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In Topic: No Attention From HCS

19 August 2016 - 21:29

Ya'll do ask a bit much from Zorg. Should he pay more attention to Legacy? Probably, will he? Probably not.  HCS thinks that rather than improving old games, pumping out clones of the same game or other games is more important to try and save this sinking ship of a company. So we probably won't be seeing Zorg for awhile. Unless this becomes a whine thread in which we get enough people to complain that Zorg will do an update or something.


Do HCS staff even login to Legacy? Yes, they do. Me being a Guide in RC I can see when people have last logged in. 

Hoofmaster lasted logged into Legacy 45 days ago, and BigGrim last logged in 207 days ago as of today. Does Zorg login every day? No, but he logs in very regularly.


As for why those promises never happened Matty. Either :


A) Zorg didn't want to fully relinquish his control over to HCS and decided that while HCS owned it, he wanted to make all the changes himself. But since he is a valued coder at the company HCS wants him to work on new games instead of improving old ones.


B) HCS didn't see Legacy as being that profitable after a while and decided to move on. 


C) HCS saw Legacy as being profitable enough that they didn't need updates, but not a complete cash cow as to require updates regularly.


The only reason HCS even acquired Legacy was because they needed to hire Zorg, and Zorg having made his own game was a conflict of interest since it'd be competing with their games. HCS staff couldn't give a crap about Legacy players at  all, and haven't for years. Time to cut our losses and just accept that they never will care. Although I doubt this will be the last whine thread about Legacy.


I do agree with Matty that Coders from Legacy like Rod, Macey, and Aldo should be brought in (for Legacy only). Since at least then we'd be able to have updates/ bug fixes rolling in regularly.

In Topic: The Future of Legacy

16 February 2016 - 05:54

Alright thanks Scott! I guess this can be locked now, unless some one wants to add anything else.

In Topic: The Future of Legacy

15 February 2016 - 19:00

Updates may be "done to death", but without them, there is no future to Legacy. It'll just slide on like always, stagnant and forgotten. 


I agree with your OP in that I don't want HCS to take over, but I doubt you'd get many people willing to go for Staff nowadays, and even less who would actually be trusted and qualified to run it. As for old Staff, they left for one reason or another, and I'd assume those reasons likely still stand.


Nobody wants to lose all their hard work to do a thankless job on a dying game.

Actually you'd be surprised, there are plenty of people who'd step up and take a VH role to save the game from the clutches of HCS; who wouldn't have otherwise wanted to be in a VH role if this wasn't the case.

In Topic: The Future of Legacy

15 February 2016 - 18:05

Back in the day, when we had an active Staff team, there were a lot more frogs due to language, harassment and trolling. The lack of policing and the souring attitude of the community drove away many of our best players.


I'm... not holding my breath, to be honest. No matter what is decided, I imagine that the game will continue on, just as it is now. Ignored, forgotten, and slowly losing subscribers. It needs an overhaul. Modernisation, advertising. I've referred near on two hundred people and one of them has stuck around to level 30. The retention rate of the game is worse than a sieve.


I doubt this will majorly change anything.

The point isn't lack of updates. Honestly the time for that has past. New players either like Legacy or they don't. With joining HCS we were told there would be a team of new staffers from their departments to help out. But nothing came of it. So it's really on them that the game has a lack of updates. But that's not the point of this Thread. The point is to suggest what'll come next? Will new VH be hired? Or HCS takeover? 


Because rambling on about updates and whatnot is DTD. And we're not gonna see anything major anytime soon with just Zorg working on things. Because it's hard for 1 person to run and update a game by himself, and he's done a damn fine job so far!

In Topic: The Future of Legacy

15 February 2016 - 17:26

SigmaStorm died because it wasn't that much fun. It had nothing to do with support staff... HCS has always been spot on with support issues from FS to Eldevin.... Legacy is still fun, the community, while small, is very active, so it can and will survive. Trust me, you don't want a Hunted Cow support team policing us. SC would be a main objective, and the petty squabbles, the bad language, the general bad stuff we all know goes on, that would go bye bye. Trolling would be a thing of the past. Sure, somebody has to do the crap job of answering tickets, etc. But if BigGrim, just for example, spent an hour monitoring SC, there'd be a heck of a lot of frogs, just for language and general content of the average daily conversations....

I don't think Legacy is going anywhere. Zorg said he won't allow that to happen. Sure, changes will come slowly, but from what I understand, they always have. So what really changes? Less policing of what goes on day to day.... Eventually, Zorg will bring in some kind of help.... You better pray it's not BigGrim, he doesn't put up with BS, he smites it...

I don't mean what exactly happened to Sigmastorm. What I meant was I'm afraid most people would leave is HCS became full-time staffers. And the already small playerbase would become even smaller. Because the running joke is that Sigmastorm only has 3 players.


And the trolling thing.... I couldn't care less if trolling was monitored more. It was more or less brought up for people to realize I'm being serious. And to not brush it off as "oh it's Teeg, he's probably just trying to troll as usual". HCS areadly handles Legacy's Tickets. The main Concern is what is going to happen with no VH's at the Weel? Since no one really has time to train them, especially Zorg.

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