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In Topic: Pvp ladders

20 April 2023 - 05:26


Yeah, your perception of things does not really change the reality of things.


Doing the wrong thing, just because you can, does not make it right, and in this game once resulted in a ban... or at the very least the attention of the developers.

In Topic: Pvp ladders

17 April 2023 - 06:37

If I'm not mistaken, this exact issue was brought up back in 2010-2012 and Hoof himself made a change to the ladders so you have to make an attack for ticks to count towards any medal you get from the ladder because people were in a ladder bracket with nobody else at all or had people not attacking while on the ladder and were earning those ticks towards a medal or medals without doing anything at all. And yes, people did complain about other people earning those free ticks towards any medal you get on the ladder, which is why it was changed.

So unless this rule was changed between that time and now, sitting on a ladder all by yourself and earning any type of medal shouldn't be allowed.

Ah yes, I recall that as well. Even says so in the description of how the ladder works (for those who care to read that is);

"Note that only players who have either attacked or defended will be included in the ladder."

As much as the thread has been derailed from the get go this is not about WHO is doing what (although there is something about knowingly "abusing/using" in the TOS), it is only about WHO is not making the system work as intended, and described - oh, and also not responding nor reacting to stuff like this; HCS.

There should be NO medal ticks, nor tokens earned - if you do not attack nor defend. Simple. Now go fix it!

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