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#1009261 Pvp ladders

Posted by KitiaraLi on 17 April 2023 - 06:37

If I'm not mistaken, this exact issue was brought up back in 2010-2012 and Hoof himself made a change to the ladders so you have to make an attack for ticks to count towards any medal you get from the ladder because people were in a ladder bracket with nobody else at all or had people not attacking while on the ladder and were earning those ticks towards a medal or medals without doing anything at all. And yes, people did complain about other people earning those free ticks towards any medal you get on the ladder, which is why it was changed.

So unless this rule was changed between that time and now, sitting on a ladder all by yourself and earning any type of medal shouldn't be allowed.

Ah yes, I recall that as well. Even says so in the description of how the ladder works (for those who care to read that is);

"Note that only players who have either attacked or defended will be included in the ladder."

As much as the thread has been derailed from the get go this is not about WHO is doing what (although there is something about knowingly "abusing/using" in the TOS), it is only about WHO is not making the system work as intended, and described - oh, and also not responding nor reacting to stuff like this; HCS.

There should be NO medal ticks, nor tokens earned - if you do not attack nor defend. Simple. Now go fix it!

#1005134 Proposed Loyalty Update.

Posted by KitiaraLi on 10 September 2021 - 03:59

Not even sure it matters to speak up anymore. Seems the recent changes and now "suggestions" brought to the game by the new and cool kids at HCS, are so far away from what this game seemed to be, that I am not even sure y'all know the game you're managing anymore. At least to me anyways.


If you actually do think our opinions matter, here be mine; Please do not introduce ANY pots with higher version of buffs, than we already have. Not for any sort of tokens, gold, donations, or in any other way shape or form.

As it is, the game has become way too easy and is no longer a matter of knowledge and/or skill, but a soulless "who can spend most to "succeed"".

You should have started a "here are which existing potions we're planning to nerf" thread instead. 



I could do a rant about most of those liking the suggested changes the most, also being some of the players who have spend the most money on it as it is (aka creditcard warriors) and also being those most voiced for game breaking changes in the past, simply because it benefits their "style of play" the most.... but I prolly shouldn't. Just.. stop breaking this game, please.

#1004964 Is FS Down?

Posted by KitiaraLi on 30 August 2021 - 03:43

Yeah, guild chat is not showing here any more - just a white page. The rest seems to work though (on Chrome).

#1004625 [PvP] Feedback & Suggestions

Posted by KitiaraLi on 27 July 2021 - 04:48

<snip> this may negatively impact the game for those who do not pvp. <snip>


We also wish to protect players that do not partake in it.


Thank you!


~ Fallen Sword Team

 That is a very strange look on the game. Let me paste you some other ways to look at it (from the old forum, so the quote tags prolly doesn't work as intended).


You won't get banned for PvP - it's part of the game. (Hoofmaster)


Remember, this is a PvP game. (BigGrim)


We have already changed PvP and restrictions on attacking, if you do not wish to be attacked then there is the ability to opt out via your upgrade screen. (xakano)


The thought, at least up until til now, has never been for players to have a way out of PvP. There are instalments in game for players 'emselves and their xp, and that should be more than enough. Heck, you have even separated the logs/msg system, so they can avoid seeing in their logs if they have been hit, or not.

This game used to be huge, filled with a massive player base, who all partook in the game - and the forum. I am not saying it is the only reason, or heck, it might not even be a reason - but the more PvP has been shot to pieces, to appease those most vocal (and with the liveliest credit cards?) - the more the decline of the game (the more have left the game).


I got my first dominance medal back when you could get bashed around by anyone, at any level. That, was fun. Joining a ladder, where most only reside to earn a few tokens and lose some more xp, so their next hunt may be a little notch longer - is plain dull.


Oh, and I totally got of mark. My point is actually pretty simple: Stop acting like you're afraid we're all a bunch of babies, that will cry and whine if "the eeeeeevil" part of the game somehow manages to find its way to us, and start making the game more playable - by for instance increasing the PvP range.

Don't need no fancy pancy system, just make it +/- 100 level for all (except for new comers, let them keep their cushion).

There. Sorted. Can we move on to something that might actually need discussing now? 

#1002640 Towers => Orbs

Posted by KitiaraLi on 26 December 2020 - 05:59

First of all, I'm in no way speaking for myself.  Second of all, these last 2 statements reinforce my position.  This idea as it stands reeks of separatism.  It says, get to EoC and be in a TOP tier guild or just don't play the game.   I'm not talking about myself, never was, I could care less.... 



Who are you speaking for then? Who are those, who cannot speak for themselves? I want names, not just another "there are others" or the even more famous "we are many". Also, can I see the signed contracts for all those you are spokesperson for? I mean, giving away rights to speak on ones behalf, sharing opinions, making statements in public and such - I would personally require a few words in writing before letting that happen.


As for the separation angst, no need. Should this get implemented in some shape or form, we will still be here. We will just have something more to do. Oh, and you could find somewhere to stay, where there are others around you (aka anyone is free to join a bigger guild.. or forming a big guild 'emselves).


For the rest of your post... well... sure ... you can feel that way if you want. A bit much for me personally, but hey, it is 2020 and you are a strong and independent woman, and can pull the mom-blame/martyrdom card anytime you want to! 

#1002606 Towers => Orbs

Posted by KitiaraLi on 25 December 2020 - 06:20

I am pretty sure the reason we have guilds in the game, is to play the game together with others. Also, it is supposed to make us accomplish things, we cannot accomplish on our own.
It also has the benefit that some of us stay in the game - not so much for the game, but for the ppl in it.


I fail to see, how having something serious you can do in/with a newly formed guild, can drive someone away from the game? If you do not know how to, or care enough to plan out how to obtain a goal - then you will most likely never be very succesful in a game.

More simply put; If you can't be ar**d to put in some effort, maybe you should not play? I can tell you, that if you don't get of the very comfy bar-chairs in TED and partake/provide, you will soon enough find yourself standing outside the bar.


Oh, and of course in some guilds you can play sitting in a bar-chair all day long - just don't complain about others getting ahead, and collect more shiny stuff than you have.


If you want to have access to the same stuff and trinkets the EOC players do, well.. get to EOC.


If you think only EOC players are able to perform/collect/gain/buy/win/whatever the looooong list of different things needed in the OP, I would suggest you have been playing the game wrong.

#1002442 Towers => Orbs

Posted by KitiaraLi on 14 December 2020 - 05:15

Loving anything (well, almost anything) that boosts the game, but this just seems (from the example cited above) to be a way for those guilds holding a gazillion worthless epics to turn them into something much better.

I am not sure how many unused epics are around in the guilds, but to get either +1 Stam gain or +1k Max Stam or -1 sec Teleport Cooldown or +1% GXP or +1% XP a guild would need to buy the Tower for 100 fsp (cheap), and use the following items;

1 x The Hunted Cows Warhammer
1 x The Hunted Cows Amulet
1 x The Hunted Cows Helm
1 x Steamforged Gorgeanaka Cuirass
1 x Chodrcane Gloves
1 x Perchtas Grasp
1 x Perchtas Rune
1 x Ridged Plate Cuirass
1 x Shadow Weave Gloves
1 x Vine Tendril Gauntlets
1 x Bag of 100 PvP Ladder Tokens  (new)
1 x Bag of 1000 Arena Tokens (new)
1 x Inferno Hammer (Tier 5)
1 x Steamwork Cuirass (Tier 5)
1 x Writhing Ward (Tier 5)
3 x Deepwater Choker
3 x Death Ring of Lestus
3 x Ogaliths Fiery Grasp
3 x Arcing Sabatons of Cyclonus
3 x Feather Amulet of Kantec
3 x Skaldirs Frostbitten Steps
3 x Venoxa Tox Gland
3 x Wazargs Siege Helm
3 x Tith Ausos Shield
3 x Fuvayus Vortex Stone
3 x Echiphons Scale Gauntlets
3 x Gorgeanaka Skin Shoes
3 x Pyramid Amulet of King Sothad 
3 x Rune of Boteroth
3 x Mace of the Colossus
3 x Tsukiyaomos Benighted Helm
3 x Krakaradon Tooth Harpoon
3 x Helm of Kojin
3 x The Mask of Terror
3 x Choker of Time
3 x Roach Rune of Epidemicus
3 x Kraganaths Krushing Helm
3 x Dragon Draped Breastplate
3 x Elemental Shield Blank

That, is alotta epics down the drain, and I am not sure if I personally find the reward worth the effort - but, it could benefit almost all aspects of the game, since prices for epics would go up (might get more to hunt titans, invent, GvG, etc etc).

Unsure how to get SE/LE items involved, but maybe each recipe could require X (thousands) amount of SE/LE frags? Just to keep it simple.

I agree this idea does not seem to be for everyone - but I have no clue as to why some think, that everything should be available for everyone from day one. Some stuff, you need to work for.

#1001358 Can we revisit smasher ticks for normal pvp

Posted by KitiaraLi on 26 August 2020 - 04:12




--On the ladder if you leave via pvp protection then all smasher and dominance ticks be null and void for that ladder session.



--On the ladder if you leave via pvp protection then all smasher and dominance ticks be null and void for that ladder session, and all (if any) attacks performed b4 paying to try and avoid consequences, should be available for bounties.

#1000835 relic capture

Posted by KitiaraLi on 07 July 2020 - 04:24

<snip> just dont make it personal 


I sorta think it is way too late for that. Seems to me, it became very personal for you, the day you applied to join this guild, and got rejected. 


As to the OP, I'll have to do as Penny and ask why you ask about something you already know? What is the purpose with this thread?

#1000528 Creatures no re-spawn back on map after they have being cleared.

Posted by KitiaraLi on 05 June 2020 - 12:09

Also, give Hoof a hug  :wub:  His presence is missed

#1000065 New Content! 4,401 - 4,450!

Posted by KitiaraLi on 27 March 2020 - 05:22

I wonder where the Champs are...


My channels inform me there be champs here;  4404, 4415, 4429 and 4442

#999237 Lag Update.

Posted by KitiaraLi on 12 November 2019 - 06:17

Oi BG, Hoof or which moo-moo may read this; Did you girls n guys drop Cloudflare?  

#999191 Lag Update.

Posted by KitiaraLi on 09 November 2019 - 13:32

Just pointing out the obvious; The lag is still there - and it is getting worse

#998269 relic capture medal

Posted by KitiaraLi on 26 July 2019 - 04:53

As part of leadership in several of the more "hourly hits seems to fit our style" kinda guilds, I can still recall having to deal with numerous reports from players who wanted to annoy via relic capture, but who could not stomach the consequences in how we responded. 

I recall in particular one specific game admin, whom single handed drove a bunch of very active ppl outta the game, just because of her own disliking of PvP - and hence altering the rules to punish those who were good at just that.

At that time it ended up in a collective stance from the more dominating PvP oriented guilds, forcing a ruling from Hoof.... and BG as well. I still have several of their messages stocked away, just in case a new game admin should lose their grip over what this game is actually build around.


Just a few of those, maybe to remind someone?


You won't get banned for PvP - it's part of the game.
If you send messages to your opponent however, please be sure they are not offensive.


Hitting Every hour is not Harassment, it is harassment if you are sent nasty messages along side the attacks by that person. If this happens please report the messages so support can deal with them appropriately.


Remember, this is a PvP game.


I'll have a meeting with the team on Monday to ensure everyone is on the same page with regard to when to issue suspensions etc.

I am unsure why this thread changed into this talk, seeing as it started being something about a medal - just figured I'd add a little oldtimer knowledge to it  :rolleyes:

#997734 New Content. 4051 to 4200!

Posted by KitiaraLi on 13 July 2019 - 05:01

Anyone gonna be nice and post the CHAMP levels ? (other than the ones above, naturally)

I'll be your huckleberry ; 4058, 4064, 4083, 4090, 4102, 4115, 4118, 4128, 4142, 4055, 4171, 4177, 4189, 4197

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