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Operation: New Earth - Speed Up Caches

15 October 2021 - 20:17

Hello Everyone!


I been playing this game for about 5 years now and we have all seen may problems and changes in the game.  Some of the recent changes in the last two updates I believe have really hurt the game.  Players are quitting or not playing or buying into the game as much. 


We grow and our ships go faster only for the next update to slow them down.

We do all of our researches so things don’t take as long for us to research or build them only for the next update to make the times longer to research and build things. I mean, do they think players do not notice these things you?

Now they have greatly reduced the amount of speed up caches, time boosts we get from our kills to the point it has almost made it impossible to grow.


I'm in one of the top 10 alliances in my region.  There was an kill aliens challenge and my alliance took 2nd place like they have in the past. Previously with the time boosts from something like this and all of my kills, I could get through 3-4 builds and/or researches. I didn’t even get through one after this challenge.


We are only getting around 12 boosts of each level instead of 40 boosts of each level when we have 10 kills of any level of aliens. We would get 100’s of 3 minute and 15 minutes boosts from a challenge like this. Again, this is something all of the players in my alliance are acknowledging, seeing and complaining about.  Members are quitting the game because of this and other things.


We do appreciate them getting the other caching working and the things they add, but it makes it kind of meaningless when you break another part and/or reduce an important part of caching for us to grow in the game.


I put in a ticket on this, but they just forwarded it onto the makers and administrators of the game.


I hope they reconsider giving us back the 4 speed up caches for each level of alien that we kill and the 10X that for every kill 10 we kill level of a level. 

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