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#1005417 Dark Curse & Arena Adjustments

Posted by michael65 on 20 September 2021 - 17:58

ty, cows

#1004618 Fallen Sword Roadmap Jul - Oct 2021

Posted by michael65 on 26 July 2021 - 21:29

quango! quango! quango!

#1004576 Feedback and Suggestions

Posted by michael65 on 25 July 2021 - 18:27

The search doesn't always show all results. There have been times that I've paid for an individual buff, but it was also offered by another player as part of a set of buffs and would have been cheaper. That set didn't show up on the first search result.

this supports both positions.

m's: buff market hard to target player

y's: go to "regular" buffer via proposed link to get desired buffs

as an aside, the cows rejected a buff vending machine on players' page for current buff market. is link similar to the vending machine approach?
what about limit to buffs like those set in preferences? some players have trouble with those. buff seller can set various values for the buffs.

#1004571 Feedback and Suggestions

Posted by michael65 on 24 July 2021 - 17:56

not everyone has "good" intentions. the ability to choose someone and remove stam should be concerning. one doesn't know which buffs are going to sell, so set cast # limits loosely provides buffs to the market and income to the sellers. needing to set tighter limits to protect from a targeted drain means less buff selection to the market and less income to seller.

#1004458 "Shot in the Dark" !?!?

Posted by michael65 on 10 July 2021 - 22:52

your posting too long for quoting, it very good and saying truth, thank you very much
I knowing players saying it very boring and easy predicting what hcs will doing next but this time I on hcs side, you can not knowing what chest offer they will giving, I think you will seeing it too
for michael65:
I not knowing if you trolling because many things you saying not making sense or you using translator like I and meaning you writing coming wrong
because what players here saying is truth
and I hating to saying this, but the biggest problem with FS is .... boat lickers people like you and who liking your post 
get serios, if you go buying drink from super market and there is problem with all drinks, it is not customer who fault, it logic
what is limit of boat lickers, disgrace
pvp level ranges is more 12 years players saying need increasing, always ignoring and no it not taking more 12 years writing code for increasing pvp range, it logic that it not can taking more 12 years and if anybody not understanding then not normal in head, good night life
yes bro, very good, thank you very much for saying truth

i. saying we need gear sink while decrying composing is a contradiction.
ii. saying composing brings too op pots to game while trying to bring back events the rewards are op pots is a contradiction.
iii. saying slow app development is problem while many players use the app including new players is a gross overstatement.

if composing, app, and ladder are the problems as been stated in this thread, then the problem is with those who introduce these "abominations," i.e. the players.

the players:
wanted composing.
wanted the app.
proposed the "new" pvp ladder system.
but the players are somehow not responsible? how convenient.

in my language, a falsehood is a falsehood. pls, don't call it truth.

#1004384 "Shot in the Dark" !?!?

Posted by michael65 on 05 July 2021 - 21:29

the original post:

in making a case for the cows being slow to change, attacked app and composing. the charge of not finished. yet, app is in use. the charge over powered. yet, cows nerfed buffs (maybe one too much) to compensate. the charge not available. yet, traveling composers exist then original post had problem with traveling composers. this is taking both sides of an issue and declaring both sides wrong.

to "red" commentator's comments:

1. the original post did mention app and composing. the charge "bad take" seems refuted.
2. data does not equal truth. personal feelings and emotions have value, just not usually quantifiable.
3. see 1 above. my approach was to state my opinion.
4. the "attack" was on app and composing. for "my take" see above.
5. my take: app, cool with cockpit control. composing, a struggle like leveling. pvp and pvp ladder, i'm a leveller. gvg, a necessity for rank and rp. relics can be helpful.
6. at some level, the cows are the game.
7. players are sitting alone in a guild for a reason. "red" guild comments does not hold. my argument still stands.
8. as to HD, it struggled in the past. it struggles today. home is like that.

more of "my take"

#1004345 Double Composing XP LXV

Posted by michael65 on 02 July 2021 - 16:40

what again?

yay! i needed this!

#1004325 Statistical Analysis of Gear Distribution in FallenSword

Posted by michael65 on 30 June 2021 - 04:11

holy cow!


as to interpretation,
seems def sets are underrepresented.

perhaps, arm/def took up the slack in the cows' mind.

#1004291 UFSG Missing Items

Posted by michael65 on 28 June 2021 - 00:52

i could have miss this, but dark realms in ufsg seem to have no notice of dark realm status.

#1003995 New Content! 4776 - 4800!

Posted by michael65 on 08 June 2021 - 18:35

EOC players are the pioneers/ explorers of fs. their efforts eventually help levellers that come later. creating EOC means game continues. so, helping EOC players helps fs.

#1003903 Feedback and Suggestions

Posted by michael65 on 26 May 2021 - 14:17

what i fear:

players get cows to be transparent. 2 seconds later, players attack cows for:

1. not understanding players
2. not understanding the game
3. being too slow to implement
4. introducing too powerful items
5. introducing too weak items
6. introducing too ordinary items
7. ...

in other words, the call to be open is really a trap for the cows.

#1003869 Feedback and Suggestions

Posted by michael65 on 20 May 2021 - 05:19

fs is a business. transparency and promises can be dangerous to a business.

if one thinks of espn abc marvel as businesses they become less entertaining. yet, they are businesses with business secrets. same with fs.

looking behind the curtain to find the wizard of oz is just a guy is disappointing.
let the cows have some mystery

#1003833 Thieves In The Night reappearance

Posted by michael65 on 10 May 2021 - 15:37

recipes: sister tabithas cathedral of ways mountain path, krul island

quest items for recipes: check AH, checking under quest and used in recipes

#1003649 Stam Overflow

Posted by michael65 on 14 April 2021 - 19:18

Thank you for agreeing that everyone can have a different opinion than mine, yours or even the OP. :D

got 1 point while ignoring the other point.

#1003645 Stam Overflow

Posted by michael65 on 14 April 2021 - 18:54

Here is my reply to the OP: the only sensible solution is to remove the lag. I don't believe in receiving free things anytime there is a minor inconvenience in the game. Example: I have yet to ask for any sort of compensation for the PvP Ladder being turned off for 12 days even though I am missing out on quite a few tokens.

"minor inconvenience" sounds like hyperbole. as to being equal, some players shared horrible experiences. when i had a decent hunt, players in chat complain of not being able to hunt. your "minor inconvenience" or "free handout" argument minimizes real pain and insults fellow players.

if the cows choose not give anything that is their choice. one should be able to speak on the subject without the couched ridicule and insult.

that is how i see it.

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