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Whats Your Stats setting?

20 July 2022 - 16:19

Well i start this topic to see whats are your stat settings i begin :)

Im a warrior and i put 2 on Vitality 2 on melee and 2 on focus

i don't have a lot of attack power or Melee DPS but i want to be balanced, if i can i want to reach the 50% of crit chance


i prefer solo play for now but i can't keep two or three Burning imps so i cant enter in the cave alone, do you advice me to chenge to knight? meybe with a 4 Vitality 2 Melee stat distribution?

WTB Infernal Horse

10 July 2022 - 15:17

Hi im here to buy an Infernal Horse, i don't know the value of that horse but im currently accepting offer :) 


Thanks you 



General Suggestion

08 July 2022 - 14:31

Hi all, i played during the beta test and during the initial release but now im returned and now i have some general suggestion.

I know that the game is in stand by becouse the HCS don't want to update it.


My suggestions are:


1) Make a pet sistem, for ex you find an egg you feed it and it can grow and when it opens you can have your own pet (a little demon for ex). You can olso feed the pet make it grows and eventually make it evolve and It can help you in fights 

2) Make a guild hall (a castle or a big room) with some structure to build that could grow in level and give powefull (active and passive) ability 

3) Make the housing system in a map where you can rest or you can farm your crops for ex 

4) Make an AOE darkness melee skill i sow there is "bane" that is not propriarly an AOE skill so ypou can update now skill with new level


This is for me what the game need for make return and be here the old and new players. if yiu have another suggestion write them down here  :)



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