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Realm chest update ideas

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#1 drdoom123



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Posted 14 March 2024 - 12:54

This forum post is to discuss ideas for Realm Chest updates please post any ideas you may have below.

My idea for a Chest update is to add a new type of chest that contain epic fragments which you could use to make epics at different level ranges an epic would consist of using 1-3 fragments (depending on level and how powerful the epic would be) paired with either other chest items to incentivise chest hunting or even super elite items that don’t get used on other epics to incentivise SE Hunting.

My second idea is pretty simple, potions for example ones you don’t see like Titan immobiliser you could even add high level potions in these chests as they will be very scarce so it won’t be game breaking.

Please give feedback and/or ideas below!




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#2 shindrak



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Posted 14 March 2024 - 13:32

Event chests:


Current stamina rewards 50-100 per chest


Loyalty tokens 50-100 per chest

#3 StarCraft



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Posted 14 March 2024 - 14:59

Stamina gain in chests. +X stamina gain for x amount of hours.


Perhaps we can see something like +1 - +2 stamina gain for 6 hours from the chest. We can play around with the numbers and how it is delivered (potion, unleechable buff, etc.).


Another idea: 1 free DQ reroll for that day


Would love to see multiple ideas being incorporated like what doom and shindrak have said above


#4 Subject



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Posted 14 March 2024 - 18:34

How about a new potion In the chest with a skill that lets you take Double or Triple the amount of EXP from another Player ( PvP ). And Negates PvP protection while duration of the potion is running ( 30 min Pot ) with all the add ons to extend the pot would only let you hit a person hiding behind PvP protection 1 or maybe 2 swats ;).. and would be great for Bounty board hunting :))

#5 Lsrpm



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Posted 15 March 2024 - 03:34

I would love to see some type of global buff/effect from the chest. Something else that unites the FS community TOGETHER.


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