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In Topic: Reign of Rosmeriat I

24 September 2021 - 14:43

Why Quest Finder and Resource Finder? Those make rolls specific to Quest Items and Resources specifically. They don't increase your chances of other drops and neither Spider has Quest Items or Resources.
~ Grim

then my experience of using less stam and getting more drops is happestance?
when i did frag DQs, my "FI and reck" setups results were worse (roughly) percentage-wise than when i did my "FI reck QF and RF" setups.

anecdotal? i say it is my experience.

wishful thinking? again my experience, less stam used is less stam used.

In Topic: Reign of Rosmeriat I

23 September 2021 - 23:59

quest: cathedral of ways, mountain path
brother richard near portal
go to library, left of brother richard
1st kill 1,000 cosmic spiders in realms level 25+ and need to wear "void ring"
return to library
2nd kill 250 dark spiders in realms level 25+ and need to wear "void ring"
return to library

suggested buffs for quest: AM LF QuestHunter
suggested buffs include frags: AM LF FI QF RF QuestHunter(maybe?)
pls see following posts for alternative buff selection.

global event:

1. Magical (for DQ). need "void ring" from above quest.

2. cosmic - counts as 1 kill. dark - counts as 5 kills.
cosmic ~ att 250+ dam 400+
dark ~ att 700+ dam 500+
enhancements: PS CH
suggested buffs: DE Dem

3. drop stashes containing:
cosmic ~ 1 - 10 commons, 0 - 1 rare
dark ~ 1 - 15 commons, 0 - 10 rare, 0 - 5 unique, 0 - 1 leg, 0 - 1 crystal

4. suggested buffs for GE: [remove QH buff if finished with quest requirements]
buffs for stash rewards: AM GB LF reck
maybe: SSI unbr
possible: FI
not: any doublers, QH (if finished with quest)

buffs for frags: AM GB LF reck cons FI
maybe: SSI unbr
not: any doublers, GB, QH (if finished with quest)

[modified to include info from following posts. pls note: not every player has ready access to AM500 or like potions. if you do have such potions, then follow egami's buff selection.]

5. hunt in level 25+ realms with no normal nor leg creatures to avoid losing xp, gold, and kill streak.

6. reward info: global event on home, cursor/mouse over chests.

7. community and personal progress: world, between chat and buff area.
personal targets: cursor/mouse over progress area.

8. top 100: top rated - global quest - contributors
(alternative to "top 100" button in progress area)

9. GB (global booster): upgrade - loyalty (bottom of page, bought with loyalty/allegience tokens or gold)

10. character - preferences - user interface:
a. auto-open stashes
b. hide stash logs
set as desired and save

[quest info and 1-3 from playing quest (note:limited data) and is my opinion (following posts suggest is wrong), 4 is my opinion and can be wrong (again, following posts suggest is wrong), 5 from egami's post]

In Topic: Dark Curse & Arena Adjustments

20 September 2021 - 17:58

ty, cows

In Topic: Proposed Loyalty Update.

20 September 2021 - 15:37

issues appear to be pricing and tweaking, unless i missed something

eg tweak bm500 to something else

gl, cows

In Topic: Proposed Loyalty Update.

12 September 2021 - 15:45

my contribution:

1. if purpose of update is to help players with 50,000+ loyalty tokens spend a good number of those tokens, then the OP falls short. players have complained about having tokens but nothing useful to buy. i think OP helps, but pls for future consideration some non-potion ideas mentioned may help.

2. as to gold option, loyalty tokens should rule loyalty "shop." however, having 1 or 2 more gold option potions couldn't hurt. what about limited fsp option?

3. arterial strike: unless there is a non-loyalty "shop" option, the potion is limited in usefulness. 2hitting or n-hitting means use stam but get no additional gold. raising buff level higher as mentioned in thread might be a good idea to compensate for loss of gold and no benefit from conserve.

4. my 2 cents, distil should be no higher than 150.

5. also mentioned in thread, new higher level potions should be protected from spell leech.

6. what has been said about potions:

cost - raise, just right, lower (my 2p, in general i prefer lower)
duration - raise, just right, lower (my 2p, in general i prefer higher for leveling buffs - intermediate for pvp buffs)
buff level - raise, just right, lower (my 2p, many good points have been made for raising, leaving alone, and lowering the OP buff levels. in general i prefer higher buff levels but no obvious overpowered buff levels.)

[cows, gl in pleasing the fs community over this.]

7. doubler. in the past, i have been against high buff level for doubler. i feared the multi-round of combat (by accident) costing huge amount of stamina and then the complaints following. i now see the need for such buffs.

times stam usage:
(buff level)/50 + 1 = # of times stam is used

stam stop:
(# of times stam is used) * 20 = stam stop

i believe there is a need for a doubler with a stam stop of 7,000 giving a rough buff level of 17,500. if not currently for loyalty "shop," then for future consideration?

8. someone mentioned using the "new" buffs at buff level 175. i think the post recieved a few likes. worth considering?

possible solution, take a little from everyone.

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