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Roleplay Characters

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#1 fs_ayla

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Posted 22 February 2007 - 16:30

Ayla is 17 years old. She was sold into slavery as a child, but had a loving Master that spoiled her greatly. Seperated from her Master by a great battle, she searches for him now.

She was mugged recently so her best weapon is a club. She is well versed in hand to hand combat, but the natives seem to be better at it than she is at the moment.

Her clothing, once the finest silks, is now tattered and worn. The only thing of any worth to her is golden arm bands she wears that identify her as a slave and show her devotion to her missing Master.

#2 fs_kaldirris

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Posted 22 February 2007 - 19:30

Kaldirris is an oddity. Her human mother survived a werewolf attack while carrying Kaldirris - because of this, Kaldirris was born a lycanthrope. Due to the fact that she was born into her so-called curse, she has far more control over her shapechanging than other werewolves - the full moon does not force her change.
Shunned by the human community, she ran away from home in her early teens, surviving for years by her sheer ferocity & bloodlust. One night, after being badly injured in a fight, she was found by the Werewolves of the Silver Moon clan, and nursed back to health.
Over the weeks that followed, Kaldirris formed a strong, almost fanatic bond with the pack who helped her. Now, she is ferocious in her loyalty to her fellow packmates, willing to kill and be killed in their defense.
Her greatest joy in her newfound family is the bloodhunt they share every full moon. Nothing gives her more pleasure than the shedding of her frail human shell, and the almost frenzied hunts that follow.

#3 fs_lairz

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Posted 23 February 2007 - 00:51

The characters I write change a fair bit, but this time around Lairz is a tall, white haired sea captain near 40. Muscular and hard faced, he commands his ship, the Ellenai with his first mate, the warrior Yenna.

He was bitten by a werewolf while in his teens fishing on the frozen shores, and was fortunate enough to survive. He hid his curse the best he could, setting sail for the frozen shore for long stretches at a time during the full moon so the wolf could come out and run with the beasts there, and not harm anyone. He lived a normal life, was betrothed, and had a daughter, the beautiful Sai.

Sai inherited something of the wild in her, she hears whales sing, knows the weather before it occurs and more importantly can control her wolf, unlike her father. But despite this she inherited none of the guile and wariness that all humans are born with to survive each other. Lairz is fiercly protective of her.

One day his wife and Sai's mother discovered Lairs's curse and left them, left them to wander from port to port, hoping no-one else had heard the truth. Luckily one did, an anging Kummi wise man named Kiba. He was the one who let them on his ship, taught Lairz to captain, before, as was the nature of his tribe, he walked off into the howling black blizzards of the north do die. As a wolf.

Now the ship has a new crew, and has sailed south into Imperial seas, looking for profit, always sailing free on the seas.

OOC: Devonus welcome on board, stew is at midday and you have the cabin Sai normally sleeps in becuse unlike that free-loading Kufu you actually paid Yenna when I wasn't looking. Only joking Kufu ;)

#4 fs_kufu

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Posted 23 February 2007 - 19:29

Free-loading? Does that mean I can stop working on deck ;)

Full Name: Lord Aku Fulton the V
Alias: Kufu

Age: 25

Physical Description: 5’11” tall with a medium athletic build. Blond hair cropped to the shoulder and dark blue eyes. His skin is tanned to a light brown. His clothes are always changing but whatever his garb it will be well maintained in the military style. He speaks with the accent of the southern empire. His right arm has several scars from his first years at swordplay.

Weapon: The Fulton Right / the blade is a sturdy 3 foot edge, an efficient design without anything fancy. The hilt however has a “T” cross guard with ornate palms engraved in it and the pommel is the Fulton crest (A green Palm on a yellow shield) made of green emeralds and yellow diamonds.

Fighting Style: Kufu’s fighting style is a classic straight forward attack and defend. If he is sober he is very sloppy and his guard is very weak. If he is drunk he becomes a true master swordsman, graceful in everyway the type that brings envy from how simply he can make it look.

Background: Exiled from his family for being the only Fulton in the history of their name to fail to graduate from the military Acadamy his great great grand father Aku Fulton started. He is on the run from a bounty paid for by his father who would rather have a dead son than a failed one… You know what? Just read the RP “A Rambling Drunk”

Current Genealogy:

Father: Aku Fulton the IV / Retired General Imperial Army

Brothers Eldest - youngest

Banguar Fulton = Captain of the War Ship Minden
Pikefien Fulton = Commander of the Army Griffin Riders (South Front)
Tanner Fulton = Dead in battle, Actual - Assassinated by Devonus on orders of Lord Dothan Rocchio
Thanyne Fulton = Captain of the Imperial Guard / replaced Tanner (AD)
Tipfan Fulton = Weather Mage / Graduate of the Black Hand Magi’s Acadamy
Jordon Fulton = / Killed by Dothan The Grand Inquisitor of the Black Hand and head of the House Rocchio
Auk Fulton the V = Failed out of the Fulton Military Acadamy / Exiled

#5 ScarletTestAce



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Posted 25 February 2007 - 04:44

Full name:Loki Seiguro

Age:Unknown (last recorded age was nearly 5 centuries ago)

Physical Description: Loki Seiguro is a mysterious man. No one has seen his face or at least has never lived to tell about it. Under his dark black robes you can see what looks like white hair or is it flames? Some people have said they have seen what looks like a black scar or tatto of a dragon shape. Loki towers above many of the people walking in the streets, nearing almost 6 ft 5 in in height, his weight is unknown as it is said that metal chains wrap around his body as if keeping some unknown demon sealed within him. He travels alone but is usually seen with some people that maybe his friends but no one can really tell.

History: Not much is know about him other then what rumors or legends say..but .. well... they are rumors and legends....An old drunk, with white hair, at a bar tells you about something he heard long ago when kings sent their strongest warriors to tract down this "beast" or "god"..he tells you that Seiguro may not actually be a real last name as Loki Seiguro is now know as Loki100...100 is for the people he can kill with one swip of his massive sword...100 people may be an understatement..but then again no one has lived to tell the story except him...or is he actually Loki himself? as you notice the black scar or tattoo on his arm in the shape of a dragon. The old man sees you are staring at the dragon and quickly moves to cover it. He laughs nervously saying that he got it when he fell asleep too close to a fire.

Weapon: A massive metal sword weighing close to 1000 tons. Once brought down upon a creature the flesh is torn apart not by the blade but by the strange aura surrounding the blade. If the blade was actually able to connect with aromor or skin aike the amount of damage will be undescribable.

Fighting Style: It is unknown or at least has no name. Big as this man or creature is his movements are swift and faster then the eye can see and the creature can react.

(hope you guys enjoy reading it as i had writing it. First time doing anything like this so i hope you like it :P)

#6 fs_talvin

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Posted 26 February 2007 - 02:44

Name: Talvin

Age: 37

Description: Talvin is a large brute of a man with short, dark brown hair. He feels most home in a tavern or a battlefield using his large ax. He is a traveling mercenary. His motto is drink first, ask questions later.

History: Talvin fought in his villages militia for many years before traveling away to distant lands (and bars.) No one knows much about him except he is a trustworthy mercenary.

Weapon: A large two-sided ax with a blood red gem set in the middle

Fighting style: Berserk, kill EVERYTHING!! except allies of course ;)

#7 fs_taven

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Posted 26 February 2007 - 04:44

Name: Taven

Age: 21

Description: Tall, muscular, hell born leader...
with jet black hair and bright white eyes,
wearing spiked armor and leather boots...

History: Unknown....

Weapon: Sword of Banishment...
Used to send all evil to the depths of the abyss...

Fighting Style: Hell Bent....
all moves are woven into one furious motion...
seeming to be never ending...
killing many within seconds....

#8 ScarletTestAce



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Posted 03 March 2007 - 11:36

Name: Milenna

Age: unknown

Description: Mileena is a clone of Kitana, created by Shang Tsung's sorcery for Shao Kahn, using Tarkatan physiology. She looks just like Kitana when her mask is on, but when it is off, her long, sharp Tarkatan teeth are exposed.

Mileena despises Kitana, and feels that it is her own right to rule Edenia as Princess in her place. Her fondest wish is to kill her "sister", and claim her existence for her own. Something of an opportunist, she will make use of any chance to seize power that comes within her grasp.

Weapon: Soaring Sai

Fighting Style: Multiple Stabbings: Mileena pulls her sai out and stabs her opponent to death, after she is done stabbing, she kicks her opponent to the wall.
Bone Stripper: Mileena removes her mask and literally inhales her opponent. She then turns to the other side and regurgitates a torrent of bones onto the ground.
Nail Shooter: Mileena removes her mask and fills her mouth from a bottle full of nails. She then unleashes a deadly barrage upon her helpless foe.

holy crap! lol...nails omg that is soo freakish :P

#9 fs_titsue

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Posted 27 March 2007 - 06:04

Full Name: Titsue Ichinko Ichingo

What is this young man you say? well he is a Samurai Ninja! Demon Warrior!!



Discription:Titsue is normaly built but very muscular indeed, his Black hair isn't that long but reaches his shoulders his back hair is much long but braided down to a long braid, the braid reaches his back legs and some of his hair covers both of his eyes slightly. He wore a band around his head that had a sort of symbol on it. He stood about 5'9 feet tall and wore a large Dark Blue Cloke with a Dark red stracing the outside of his Cloke, his clothes: Under his cloke he wore a Black muscle shirt and some black sagged pants with that matched the shirt and a silver belt that had a long 8 foot long Katana strapped onto it. His eyes was a dark bloody red with 7 pupils in it in an order His eyes is called "Rajinn", his skin color wasn't as pale at all but it was was a tan color, Titsue also wore Black boots that had a sort of silver clip on it that clicked every time he had walked, Titsue is half Demon so his ears are slightly pointy and so is his teeth.

Weapons: His Katana has a Normal shiney Black sheeth with the top being a strip of Dark Red, when Katana is un-sheethed its a Bloody Red Color with a Strange dragon on it that had been a lighter red then its on color, the tip of it was very sharp and pointy, He also carried three daggers on each side of his waist. The daggers was diferent then most and was called Flying Daggers. and he also carried small items he could be able to use in battles like Star darts, Small niddles, Bombs, poisin darts,Poisin gasses and etc.

History: When Titsue was Born he had seen his mother and father (Of course >__>;;), His mothers was a strong warrior Ninja of her village and his father was a Prince of some what of his Demons Clan, At this time there was a war: Demons and NinjasBut couple mounths from the war the two got married his mothers name: Yami Ichigno-chan, His Fathers name: Ichinko Katasu-san, and of course who had been born was Titsue
(Skip this crap lets go to the real story xD!!). When Titsue was 5 years old another War had begun because of his Father, His father wasn't suspose to get married to a human for there for the humans and him had to be killed, Titsue didn't understand much because he was still young but once his father finally sat down and talked to him all Titsue remembers is these words "My son...if you wanna kill meh..
then do so don't be tricked in fait or Destiny..
.do so...
Kill meh..
Aint i your enemy?.."
Titsue never forgot those words, but there for he hated his father anyways, but once this war had continued Titsue went with his father to the war. Titsue wasn't the only child he had a Sister and a Brother,
He dosn't remember his brother and sisters name and still dosn't,
When the battle begun Titsue just stood there not knowing what to do but think of the words his father said, and while his father battled Titsue's sister ran towards him and yelled Ichinko's name, Ichinko turned and looked towards his sister and smiled then got stabed by an enemy, Titsue had seen his dad get stabed but didn't really care for him, so he walked away. Once Titsue had walked away some demon with wings had grabed him and flew off, There for Titsue has been with the demons for a long time and still didn't know if his father mother sister and brother was dead or not.

His Fathers Clan was called Red Moon Clan, the clan wasn't only a clan but most was related, the demons that had been related Had a cirtain blood line, the blood line brung The eyes of Death or shall I say Rajinn.

Info about Rajinn: Rajinn: Is a Curse that had been spreaded down to the Next genuration (Just to tell yah none of this is power playing Titsue has Weakness and alot of them). The Rajinn's power is diferent somtimes, Titsues Rajinn is a higher lev then others one look and he could kill you with his eyes wide open, but it only triggers when his eyes are fully open,
And some Rajinn just don't work at all but will keep your enemys starring at it while in battle. Titsue's Rajinn can make your heart beat at a fast paste then it exsplodes, (If you look away quick enough from his eyes it won't effect).

How does Titsue act?: Well He's very mean (Somtimes), Cocky,Bold,Strange or just Silent, he would speak if there were a Coment about him but then if somone were to talk to him he wouldn't respon, Titsue is very nice in a mean way because he has no other way of being nice, Very protective indeed and never stops in battle, unless he gets injured really badly, It's kinda hard for him to make friends, and if he hurts andyones feelings way to bad till the point they start crying he'll see if there ok, He likes to start Battles or fight and he's kinda evil because of his demon side.

ooc: Finally!! I'm done!! :D

#10 fs_lichblader

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Posted 30 March 2007 - 22:02

Name:Known as Lich(Blader). Real Name Unknown
Age: ???
Personality- Serious, sometimes humorous. Somewhat fierce in battle. A solemn wiseman.

Description- Skilled in Dark Magic. Also has been known to be able to wield a sword and vanquish multiple enemies in one swipe.

Weapon: A long Black Flaming Blade infused with an dark aura of a fallen Warmonger. Able to pierce through the thickest of armors and make the air "bleed". The dark aura surrounded the blade was said to be enchanted by one of the Great Sages of the Northlands.

Weakness: He is greatly weakened when he is out of ale. Due to a side effect of the sword.

#11 fs_hellsguard

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Posted 25 April 2007 - 14:31

Name: Hellsguard

Age: Unknown

Physical description: This Beast is enormous, blue skinned with blood red eyes, when he isn't killing creatures you will find him in his cave,
he is very powerful and loses his patience very quickly when provoked

Weapon: Hellsguard is a master of all weapon types,
but his favorite is his own custom Axe which has the power to Drain the souls of his victums making him stronger

Fighting Style: Hellsguard enters a rage and is able to ignore pain whilst dealing major damage but gets tired very quickly

#12 fs_darkaura

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Posted 06 May 2007 - 13:46

True Name: Miaxon Lemine Dark-Streak

Known AS: DarkAura

Age: 18

Wepons: 2 feircely sharp katanas or her 2 massive Red and Black Blades otherwise known as Destiny and Fate

Personality: Sarcastic. Even though she cares about her friends, she never shows it. In battle she is very serious, and calm.

Description: Elven. Pale skin, with scruffy mediem blonde hair, with a red streak through it. Striking brown eyes, occasionaly turning green. Wears a black cloak with black boots, black gloves, loose pants and shirt. Quite pretty.

History: Terribly dark. The one she truly loved died and she killed one of her lovers. She lives for her troop. She is a highly skilled ninja. She goes through the land with her elite troop, acting as mercenaries and generally protecting those who need protecting.

Fighting Style: Silent and deadly. In and out. Moves beyond mortal means

Weakness: Huge scar on leg, hampering speed.

#13 fs_valkrieguy

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Posted 13 May 2007 - 03:49

Name: Evan Bluntsmen

Age: 20

Weapon: A 3ft. long Battleaxe also used as a woodcutting axe. It marks itself as a dwarven "chopper."

Description: Average-sized Human with blonde straight hair. Has a battleaxe, which he believes as a woodsman axe. Tanned skin with green eyes and light brown clothes. On his leg lies a strange encryption believed to be of Religious elven worship.

History: When he was a little boy, his leg was burned on a fire, but the patterns were of ancient times. When he grew older, he became a master of one of the dwarvern's most prized weapon, the dwarvern "chopper." At his age, he grew more serious in his work and fighting epic.

Weakness: he chops trees more than he fights.

Fighting Style: Uses his battleaxe in all of his fights.

Personality: Usually agreesive when angered, but is calm. Not much other info is known at his expense.

#14 fs_arcturucus

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Posted 18 July 2007 - 03:57




BUILD: small somwhat weak...but if angerd he becomes very strong.

eliment dark

story:i really don't know my story......

#15 fs_dxrulez123

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Posted 18 July 2007 - 05:49

name: shadow

known as: The fierce assassin

age: 27

weapons: 2 weapons that are full of hate, revenge, carnage, evil, and sadness that are not named, with 2 daggers sharpened to strike deadly with blood marks.

personality: unknown.

description: an elven assassin, has a black clock to hide his identity

history: He was born when his parents got killed and was raised by something truly evil. He killed someone when he was 3 and kept killing then he became an assassin.

Fighting style: knows all martial arts, ninja techniques, and much more.

weakness: nothing

#16 fs_dolfie

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Posted 05 August 2007 - 08:26

age, 9
race, the dark side :twisted:
description, TIME TO DIE...

#17 fs_kufu

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Posted 15 August 2007 - 20:22

If you are going to post a Character BIO here try putting something in it.

It defeats the point to put archaic information.

The last two posts are prim examples of pointless spam.

#18 fs_spenser

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Posted 29 August 2007 - 13:24

name: Edward Elric

Race: human (automail attachments)

Biography: at age 11 he burned his house down and threw his past away in order to find a way to return he and his brother Alfonse back to the way they were before they tried to bring their mother back from the dead. they heard rumors of a stone that can grant them the power to fix things and make everything as it was. currently he is 15 with a very athletic physique. he has an automail arm and leg which come in handy at times.

Weapons: commonly uses his arm as a weapon. by using alchemy he turns his arm into a sword and ferociously stabs at his opponent. in other cases he may use the ground beneath him and create a weapon.

is that good enough? :D

Isnt this the show Full Metal alchemist?

#19 fs_xxzealotxx

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Posted 19 September 2007 - 21:17

a massive being of old he stands at 7'2'' 260lbs. Black, tatterted, but usuable wingspan of 13'. Once a Spartan king, he was turned upon the day of his crowning. cursed with the everlasting life of vampirism, he now roams the world in search of a bride to reinstate the mighty Spartan civilazation.
His ebon tresses viel his milky white eyes. A muscualer war torn body, hardened by the most intense training is draped in a crimson cloak, and a golden war helm with a red mohawk fortraying his status in the army that is no more. He wears no shirt, baggy black pants, and black boots.
He wields a large 7' piercing tiped spear (Dori) and a wickidly curved 4' blade (Xiphos) on his left hip.

#20 fs_gallenxsa

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Posted 29 September 2007 - 05:22

Name:Gallen Sennald

Age:somewhere between 20 and 40 (Too many drunken blackout periods to be certain)

Physical traits:Toned 6'-2" caucasian with wild black hair and smartass grin on his face.

Weapons. Long katana and a giant mug of ale.

Bio:Gallen is a drunk. He has studied various forms of swordsmanship. He never formally studied but his tendency to run his mouth while drunk, which is most of the time, gets him into a lot of fights. He picked up on his opponents styles surprisingly fast. He is also an accomplished brewmaster with his own brewing company. Which consists of himself, a chem lab and a few select guinea pigs er I mean employees.

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