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In Topic: Whydoiplay's annual Forbes best workplace in Fallensword

23 June 2020 - 20:59

You forgot the "best" guild Air Forces  :D

In Topic: Upcoming Creature XP Changes

04 July 2019 - 09:49

But it can not be the right way to lower the xp because it's the easiest way?


The problem are the potions not the XP. Make the Super Elites SUPER again. 

Now all new player get punished because 2 or 3 player hunted with SES. In every game you get more xp for killing a high lvl monster...


I don't care of the XP I hate lvling lol but whydoiplay already said it:

Super Elites must be the strongest monster. So if a Player lvl 40 hit Mouch he deserves the XP. Requirement: The SE must be a challenge and with the new pots it isn't a challenge. Even if you die you lose nearly nothing... 

Give player the possibility to earn the xp. 


Same with the items. SE items aren't good anymore...

(For me as a SE hunter the SEs "died" because of the the new epics and legendaries. Earth Hammer is stronger than the Malphas Set... )


If you rework the whole SE - Theme you will not have that problem anymore and people will think twice if they use XXX Fsps to find a high lvl SE which is now rare or stronger with bigger xp loss... With rarer and better sets it would be worth again to hunt them...


I'm out.   :D

In Topic: Upcoming Creature XP Changes

03 July 2019 - 22:04

Sure, for EoC player it's not pretty fair

I think you have to replace the SES in new realms or give them better super-stats instead of lower the xp. A bigger XP loss too if you lose! Problem solved, you die - you lose the lvls if the range is too big... Since we have the high lvl buffs it's no problem to beat the SEs and there must be a change now.

So if player beat the "new stat" or "new realm" SEs they deserve the xps...

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