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In Topic: Feedback and Suggestions

Yesterday, 18:00

a medal for placing bounties, call it retribution.

In Topic: Feedback and Suggestions

Yesterday, 17:56

Why not keep it as is i find with a  big EW There are a  number of situations where its  handy for buffing people  who are off line  


or add rage and have all 4, atm the buff is lackluster anyway, kinda.

In Topic: Game Update v3.1.0

Yesterday, 13:19

Anytime someone trashes your argument you go to 'lack of understanding' - I suggest it may be you who lacks understanding if you think shoving pvp down peoples throats is in any way constructive of for the greater good. Present reasoned arguments or stay quiet. Suggesting nobody but you understands the mechanics of the game is just childish.


i already said take no offense, you are agressive and hostile, i will not waste any more breath on you, ty for not listening, fair enough to what your loud opinion is, have a nice day!



edit: i offered facts, you offered trying to shut a person down offensively without any facts, sorry u didnt wanna hear it. i do question this first sentence too, dont feel ive done that in the past so dont see need for you to embelish statements in hopes to louden your cause, stay on topic please! i did notice your other edit also calling me concieted, lets discuss it, if u got to know a person like me, youd find me very calm and humble, try not to call me that until i have more of it under my belt, if i ever will, if you can help it, tho im not your boss. telling me to keep quiet and i didnt already bring reason, when i merely offered commonsense with some rationality with a flair of fiest hardly seems childish, reread our convo and like i said to your post 'fair enough' ty!

In Topic: Game Update v3.1.0

Yesterday, 13:09

I am no stranger to PvP.. Nor do I fear it. I am merely voicing concerns that a small number of players are biasing the game toward their own ends, while the silent majority have their protections removed. It's called standing up for the ghreater good.. Try it sometime.


fair enough, tho what a leveller spends once a month, a pvper spends in under a week, to add more to the debate, have u seen how much pvpers spend, seems u lack the understanding, no offense intended, to what the greater good is, on top of what i layed out about balance previously...

In Topic: Game Update v3.1.0

Yesterday, 12:18

Hmmm... After rolling back (to 175), rather than capping (at 192) Deflect in combination with BE... Anti-deflect composed potion level continues to increase..... That seems rather... Biased. To a vocal few who want a WIN button for pvp whether on the ladder ot not.


How about helping the players who do not wish to participate in pvp rather than make it even harder for them? After all, we have the ladder - it can't be that hard to code a imit or outright exclusion for these buff ON LADDER, while allowing them as normal off ladder. 


I find it odd that HCS would nerf previous increases in defensive buffs while continuing to improve the buffs that counter said defensive buffs.... On the basis that a handful of players continually make noise about it... 


lets be intelligent, relevant, on topic and game balanced whilst informative, firstly, posts like this make me ashamed to be a leveller, cos i dont want win buttons to escape pvp, we get handed copious amounts of lvl 500+ pots in globals, 700+ pots from donating(which can be gotten from in game earnings so u dont need to donate), the damage done by pvp has always been fairly acceptable with rational thinking, with these uber leveling pots pvp doesnt make a shred of difference, there is into the mix pvp protection, deflect should never have gone past 175, possibly even 150, like most buffs, as it doesnt even allow the combat to transpire, i find it hard to believe with rational thinking that people need the ultimate perfect escape from pvp in a pvp game, if it gets any blander and repetitive in leveling its back to childhood watching my lil pony, this is fallen sword, raise your sword, i want some challenge in my leveling, i want to bob and weave, i am the hero of the realms am i not, slaying things, helping victims and amassing riches, villains are real, mob them too if u want, or admit u need to train your senses better for the tides of war shift!

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