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Scavenging Caves!

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#1 Zue


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Posted 03 February 2023 - 15:10

Hi all,

The following creatures have been spotted stalking the Realms! The heroes have to step up and defend the innocents!

Heartless Shade (Legendary)

The shadows crawl beneath the Castle Morbidstein. Are they heartless creatures, or simply incarnations of darkness? No one can provide the answer. One noticeable thing is that they appear to be emotionless, striking down any who get too close with casual indifference. Further study should unlock the mystery of these creatures and where they came from. Fortunately, there is no shortage of test samples for they are multiplying underground endlessly.

Designed by : SoraXKairi

Recommended Level : 450+

Recommended Gold : 21,000+

Tree Mistress Zykz (Legendary)

Tree Mistress Zykz is one of the most powerful of the tree beings known as the Hamadryads. She experienced the destruction of her forest home and her Hamadryads by humans and since that day took on a gloomy aspect of decay and doom. As much a danger to plant life as animal life. Wherever Zykes travels, rot and decay follow, an ability that threatens the life of the world and one that must be extinguished...

Recommended Level: 750+

Recommended Gold: 27,000+

Ira Heketoro (Legendary)

Various stories have been passed down through the ages , though none create more excitement and fear than the story of Ira Heketoro. Legend speaks of an ancient forest where the mythical Taniwha Ira Heketoro lives and protects a mysterious stone of uncanny strength. Only the strongest and bravest of warriors would seek out the ancient forest. Few have ever returned. Those who return, while battle scarred and weary, possess treasures imbued with strength and spirit, enough to make many a brave man run in fear.

Designed by : Evilbry

Recommended Level: 1600+

Recommended Gold: 45,000+

Psellio the Helleater (Legendary) (NEW)

Once a reputable demon-slayer of world renown, Psellio is now a monster driven mad by his own bloodlust. His frenzied consumption of demon flesh morphed him into a hideous, multi-limbed abomination whose very name instils fear into demon-kind.

Recommended Level: 2050+

Recommended Gold: 45,000+

Ultra Hustler (Legendary)

Ultra Hustler is a skillful trader and dealer. This is due to his subtle telepathic powers. It is said that he was born in the poorest realms, raised in squalor. While this forced him to make dangerous deals to survive, he became a a canny and shrewd dealer! His fortunes changed when he came across a mysterious spirit. The Spirit asked for aid and Hustler bartered and haggled. His prodigious wheeling and dealing resulted in the spirit joining Hustler and granting him his telepathic power, making his hustling all the more potent!

Designed by : 1hustler

Recommended Level: 3000+

Recommended Gold: 45,000+

Mirky the Malevolent (Legendary)

Mirky the Malevolent is a vile little backstabber. He hides in water or bogs, his fur looking like floating weeds and scum. He waits for even powerful foes that are well versed in combat, as he knows how to strike at weak or exposed joints in armor!

<b>Designed by : EpicPiety</b>

Recommended Level: 3700+

Recommended Gold: 45,000+

Hustlersattva (Legendary)

Once a rich and powerful Merchant Lord, Hustlersattva negotiated trade deals at an epic scale. Trade deals that could mean the life and death of entire cities or even Kingdoms! Such power inevitably breeds a belief that you can do no wrong, so when a betrothed Princess, called Mercy, caught his eye, he pursued her. The feelings were reciprocated but the betrothal was set! Nothing could be done. The Princess's Father, the King, forbade further contact. Needless to say, neither Hustlersattva nor Mercy obeyed this edict and when found out, Mercy was taken away and Hustlersattva banished, with all assets seized. He can now be seen dressed in a monk robe and holding an empty bowl in one hand. He searches the realms for Mercy and, in her name, helps those that are suffering.

Designed by : 1hustler

Recommended Level: 4550+

Recommended Gold: 45,000+

These creatures shall be available until 15:00 on Monday the 6th of February 2023.


~ The Fallen Sword Team.

#2 BadPenny



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Posted 03 February 2023 - 15:58

Erm, maybe, possibly, realms should be changed to caves?

Just one old lady's opinion




~Love, Penny


Have you hugged your Quango lately?

#3 BigGrim


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Posted 06 February 2023 - 15:13

Hi there everyone!
The Legendary Creatures have been driven from the Scavenging Caves! They shall return! 
We hope you enjoyed the event!
~ The Fallen Sword Team

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