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04 October 2019 - 19:03


So, to answer your questions as best I can:
1. Fallen Sword technically has four coders, two of which are dedicated to the development of the app (JustConix & Kamikazer). Hoofmaster and Moltenkore work on multiple projects (and are kept very busy as a result). Hoof is almost always making behind-the-scenes tweaks, most of which lately have been to facilitate functions of the app.
BigGrim works support, and handles content generation/admin whilst a variety of artists (myself among them) contribute to making things look shiny.
2. The game is updated as often as possible, which is not to say that it is updated as often as we would like.Getting Fallen Sword to cooperate with the App has not been a smooth ride but we're making good progress. Unfortunately that progress has also lead to the game misbehaving in ways we couldn't anticipate, and it's easy to break stuff, not quite so much to fix it afterwards.
3. We're using a Trello Board to plot our roadmap but it's focusing on the App development at present. Once the app is up, running and polished, our efforts can return to Fallen Sword in general.
We're focusing on the app at the moment, as Hoof has mentioned, but the app is nothing without Fallen Sword so rest assured it's not abandoned. You've all been wonderfully patient with us, we really appreciate it, and we understand your concerns! With a little luck this helps ease some of them, but we're unable to provide a roadmap simply because our objectives shift so frequently. We like to think this helps us keep up with what's most in-demand!
Kind regards,
The FS Team



Thank you!  I really do appriciate the response.  It might be a good idea to do regular updates like this to keep us in the know, but I also understand time constraints.

In Topic: Development Map

03 October 2019 - 18:59

The conversation below is part of a conversation just had with Hoof - and, as you can see, posted with his consent..




(Edit - there are 3 programmers working on the game, but the impression I got was that they were all totally focussed on the app, nothing more)


Thank you for the reply :)  At Least there is a way to contact Hoof.

In Topic: Development Map

02 October 2019 - 23:59


1. Who are the coders? Who even works on FS anymore?


Prop , Pointyhair



I meant the coders that get paid to code :P

In Topic: Development Map

02 October 2019 - 22:38

Starting to feel abandoned is generous. Simple fixes go and have gone unnoticed for weeks.

We the players have been grasping as straws and quite honestly it's been years coming. Thread will be closed in the morning with a one liner from Grim.

All I can say is... Speak with your wallets. If the cash flow doesn't dry or diminish, they won't (don't) see a need to change anything


Why support HCS when the support from HCS for FS has basically stopped? It's hard...but I digress.  I still think it'd be a nice gesture for some clarity.

In Topic: Temporary broken online/offline guild members/allies icon fix

02 October 2019 - 21:40

Hi there.

We are aware of these issues and will get them resolved when we have a minute.

~ Grim


It's been about 3 weeks BG, any update?

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