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In Topic: Player Suggestions

03 October 2022 - 22:54

What happens when you get to the point that a lvl 25 player with 400mil power and his buddy  with 94mil power. Are daily attacking 1 player thats lvl 15 with 2.1 mil power. Then is threaten that they will attack me on a daily basis. Yesterday they attacked me twice, I healed hero thinking it was over... accept 8 hours later I was attacked again. They said no matter what alliance I join. They will only attack me instead of the whole alliance.... That is a violation of the TOS.... but support isnt doing to much to help the matter.


So how does one get their base removed from game so it isnt used as a farm

In Topic: Solving issues to stop a region from losing players and dying

03 October 2022 - 22:45

its not gonna happen, They dont care as long as the wallet players are happy.


Im dealing with the same issue. I got a leader of this clan that has 400mill power thats done make it clear. That he is going to attack me every day. Yesterday He and his co leader killed my base and hero in one attack... 8 hours later, the leader hits me again. My hero again was killed for a second time... thats twice in one day. and have yet heard support do anything...


he has 400mil power and I only have 2.1 mill power... so players like me this guy is keep down from progressing. This is in Theta Region 16... their clan is ...  They have already fixed it to where I cant join any of the alliances in the region. They are afraid  will destroy their alliance as they have been doing for the last month..... But support isnt taking it seriously


But I like to know how I can delete my base so no one farms if I just leave it

In Topic: Help needed

03 October 2022 - 04:58

I can agree with you both.... I have a lvl 15 base with a lvl 51 hero.... I was about 3 mill power, then was attacked by an Alliance that controls all alliance and everything else. In my region, there is an alliance called AAAA.... Their leader is 400mill power.... verses my 3.0 mill power.
The first Allaince I was in, our alliance was destroyed cause we wouldnt let them put an alt account in our alliance so they took us out..... next alliance, there was suppose to be a 1 v 1 with one of our members against AAAA... but the leader gave his member extra troops... which to me makes it 2 v 1. But anyways.... now because the leader of AAAA has made it clear if anyone lets me join, he will destroy the alliance that let me in.... and sad part is. Its not the first time it has happened...


I have screen shots but I dont know how to upload them here....


But yea... the Bullying is way out of hand. Especially from the wallet players... 


So today, I was attacked  who has 400mill power along with one of his members, who is around 100 mill power.... against me at 3 mill power. They destroyed my base and was placed else where on the map. Now that attack was earlier today.... 8 hours later guess what?....  has once again attacked me.....  He says he is going to continue to attack me on a daily bases.
Now I am sure that falls into the line of harrassement and a violation of the TOS of the game... Cause by preventing players to move forward and not held down by 1 alliance who controlls all alliances in the region is against the Terms of Service...
But if the developers and owners are wondering why the game isnt getting any traction and losing players. Maybe this is one of the reasons.... 
So how am I suppose to get built up if I am attacked everyday. I have contacted support... but  have yet to hear a reply.

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