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This game was so fun

15 January 2021 - 04:25

I always come back to this site every few months to see how it's going. Remembering the good days when I first found the game and how fun it was. There are always still a few players on and it makes me happy to see that.


I really did have a great time on here. I really only played runescape as an MMO, and so this was a really fun and new experience to have. The combat was amazing, team work to do dungeons was so exciting, and skilling was always a grind (just the way I like it).


Crazy to think how much time has passed since we were all excited for the steam launch and how the game would blow up in popularity. It did happen for a bit, but obviously not as we hoped. I see the developers have moved on and so this game might not get a 2nd wave, but one can hope.

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