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In Topic: normal 100 stam hits counted towards medal ?

29 May 2020 - 07:50

It's an endless circle.... PvPer's have long been hated for playing the whole game.  It's not right, but it's what we have.  PvP used to be a wonderful glorious part of the game and I derived much joy from it, but with the attitudes that prevail today, it has lost its luster for me. 


I understand that for most, it's no fun being smashed for no better reason than the pursuit of a medal.  And here in the mid ranges, there are few eligible players for a PvP DQ, and they rarely have gold to steal anyway, which is what made PvP so vibrant in the first place.  Sportsmanship has been thrown out the window, and there's seems to be a lack of loyalty between allies anymore as well.  PvP in all forms has become a dirty word for some.  Even GvG is frowned upon by a large chunk of the community as a whole.


I wish the whole PvP system could return to the ways of the beginning, where every hit outside of GvG exchanged PvP ratings, and the BB was lit up daily and you had to scramble to be the first to finish a bounty. The days before the smasher medal were much more fun IMHO.   


But those days are long gone.  IDK whether opening up the smasher medal for all hits would improve matters or not. What I do know that it's unlikely that Hoof would consider doing so though.   

In Topic: normal 100 stam hits counted towards medal ?

29 May 2020 - 03:25

I wasn't here in the beginning, but I think it's because those opposed to PvP were highly upset that the smasher medal could be obtained via normal PvP, so it was restricted to ladder and BB hits only....  I could be wrong about this, but considering most changes to PvP derived from the protests of those against it, it seems to be logical that this is also the reasoning.

In Topic: Small change on buffs appearance (Visual)

28 May 2020 - 07:44

Let me try say something without my post being deleted! FSH only works on a browser in Chrome or Firefox on a PC. For users of the mobile app or browser have no access to the features of FSH. Ideally, we would want all the features of FSH be built into the game.

Actually, Tampermonkey and FSH can be used on an Android phone or tablet with Chrome.  Pointy showed me them when I had no PC prior to the app.  As I have never used an Apple product, I am unsure if this can be done on IoS though.


As for the app, the interface for buffs is different from browsers, and if I'm not mistaken the app team is already working on improving how they are viewed and disabled.

In Topic: Pinata Frenzy XVIII

22 May 2020 - 21:19

In other news, I was hunting normal critters on the app and discovered I was killing pinatas as well.... And no folks, I don't use my FF pinata bat to hunt normally....


so I switched back to my laptop to make sure I wasn't crazy...


Yeah, you can kill pinatas with anything now.... I've been told this bug is known (by the cows) but now you all know to take measures to keep from wasting your stam when pinatas are NOT your objective......

In Topic: Where did Earn Points and shards disappear to?

05 May 2020 - 03:42

The Shop is now working in the app and I can say you can view or trade your shards (as long as you have enough that is)

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