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Guild acheivements

15 February 2014 - 15:22

They added guild achievements well over a year ago and people still haven't finished getting over 2 achievements (Unstoppable & Abracadabra) since they're so simple. In the other hand, we got these achievements to get 1,000,000 vermin's 250,000 invisible creatures? That's just ridiculous in my opinion and I'm pretty sure many would agree with me. 

I think the best option is to take those out and make the guild achievements system similar or almost the same as medals. For example, instead of killing 1,000,000 vermins, maybe just kill a total of 250,000 creatures of any kind.


List of suggested guild achievements/medals:

-win x amount of conflicts

-gain x amount of guild levels

-capture x amount of relics

-hold relics x amount of days

-secure x amount of titan drops (getting over 50% damage)

-buy x amount of RP items

-x amount of FSP deposited into guild

-be top 25 guild for x amount of days

-be top 25 or 50 richest guild for x amount of days


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