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In Topic: Planned GvG Updates

15 March 2023 - 17:06

First of all, thank you for taking the time to consider breathing new life into gvg's.  This has been long overdue, and overall, these changes are a good start.  


  • The 1 hour notification is a great idea.  It'll allow for prep and participation, while still taking into account some quality of life for everyone involved, especially defending guilds. 
  • The tiered Guild Structure upgrade for gvg notifications is a fantastic idea.  Not only would  it be a gold sink, but it would allow the guild to choose if gvg's are a priority or not.  While maybe the guild never actually intends to hit back, the hour or two delay in getting hit may be enough of a deterrent for attacking guilds who just want to farm RP quickly. Maybe the only way to see if they chose this upgrade would be to check their guild upgrades before the gvg was initiated.  My only input would be to greatly raise the cost of this structure, as 1k gold/etc is very inexpensive.
  • The RP rewards need to be reworked in order to get more guilds interested in participating, but that's already been addressed.  
  • The 48 hour window is fine, 3 days is better, but increasing the level range is a much  bigger improvement overall.
  • Please consider a gvg ladder system, with a random reset, like the pvp ladder, with some sort of reward for the top participants.  Maybe a visible guild achievement for X amount of hours in first place and/or overall wins/etc.   This would be just as optional as completing any other guild achievement, but would be a nice source of pride for those that actually compete.

In Topic: Important News regarding the Update

31 March 2022 - 12:52


Avenger - Offense (Lvl 4000)

+0.03% per point boost to Damage when an opponent hits you (Max 5)


This "Max 5" comment, is that a max 5% boost or max 5 times activation during total combat rounds?

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