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In Topic: PvP Event Crystal League!

07 June 2024 - 13:43

If you mean the old ranked PvP system we tried to implement, we've stated several times we no longer have the code, so no. It will not be returning, sorry.


~ Grim

Is it hard to create the codes again?  I mean it's your game and if you want to bring more activity... etc

In Topic: Realm Chest Update Ideas.

02 June 2024 - 06:04

I still insist frag stashes kill the idea of fragging items to reduce items flooding the game and retain some value to items again.

 a big no for frag stashes from me.

In Topic: Realm Chest Update Ideas.

29 May 2024 - 20:46

Hey there.


So, thus far I'm gonna defo add new potions and Frag Stashes to Crates (Realm Chests). Thinking both mixed Frags and specific Frag crates.


Gonna think on Quest Items that I'll add which will be used in new and future sets.


~ Grim

I don't see much interest in frag stashes, keep it for globals and fragging items ... we have a load of items in-gameLoyalty tokens rewards and new potions as suggested in this thread earlier.

In Topic: Realm chest update ideas

14 March 2024 - 13:32

Event chests:


Current stamina rewards 50-100 per chest


Loyalty tokens 50-100 per chest

In Topic: Untapped Potential: The Analysis and Case for More

12 March 2024 - 21:43

@HuntedCow your comment here?

It seems this is a well-rounded analysis showing that +8 stamina epics won't hurt the game at all but it will be more in your favor in terms of revenues...

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