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In Topic: Proposed Loyalty Update.

16 September 2021 - 13:38

First of all thanks for suggesting the new skills to the community and not just implementing them !!!


Before I start I have ONLY read BigGrim's OP so some things here might have already been posted by others + I am basing my oppinions on those criteria:

  • Cash is spent to buy FSPs during Special Offers + to receive 1 - 2 EPIC donation chest/s & the Allegiance / Loyalty Tokens are Extras !!!
  • New pots should NOT negatively affect any other rewards like EPIC donation chests, Global chests, PvP Ladder, Arena, .....
  • Skills should NOT be too low or too high, same applies to Allegiance / Loyalty Tokens cost & duration time !!!
  • Allegiance / Loyalty pots are ALL BOUND !!!




Here are a few changes we are considering to existing potions.
Change Potion of Intensity to:
Doubler 1500 Loyalty 200
Change Auspice of Ancients to:
Conserve 440 Loyalty 100
would suggest lvl 350 - 400 + a cost of 100 Tokens !!!
think would greatly help NEW & lower players, thus keeping the Token cost low
Change Scholars Draft to:
Adept Learner 400 Loyalty 250
Librarian 400
would suggest lvl 350 - 400 too + a cost of 200 Tokens !!!
think would greatly help NEW & lower players, thus keeping the Token cost low
Potion of Ultimate Global Acceleration Cost reduced to 1000.
Move Fast Track Draft from Caves and upgrade to buff level 200. Loyalty: 100.
Here are 13 new proposed potions and their loyalty costs.
Warriors Elixir. Loyalty: 750
Fury Level : 200 Duration : 120m
Berserk Level : 200 Duration : 120m
Dark Curse Level : 200 Duration : 120m
Enchanted Weapon Level : 200 Duration : 120m
Wither Level : 200 Duration : 120m
Shatter Armor Level : 200 Duration : 120m
Enchanted Armor lvl 200
Keen Edge lvl 200
I would add EA + KE instead of wither + SA, drop the Token cost because these levels can already be cast with the help of Buff Enhancer, maybe 150-200 Tokens !!!
Additionally I would add it as a Guild RP Pack too !!!
another great RP Pack would be:
Armor Boost lvl 200
Shield Wall lvl 200
Terrorize lvl 200
Flinch lvl 200
Sanctuary lvl 200
Constitution lvl 200
Potion of the Quester. Loyalty:  500
Find Item Level : 400 Duration : 120m
Quest Finder Level : 200 Duration : 120m
Quest Hunter Level : 200 Duration : 120m
would change them to:
Find Item lvl 1000
Quest Finder lvl 250
Quest Hunter lvl 250
Potion of Precision Strike. Loyalty:  500
Arterial Strike Level :  1000 Duration : 120m
Forgemaster Draft. Loyalty:  150
Epic Forge Level :  200 Duration : 120m
add Epic Craft lvl 200
for 200-300 Tokens
Magical Carapace. Loyalty:  500
Defensive Aura Level : 250 Duration : 120m
Layered Armor Level : 250 Duration : 120m
think the Token cost should be dropped to 200-300 
Hunting Lord Potion. Loyalty:  500
Doubler Level : 3000 Duration : 120m
would increase the Token cost to 750
I will not lie, this would greatly benefit people like me (big stamina banks) as I used to buy a donation chest just for a high doubler !!!
usually I would say no because it interferes with the donation & global chests BUT as the skill Doubler does NOT affect any target stats (PvP or PvE) + it does NOT increase xp gain (AL, OK, ....) or even save stamina (Conserve) I will give it an OK. (Doubler is just a multiplier, same as Global Booster)
Another reason would be that a high Doubler has been requested a lot by big stamina banks so this should satisfy them.  :P 
In the end it is up to HCS 
Potion of the Divine Hunter. Loyalty:   1000
Doubler Level : 5000 Duration : 120m
​agree with the Token cost of 1000 !!!
Potion of Divine Knowledge. Loyalty:  750
Adept Learner Level : 1000 Duration : 120m
Librarian Level : 900 Duration : 120m
Obviously NO, remove that pot !!!
It should be obvious why it negatively affects donations, global events, .... + seriously STOP with the "power creep" !!!
Rampage Potion. Loyalty:  750
Animal Magnetism Level : 500 Duration : 120m
Conserve Level : 1000 Duration : 120m
Obviously NO, remove that pot !!!
same as the above
Alchemist Prized Potion. Loyalty:  750
Distil Level : 250 Duration : 120m
Brewing Master Level :  500 Duration : 120m
Obviously NO, remove that pot !!!
This one is the worst, again please STOP with the "power creep" !!!
This is so bad that I do not even know where to start as it would take too long to summarize all the cons as It negatively affects almost all game plays (Arena, PvP, GvG, ......)
Just want to add that the highest currently available BM is lvl 300 from the Arena & that should stay so !!!
Potion of Supreme Global Acceleration. Loyalty 2000
Global Booster 1000
The Token cost is too high + currently GB lvl 1500 costs 1200 Tokens, so a lower GB lvl 1000 should obviously cost less !!!
Potion of Devilish Global Acceleration. Loyalty 3000.
Global Booster 1500
I am a bit confused, the GB lvl 1500 pot has 3 different names: (1 from FS & 2 diff names in OP)
Masterful Global Booster Potion (https://fallensword....&subcmd=loyalty)
Potion of Ultimate Global Acceleration (https://forums.hunte...=1#entry1005037)
Potion of Devilish Global Acceleration (https://forums.hunte...=1#entry1005037)
The Token cost is too high as we already have GB 1500 for a cost of 1200 Tokens !!!
Potion of Godly Global Acceleration. Loyalty 5000.
Global Booster 2000
The Token cost is too high !!!
Currently we have those Global Boosters:
We look forward to your feedback on these proposals. We also welcome any additional ideas you may have.
~ The Fallen Sword Team


Honestly the Loyalty section should have "unique" rewards only available there, would love to see more like the realm chest KEYS which are ONLY available on there


LINK => https://fallensword....&subcmd=loyalty


Please do NOT add any skills close to EPIC donation chests => their value would drastically drop => less donation (after all why would the past donators donate again when they can get the same epic skills from the Token shop, the vast majority hardly uses their tokens so they are sitting on them  B) !!!


Please do NOT add any skills close to EPIC global chests => less people would participate => as we all know the top 100 get us the most total kills + are usually big stamina banks !!!


Please do NOT increase the "daily Allegiance Tokens", HCS has already introduced DOUBLE & TRIPLE Token rewards during special offers so either patiently do the Daily Quests or just donate, in the end this game is still running due to donations !!!


IMO the highest AL, LIB, Conserve level should not be higher than 400 !!!


As mentioned, try adding rewads that are truly unique & are not close to EPIC donation / global chests to NOT negatively affect them !!!



maybe Stalker lvl 400-500, Sacrifice 750-1000? (I know sacrifice lvl 500 is in some global chests BUT it is not in any of the EPIC donation chests, at least I think so)

& / or even a new Skill => Immortal: 0xp loss when defeated vs. Creatures. (PvE & does NOT protect Gold loss)

Titan Doubler lvl 200 would be a choice too since it can already be cast with Buff Enhancer & might help low lvl players who can not cast it yet or not available in buff market at that time !!!


Lastly please keep the Token cost at a reasonable value (for Example 3000 Tokens for just a GB 1500 is too expensive)



  1. Which of these Token potions will be available to be purchased with GOLD too? (like all the current KEYS, Global Boosters)
  2. Do all the listed Token potions have a 120 min duration? (except for the GB pots that have 60 min)

In Topic: Possible Relic Alterations

13 June 2021 - 04:12

Hi there everyone.


We've heard the feedback regarding Stamina Gain on Relics. While we don't see any benefit from stripping it from existing higher level relics, (it'd just cause ill will with those holding them), we have no problem seeding them through lower levels.


Our question to you, the Community is this: Would you have a problem with us changing the stats of lower Relics to allow for moving those stats to Stamina Gain or would we be looking at simply adding it?


We'll have an in game poll running and feedback here with any reasoning is greatly appreciated.


Poll broken. Will put it back up once repaired.


~ Grim

you can either do ....


1.) the laziest method


simply add as many Stam Gain relics as you desire & ignore ALL other relic iusses !!!

you can even change ALL relics into "Super" Relics that have FULL +% Stam Gain, Max Stam, Stats, Enhancements


it's a band aid that ignores all other relic issues, gets rid of any competition & teamwork, relic battles, .....



2.) you actually do some work


A ) FIX the current relic battles which are a **** JOKE !!!


enough said, everyone who has ever captured / defended relics knows it !!!

from a low "1-man-guild" (who was a low lvl player himself with 2 low joiners) took 100+ relics without any "issue" to HCS admins kamicazer7 (was at the time lvl 50 or so) & hooftest taking our relic that had 50+ defenders also without any issues

granted most were not in pvp gear but still a lvl 50 beating 50+ defenders were at least half of them were EOC !!!


B ) Make capturing relics a permission !!!


I used to mentor some small guilds & the issue they ran into was that new players would simply capture relics their guild did not need (also happens to other guilds, regardless of size) & they could not get "rid of it" which brings me to my next point ...


C ) Add a "dismiss Relic" option !!!


As said, add a "dismiss Relic" option with a COOLDOWN to avoid abuse !!!


D ) preferred Relic value


Contrary to what many believe it is not Stam Gain Relics that low / new players actually need, as mentioned before: I used to mentor small guilds & what they needed the most was MAX STAM Relics !!!


of course do NOT take my word for it & please make a game poll that ONLY includes low players, NOT high players like me, EOC, afterall the "new relics" are for them !!!


E ) Supply & Demand !!!


I do not think I need to say anymore, just please make sure to NOT add too many & keep them at a decent number so they are still "attractive" / desired, encourage activity, teamwork & relic battles !!!


F ) "Optional" NEW Guild Relic WAR System !!!


Make TEAMWORK actually matter in relic battles & encourage TEAMWORK, please do NOT discourage it !!!



Guild A captures a relic from Guild B

Both Guild A + B will have 12h time to accept / decline "Relic War"

(new relic war permission to accept / decline will be added)

If after 12h no option has been choosen it will automatically count as a decline to avoid abuse !!!

If Guild A declines then they will be on a 30 day cooldown on that relic & Guild B will have control of that relic

If Guild A accepts + Guild B declines then then B will be on a 30 day cooldown on that relic & Guild A will have control of that relic

If both Guild A + Guild B accept then they will enter a 7-day-Relic-War that looks like this:


Attack Ranges: 

50 - 500 (+/- ??) 

601 - 1000 (+/- 100)    

1001 - 2000+ (+/- 300)

2001 - 3000+ (+/- 500)

3001+ (+/- 1000)

(the attack ranges can be changed by HCS / players who know their ranges better than me)


During those "7-day-Relic-War" both members of Guild A + Guild B will enter a "PvP-War" where they can hourly hit (look above for attack ranges) each other & even bounty each other !!!

they will get their own guild "Bounty-Board" where only Guild A + Guild B can participate in !!!

during the "7-day-Relic-War" time Guild A + Guild B can still capture / defend their relic like normal until the war is over !!!

(it has to be PvP aka xp loss involved, you have to pay a "price" & fight for the relic (bonuses) you get !!! hoof remember how relics were fought for, many guilds, regardless of size battled in PvP for them & generated high activity !!!


I will leave the Scoring System to HCS / the community

both Guild A + Guild B can retreat from the "7-day-Relic-War" at any time BUT it will count as a loss & they will be on a 30 day cooldown on that relic !!!


For every additional +1 relic those guilds battle about +1 day will be added to the "7-day-Relic-War"

so if they battle for 4 relics in (1+3) the war will last 10 days in total !!!


to make it even more exciting several guilds can get involved, either helping Guild A / B or even be against both biggrin.png

several guilds can war against each other for 1,2, ... relics or even "support" another guild (so small guilds can tackle a big guild, ....)

it will greatly encourage TEAMWORK, activity + many other things

  • NO guild can be forced against their will / permission to enter the "7-day-Relic-War" to PvP !!!
  • the "7-day-Relic-War" can only start if it has been accepted by someone who has the permission to !!!
  • at any time any guild can "retreat" from the "7-day-Relic-War" & it will be counted as a loss


this is just a "prototyp-system" so it is far from perfect (an EXAMPLE & everything is up for HCS / community to decide) so no need for me to go into details atm

ps: IF point (F) is implemented then it already takes care of point (A)
(+ after implementing strip ALL guilds of ALL relics & let the GAME begin smile.png  !!!)


I will never understand why HCS keep avoiding / discouraging TEAMWORK / competitions !!! best ("worst") example is PvP

I mean are not games generally played to compete?


FS has great potential BUT has been declining for years, no matter how good the app is it will hardly matter when the actual game has many "broken" gamestyles which need to be updated & will struggle to keep the new ones or even the older ones !!!

honestly I have been hardly active for a long time, as have many others I noticed since aside from the 3 repetitiv main events (Global Event, LE Event, Leveling Content) there is nothing else to do since most if not all the other game aspects are "broken" & need to be updated + when I am online I chat which there are many other apps better for chatting than this one ...


others have already said it before, it is NOT that there are not any good ideas / suggestions (the community has provided numerous good ones over the years) but simply the  "communication" with HCS is lacking !!!

to put it bluntly: we simply get some "lip service" without any action ....


I have so much to say but let's 1st wait & see where this leads ...

In Topic: Feedback and Suggestions

06 April 2021 - 00:50

1) before anything else please fix any reported bugs !!!


here is a link to some if they have not already been fixed => https://forums.hunte...=3#entry1003213

plus some others:

-) LAG + ERROR messages still happening until this post

-) Invented items are now automatically transferred to BP instead of Mailbox, please change it back to MAILBOX !!! (new players hardly have any BP slots so questing and daily quests like "invent 50+" will be a pain for them !!!

-) When you open a Chest then the potion inside gets transferred to BP instead of Mailbox, please change it back to MAILBOX !!!

-) When empowering a relic it sometimes does not show in guild logs

-) Items from AH take longer than normal (1 minute max after the auction has ended) to get automatically transferred to MAILBOX), at the moment it is random

for Example: I had items that ended at the same time but received them in my MAILBOX at different times, each item after some seconds or even minutes (might be due to LAG)


2Please create a NEW topic for each game style


It is best if an admin creates a NEW topic for each game style (GvG, Arena, PvP, Composing, Rewards, .....) for discussion and posts the LINK here, otherwise posting many topics in only 1 thread will get chaotic, many pages, ...... just a mess




I am talking about GAME - polls, NOT forum - polls so you reach more people since only a few even visit the forum & to know what the community actually wants / prioritizes




Improve socializing "tools" to generate activity !!!

the recent fixed chat, leader chat, news, log - Notifications have led to more activity, we were finally able to see when a chat / leader chat message would pop up

maybe even the "FSP - chest" I have been posting about like in many other games (at the end of this post-link: https://forums.hunte...3#entry1003213)

or a mini game for FS like tetris, ......

IMO anything that generates activity !!!




do NOT simply only listen to players, not to me or anyone, when you do some changes then please OBSERVE !!!

hoof has done some very good changes through observing  :D



:) thanks Arioche for the thread & hope to see good things in the near future  :) 

In Topic: Composing Update (v3.0.0)

23 March 2021 - 19:54

Point taken about SH - we've capped it at level 480 now.


Also will look to see if we can increase the message limit to 512 as well :)

hi Hoof!


it's very rare to see you around but when you are here then stuff quickly gets done so .....



MXDmuuv.png  this "pop up" stopped appearing a long time ago


8QFEHeV.png  this "pop up" stopped appearing a long time ago


H0Kmilg.png this "pop up" stopped appearing at all whether you get buffed, send items, ST, get items in Mailbox, ...


FeOFo14.png this "pop up" stopped appearing when a Titan spawned / the PvP Ladder reset / new medals achieved


JT14OlX.png this "pop up" started appearing when you get a private message

problem is that you will need to have the "Character - Tab" open 24/7 to know when you will receive a message

I think you should introduce a new "pop up" for private messages too because what we currently have is really bad sad.png


some of these BUGS have been reported to Support & in Forum years ago & are still reported until now by numerous players & everytime we get the same reply >>> will forward & will be fixed in the next game update <<<


other BUGS that appeared

  • NO "pop up" for Mass Messages or any kind that we usually got before the Update (Composing, sold items, .....)
  • many experienced extreme lag immediately after the Update, apparently hoof was online & saw it, he "fixed" it for the majority but few still have trouble
  • Invented items are now directly transferred to BackPack instead like usual to Mailbox !!!
  • try opening a potion from a chest and see what happens ....
  • others

Hoof, please fix them ASAP !!!


the missing "pop ups" (look at screen shots) have unfortunately really made FallenSword almost unplayable sad.png


the UI is not "user friendly" anymore, for years we do not know when a new chat / leader message appears which lead to less communication / logins .....



 a "selfish" request that is very quick to implement + sure that will increase activity (like I have seen in other various successful games)


while we are waiting for HCS, they can implement this awesome feature:


the amount you enter will be transfered (substracted) from your FSP account to your "FSP chest" that will appear in your Mailbox !!!

(EXAMPLE: if your account has 1000 FSPs and you input 200 FSPs, then your account will have 800 FSPs & the "FSP chest" a value of 200 FSPs !!!)

then this "FSP Chest" (hope HCS will give it a cool design) can be gifted to players, this will generate activity especially during events, occasions, holidays, ...... 

this is much better than just receiving fsps (proven in other games & sure many saw it in other games, I ♥ it)

hope we will see it very soon & at the same time HCS can observe the activity during that day  :D

we should do EVERYTHING we can to increase game activity so PLEASE Hoof let's do that !!!

In Topic: Towers => Orbs

05 March 2021 - 08:25

it is a good list mary, only one thing I would like to see, Allegiance Tokens (loyalty tokens)


for those who donate they have thousands of Allegiance Tokens, some of us even over a million  :)


please try to add Allegiance Tokens to the list and I already know whom to send he first fsp gift chest  :P

should not be that hard to add the Loyalty Tokens =>

  • Recipe D = 1 x Bag of 100 PvP Ladder Tokens + 1 x Bag of 1000 Arena Tokens + 1 Bag of 10000 Loyalty Tokens

(NEW PvP Ladder Reward added called “Bag of 100 PvP Ladder Tokens” + Arena Reward called “Bag of 1000 Arena Tokens” + Loyalty Reward called "Bag of 10000 Loyalty Tokens)


oooohhhh you are such a sweety, I am sure many others will be sending out those "gift chests" too



I finding problem


before hunted cow hammer was value having but then hcs give titan that drop weapon with same 7 stam gain and hunted cow hammer value getting destroying


now problem what if hcs making same mistake and giving titan drop 7 stam gain, same as hunted cow amulet and helm, then it will ending destroying value like what happening with hunted cow hammer


in your list there epics who having value and needing time for getting, needing time is good because will giving activity to game but if epics value getting destroying then everything will becoming joke

I get what you are saying BUT in my oppinion HCS "experimented" with the HC Hammer weapon (+7 stam gain) by releasing other 2 x +7 stam gain weapons (Flayed Colossal Axe & Greater Flamedeer Antlers) to check how it will go ....


this led to the HC Hammer (was the best stam gain weapon) quickly dropping over 50% of its value, it has been for years almost constant

so I seriously doubt HCS will make the mistake by releasing another +7 stam gain amulet or helm, would undoubtedly destroy their value + currently the HC Titan is the ONLY NON-seasonal titan that gets quickly hunted & killed, by releasing any +7 stam gain amulet / helm will be the nail in the coffin + BigGrim is in charge of releasing them so have some trust  


I want to add the same thing should apply to the +7 stam gain armor too, we currently have 2 other epics (Steamforged Gorgeanaka Cuirass, Ridged Plate Cuirass) that there should NOT be another +7 stam gain armor added to NOT destroy them, especially the RP one, will have an even more negative impact on GvG conflicts  


btw there are so many NEW Epic drop ideas, EXAMPLES:

for LOW lvl Titans => they can fill the missing stam gain slots

for HIGH lvl Titans => they can drop Quest Items to invent like the Perchtas Gift Sack, ... or why not something new, how about a potion, a frag stash; I am sure they will be sought after and it does not always need to be an epic item drop from a titan but that is kinda off topic so if someone wants can create a new topic & collect some ideas (details)  

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