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[GUIDE] SE Hunting

03 January 2020 - 17:43


1) If my post is not right here please move it

2) My english is not that good but I hope you understand my Guide 

3) I use Spoilers so you can skip unwanted themes


Hey guys,


there are a lot of guides for Levelling or Items but none for SE Hunting.

SE Hunting is part of Daily Quests and Composing / Inventing and I want to show you how to hunt them pretty easy without wasting Stamina.

My guide gives you locations where you can find a lot of Super Elites (min. 5).

If you have more locations with 5 and more SEs, please add them but MARK the high lvl monsters (1k+)!


1.) What are Super Elites and how often do they spawn?


They are strong monster which spawn in specific areas. You can find the areas and stats on WIKI or the FS GUIDE.

If you find one it is shown in purple color on the map. If you killed a SE in AREA X it needs about 1 hour (experience: not proved, it can be less, it can be more) to spawn again in AREA X.

A drop is not guaranteed. The FS Guide shows you the drop rate and the probability for a spawn in Area X.

Example: Golden Cockatrice , 5 Areas 20%, Cockatrice Amulet - 3,33%



2.) Which buffs and gear do I need?



3.) Locations with a minimum of 5 SEs with no waste of Stamina



Good Luck!

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