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The Howling event live

22 October 2019 - 12:56

Hi all,

Strange things have been happening at night in Eldevin City. Citizens have been advised to stay indoors at night and lock their doors! Guard Captain Travis has been tasked with increasing the Night Watch, report to him near the Golden Tankard Inn to get started on your adventure. The Howling Event is now live and will run until the 12th of November.

The following changes are now live:
  • Fixed a memory leak with the Halloween creatures dropping loot.
  • Fixed spookarius thinking Halloween was over.
  • Renamed Spooky 2015 Gift to Supernatural Gift (no content changes).
  • Fixed an issue where friends would not display properly.
  • Fixed an issue where the community banner was never loading.
  • Loot that does not belong to you will not have particles on it.
  • Some minor bug fixes.
And a minor easter egg even though it's Halloween.

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