wisdom of that profession.
As puberty achieved its full bloom, she discovered other ways to make a living that had less risk and paid much more. She became very adept over about 100 years, but as the town prospered it also drew unwanted attention. Eventually the town was attacked and virtually all citizens put to the sword. Only due to convenient tunnels from the several taverns to her house of employment was she and several co workers and customers able to survive. After 3 days the sounds of looting and destruction finally ended and she and the others left. Going over the bodies and through the houses and stores, she finally found a sword, 231 gold pieces, and an azure necklace.
As many of the people had been her friends she started after the bandits. Eventually passing through an area she was noticed by a local noble Churchten who offered her sanctuary. Her travels had toughened her but also left her malnourished. She accepted his offer and stayed for several months during which she received combat training. She then left to continue her search for those that attacked her town.
It took her 6 years but finally she found them and using her various skills managed to get the chieftain alone. While his attentions were on other matters, she removed a hidden dagger from a boot and stabbed him. The guards though they heard the sounds of almost a shout/scream ignored it. After another 15 minutes during which she made sure there was no blood evident on her clothing, she went to the door, and asked the guard for some wine. Leering and chuckling the guard stepped to the corner to call for wine. During that time, Nat left by the other direction. She was almost to the gates when the first shouts of alarm arose and easily through before they were close.
Nat then returned to the kingdom to discover a civil war had taken place. All of her friends had moved on and resettled. Skor, one of the knights she had helped train was now a noble, Churchten, her former lord was now a knight. After repeated pleas for her to join them Nat left the kingdom for what has become her new home.
Nat over the years rose in power and even during the absence of Skor temporarily acting as Queen.
Nat seems most happy with her simple duties as Mistress of the Golden Cockatrice Inn. There she works with three young girls Sassy, Phyllis, and Twyla and her 7 year old daughter Chandra. No one but Nat is sure who the father is but much speculation is that it was the royal wizard, Anders, as they seemed to have had an affair around the right time.

#83 Soulas


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Posted 20 May 2013 - 15:50

Name Roland

Real name Rolik

Toon name Soul

Age  26


Combat Style

Likes to smash and plunge all with hi's sword


Short biography:


Rolik2 lived good life with hi's parents

but goblins came and kill hi's parents in hi's eyes 

when he was 5 , then 21 elapsed he was ready to get revenge

and one day some strange old guy give'd him some help and he become a warrior thas promised him self that he will save all



#84 May the cat

May the cat

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Posted 23 June 2013 - 02:54

race: human/cat


name: may the cat


age: 21


weapon: Claws


bio: last of her kind and she drinks to forget about that thought she is traveler and goes  to meet bar  and tries to subduing men and steal there gold

#85 May the cat

May the cat

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Posted 23 June 2013 - 03:50

on bio i meant to put she goes to bar and try subduing men and steal the gold of men

#86 Raventrue


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Posted 25 July 2013 - 09:33

Raventrue or Rah-Vin-Tru of the Drow is the offspring of Khal-Ritzaull-Tru general of the Drow army. Raventrue's only purpose in life was to one day assume his fathers command and lead the Drow against the High Elves freeing his brethren from the the solitude of their underground home. While leading a small group of warriors Raventrue and his men were ambushed, surprisingly the ambush was lead by Khal-Ritzaull who ahd become envious of his sons destiny and sought to take the glory for himself. Knowing that the nature of the Drow was to weed out the weak or injured among their ranks Khal-Ritzaull cut out his sons left eye insuring that he would not return to their home. Raventrue maimed and homeless had no choice but to hide in the forests outside the cities and spend his nights stealing what he needed to survive. This was his life for many years until he was found by a young half-elf named Asuna. Asuna and Raventrue lived together in solitude for many years, bonded by the closed minded views of their kin that had rejected them, they found happiness together....alas it was short lived. Asuna fell ill and no matter how hard he tried or how far he searched Raventrue could not save his love. Overwhelmed with guilt he wandered the land without purpose and without care, he and his long sword Carne-Comedenti killed anyone who challenged them. After years of pain and anger Raventrue wanted nothing more than to die, after picking a losing battle with a group of human men he lay beneath an Iron wood tree and closed his eye for the last time....or so it would have been if not for hearing a voice he could not ignore, a strangers voice imbued with a powerful motherly tone, a voice that spoke words that changed his life forever and granted him a home and a purpose, words he will never forget. "Clean yourself up little Drow"  "I am Annima of The Shadow Warriors and much more is needed of you."

#87 Gilraen


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Posted 06 October 2013 - 17:21

Name: Gilraen

Race: Elf

Class: Water Mage


Gilraen, an elven mage of noble birth in their society had the perfect life, she was beautiful, she had a loving family, she was a student of the arts of magic at the Elven Magic University where she was the apprentice of the headmaster, he was amazed by her born talent for magic that he decided to take her as his apprentice in order to help her understand and control this raw power of hers. For her, just being near water relaxed her, empowered her, it was as if she was part of the element in perfect harmony. 

Time passed while she studied magic and learned to control abilities, she was now in the point of improving her powers.

One day there came a mysterious man at the university, a handsome man, that's what Gilraen thought when she saw him. The man was looking for the headmaster, he sought to lend his services as a professor at the university, the grandmaster tested him and decided that he is indeed worthy enough to teach his students.

To Gilraen's joy he was also a water mage, so she decided to practice her magic with him as well. As they practiced together, she grew more fond of him, eventually falling in love with her teacher (the headmaster was unaware of this). They started to meet in secret, her love for him growing stronger with each passing day, at times she thought that this attraction for him was uncontrollable, she felt as if she was being drawn to him.

More time passed and the headmaster started noticing changes in her behaviour and more important he noticed something peculiar about the new professor's magic, at a demonstration he noticed a slight darkness in his water elementals, at first he thought it was something related to the fatigue of summoning five water elementals at once, but with time the headmaster noticed that odd darkness more and more. He started to research this matter in the university's library and after a while he found out something disturbing, he looked for Gilraen to let her know of his discovery, but when he reached her room he saw a terrifying scene.

While the headmaster was conducting his research, the professor came to Gilraen in order to teach her a summoning ritual, she agreed and they started the ritual. This was no ordinary ritual, this one demanded blood, and she did not understand why it was so, he explained that it was a very powerful ritual that mana alone cannot support it. She agreed to continue, but she felt as if she didn't agree on her own, like something was forcing her to do that; when the professor was reading the enchantment for the ritual she fainted only to wake up in the middle of their summoning ritual, that's when she realized that his ritual was not made for summoning, she tried to move, but she couldn't, she was lying down on her back paralyzed. While she was struggling the fake professor revealed himself to be a corrupted mage (corrupted mages were fallen archmages, an archmage is a mage that can control all the elements and corrupted mages are the ones that sought to gain more power and instead fell under its control becoming chaotic beings that seek to corrupt others and bring about chaos, but their numbers are few and therefore they are forced into hiding) and he intended to corrupt her in order to increase their ranks, his choice was peculiar since she was only a water mage, but he wanted to use her natural attunement to the element of water in order to improve her powers and increase their ranks. While she lay there on the ground, she felt as if her sanity was slipping away and how that dark power was starting to take over her mind and body, struggling was all she could do to avoid the corruption, there was no way she would succumb to this without a fight, but fighting an invisible opponent that can reach into the very depths of your mind and soul is hard if not impossible to fight. The moment the headmaster entered her room was when she almost gave up her hope, his arrival was most fortuitous for he interrupted the ritual in its most critical period.

While she lay down powerless and exhausted from trying to remain herself, a fierce battle started between her master and the corrupted mage, the headmaster was old but proud, he knew he would not win a battle that would last too long against a young and experienced opponent so he decided to attack him all out, as the battle continued she watched from the ground as her master was being slowly defeated, but he showed no such signs, not in front of her so he continued his struggle (a battle between two powerful and experienced mages is truly a sight, the amount of power and destruction they have at their disposal is limitless, especially if both are archmages such as this particular situation). After a long fought battle, the headmaster gravely injured fell on his knees and his opponent injured as well was about to end this fight and kill the headmaster, but that's when something happened, Gilraen regained a part of herself and despite being weakened she stood up and a massive overflow of power came from her direction, she lost control of her powers and was destroying everything around. She concentrated all her might and attacked with the last of her strength the corrupted mage that did not have time to react and was obliterated in the wake of her rage.

After that she fell to the ground unconscious only to take up in the infirmary next to her headmaster, he smiled to her while holding his kind gentle hand on her face and said to her: "You are safe now my child!" She was never to be the same again, even though the ritual was not finished and she did not succumb to the corruption, she was forever marked by it both body and soul, her eyes had changed their colors from a beautiful shade of ocean blue to dark purple, her once golden blonde hair was now red as blood and there were other bodily changes that took place, her skin was now darker and her right had looked as if it was made of stony scales this appearance was on her right shoulder as well, she now had scars all over her body due to the premature end of the ritual.  

She was now a lost soul, she lost the purity of her element and in the same time not a fallen mage, she was the first and probably last of her kind.

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#88 Darkraize


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Posted 30 July 2015 - 04:15





age- 1005




stregnths-adept in all types of magic, incrediably smart


weaknesses-old, not physcally strong


athos was born in elibe and is the founder of pherae

he is very experienced in battle and is a dragonslayer, a being straight from legend

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Posted 24 July 2019 - 03:33

Name: Xerdes
Nickname: Xerdes the Usurper
Race: Human

Class: Dark Mage

Level: ??
Age: ??


Special Abilities






Attack: 29,428 – 29,516

Defense: 3,959 – 4,057

Armor: 166,640 – 166,712

Damage: 71,571 – 71,713

HP: 520,734 – 521,186



Piercing Strike: 80 – 100

Reinforced Armor: 20 – 40

Thievery: 20 – 30

Critical Hit: 40 – 80

Breaker: 15 – 20

Nullify: 60 – 80



After their fathers death Xerdeses younger brother Sadinus was appointed the king of Lacedonia. Rumour has it that their father could tell Xerdes would be a weak king and rather than let the kingdom fall into ruin he would break with tradition. Many of the people wanted to see Xerdes as king since it was he's birthright and hated change. Xerdes hated this also and tried to assassinate his brother but failed - Xerdes was exiled from the City of Lacedonia by hes brother King Sadinius for trying to seize the throne. From his exile in the Opyly Pass Xerdes has learned dark magic and has begun to build an army of mercenary and magical constructs which he intends to use in capturing Lacedon. Xerdes had many loyal Lacedonian supporters who were trying to help Xerdes gain power using underhand tactics and terroristm. Xerdes being a clever but vindictive tactitian took the Kings only daughter and hid her in the Daedus Labyrinth filled with guards, thick spider webs and giant spiders, Likely as insurance against any direct actions against him and as a plot to undermine the kings reputation. The kings right hand and military affairs advisor Dorem Kelshrin managed to rescue the princes with the help of a mercenary by defeating the giant minotaur "Knossotaur" Xerdes placed  in the labyrinth to guard over the captured daughter of Sadinius. After defeating the giant minotaur the Daedus Labyrinth turned colder as the heroes headed for the labyriths exit, they could hear an evil laugh echoing from the center of the labyrinth as they left - There were rumors that he was actually slain at the Opyly Pass before even the heroes arrived at the labyrinth but no one couldn't confirm it officially. To this day no one that's still alive knows if Xerdes was just a folks tale or a powerful force that will some day come to claim he's birthright.

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