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20 April 2022 - 14:44

Hi everyone!


This isn't something that Hunted Cow endorse, I'm afraid. We do think it's a cool project but it isn't something we want for our game and we definitely do not want players charging for something like this or creating extra accounts to try it out (both of those things would breach our Terms of Service).


Thanks for your understanding. :)

No worries, assets deleted. 

In Topic: Fallensword VR!

20 April 2022 - 09:45

i have read most of this thread, i see for and against posted, i don't see this as something i would use though i will wait to see how this pans out, so change my mind if u can, mostly though, what i mostly wanted to say is, i commend you on your passion and well done on trying to bring something new to the table!

Cheers Juvi :) i have purchased better hardware to work on the project from aswell as a tablet to help with texture designs.

Currently learning texturing so the models dont look so ugly. The creation of the rooms is the easy part, its the texturing that is the headache. However i have learnt enough so i can make metal items look metal, bone items look like bones and glass windows that you can see through.

This is the last part of learning i need to do to be able to launch from the current platform. If HCS allow me to use the UNITY version then i would need to go back to youtube and forums to learn how i can fix the game to the HCS website so it can interact. 

If you could see yourself in 3D with your favourite items im sure you would want to be there. The changes you can make to your setting are as far as your imagination can stretch. A setting that you can then share with guildmates and friends. A room depicting you as a person aswell as your beliefs, passions and achievements. I can make Garfield walk around your room or better yet, create you a character skin as garfield.

Due to the rooms and textures being low poly, changes to your room can be implemented quickly, almost twice to 3x the amount of time to create an avi. Meaning in a day i can fit multiple orders and if avi makers want to learn how to make 3D images etc they can and sell their art for FSP. This also teaches avi makers a new skill with its end result makes you the greatest avis of all time. Example, If you like DBZ, you could get a 3D model of goku and make him do an emote or interact in some way in the scene then record the scene before converting to apng format. 

This also benefits the cows as ALL ASSETS contributed would be owned by HCS (excluding copyright models like garfield etc). So they could then use that 3D model to create a game in the future. Gives them drafts to work from rather then scratch. 

P.S with the age of VR and AR around the corner, its better to be ahead of the game rather then be the last on the scene.

In Topic: Fallensword VR!

20 April 2022 - 05:55

Seems to have worked for you on the forums, right? Your prior forum account is Removed51002.

If you dont have any questions or enquiries related to the thread can you either private message or create another thread. Thankyou

In Topic: Fallensword VR!

19 April 2022 - 11:32

That is against the Terms of Use and will result in the termination of the clone and possible termination of the original account. 


So no. Don't do that.


~ Grim

Fair call, Its the only solution i have found. 

In Topic: Fallensword VR!

19 April 2022 - 00:18

Again: I don't think they're so understanding when you intentionally make a "new" account, whatever the reasoning behind it... Making a new account still won't fix the login problem that they are having with iOS... It will just exacerbate it with a new account they can't log into, PLUS they'll get in trouble for making a new account on purpose...  BAD ADVICE!


Again: I have seen others in global solve the issue by doing what i stated above. Last resort effort imo, My partner cant log into her app version either. 

I wont get diplomatic here because i dont really care the topic is irrelevant to the thread.

I will not argue with you badpenny. That is a solution i have seen and it worked so i shared the information. I dont care whether it was good advice or bad advice it was a solution that i have seen. Your solution was to just drop the content and move on. 

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