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#1009133 Planned GvG Updates

Posted by missshiv on 15 March 2023 - 17:06

First of all, thank you for taking the time to consider breathing new life into gvg's.  This has been long overdue, and overall, these changes are a good start.  


  • The 1 hour notification is a great idea.  It'll allow for prep and participation, while still taking into account some quality of life for everyone involved, especially defending guilds. 
  • The tiered Guild Structure upgrade for gvg notifications is a fantastic idea.  Not only would  it be a gold sink, but it would allow the guild to choose if gvg's are a priority or not.  While maybe the guild never actually intends to hit back, the hour or two delay in getting hit may be enough of a deterrent for attacking guilds who just want to farm RP quickly. Maybe the only way to see if they chose this upgrade would be to check their guild upgrades before the gvg was initiated.  My only input would be to greatly raise the cost of this structure, as 1k gold/etc is very inexpensive.
  • The RP rewards need to be reworked in order to get more guilds interested in participating, but that's already been addressed.  
  • The 48 hour window is fine, 3 days is better, but increasing the level range is a much  bigger improvement overall.
  • Please consider a gvg ladder system, with a random reset, like the pvp ladder, with some sort of reward for the top participants.  Maybe a visible guild achievement for X amount of hours in first place and/or overall wins/etc.   This would be just as optional as completing any other guild achievement, but would be a nice source of pride for those that actually compete.

#1007288 Important News regarding the Update

Posted by missshiv on 31 March 2022 - 12:52


Avenger - Offense (Lvl 4000)

+0.03% per point boost to Damage when an opponent hits you (Max 5)


This "Max 5" comment, is that a max 5% boost or max 5 times activation during total combat rounds?

#1006977 How about a GvG Honor covenant

Posted by missshiv on 21 February 2022 - 02:04

I understand how frustating it can be to log into a silent guild and get targeted by a gvg. I applaud anyone listed as a mentor, as there is a lot to learn in game, and gvg's are no exception.

However, players in gvg's already have uncalculated protections in their favor based on their level and amount of activity.  No one is getting pummeled for months on end while they are away. 

Being slammed with a GvG in the interim is not conducive to player retention...

Besides broken gear, there is no real risk in terms of xp or gold loss in gvgs to targets.   This is a point that could be best explained by a mentor.  The opt in system is for when real loss is at stake, not annoyances, like on the ladder.  With the system granting RP to any guild that finishes their hits, every guild gains something.  I fail to see how an honor system needs to even be considered for a next to no risk situation.  Gvg's need a revamp more in line with Ryebred's suggestions from years ago.

#1003266 Feedback and Suggestions

Posted by missshiv on 25 March 2021 - 18:15

Hi Arioche,


Thank you for taking time to create and regularly monitor this thread.  I know the community as a whole appreciates your willingness to listen to our suggestions.


- 2.d PvP  -- Please consider expanding the normal PvP range for regular hits, possibly to 25 or even 50 in higher ranges.  The average online player base sits comfortably around 300 daily, and with a level spread of nearly 5000 levels, the distribution of "active" players available for completion of Daily Quests is not even.  Too often the complaint is not "I have to hit the same person 9 times;" rather, it is "I have no targets."  Expanding this would increase activity within a larger span of players, as well as potentially adding interest to the bounty board.


- 4 Epics  -- The game is currently over-saturated with epics, with many selling for less than the cost of a handful of fsp.  As we've seen possible back in 2018 with the Writhing Ward, Steamwork Cuirass, and the Inferno Hammer, these items can be tiered and stats modified accordingly.  This would drive the demand for the less desirable epics up, as well as reinvigorate titan hunting and inventing, especially if inventing probabilities were adjusted as mentioned above.  As it stands right now, securing titans are no problem, but waiting for them to be finished off can take over a week due to general disinterest.


- 1.c Lack of Gear -- As mentioned in Count's above post, there is a significant shortfall of viable armor-based gear in certain ranges.  This leads to stagnation in pvp setups, where basically these ranges have textbook ideal pvp gear sets with little incentive to expand past a handful of sets.  The ideas put forth in order to create/invent new gear sound exciting, especially if they are able to incorporate multiple neglected aspects of the game (caves, specifically).   


- I'd also just like to plug Ryebred's gvg suggestion, as it is very thorough as still relatively viable years later.


Thank you again for your time, and I'm looking forward to what changes may come from this!

#1003015 Relic Lead Defender

Posted by missshiv on 24 February 2021 - 20:45

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the choice of offline gear a strategy in itself?  


It's a no from me.

#1002056 Fallen Sword Bug Fixes - Update v2.203.0

Posted by missshiv on 03 November 2020 - 17:22

Well aware of that post, thanks. Just pointing out the extra potential implication added to this oversight in this thread rather than that tired one.

#1002050 Fallen Sword Bug Fixes - Update v2.203.0

Posted by missshiv on 03 November 2020 - 16:31

So in theory, someone can join the ladder, do their daily dq hits, buy pvp protection and automatically opt out, thus avoiding the possiblity of a bounty?

This is counterproductive. Please reverse or modify this section of the update.

#1001251 Can we revisit smasher ticks for normal pvp

Posted by missshiv on 17 August 2020 - 16:36

This game has always been a pvp game from Day 1. No amount of crying over the years has changed that.

What magic win button are you looking for in pvp (and elsewhere) that doesn't involve risk, trial, and error? Your comment about 2 ladder players driving away the third is ridiculous, as rewards are given to finishes other than first place. You aren't forced into the ladder by default, so no playing the victim here.

If you're not a fan of pvp, there are many outlets to protect yourself, but they will not and should not be free. With risk comes reward though, and the people playing the ladder you're so adamently against see their work rewarded every reset. Don't belittle their accomplishments by expecting them to go easy on you out of pity. Try engaging them, and you'd find they're a helpful, talkative bunch.

And if you don't like engaging in a friendly bit of combat, there's plenty of other online games for you to explore, like solitaire.

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