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In Topic: Legacy Roadmap 2014

03 October 2014 - 23:10

I'll break it down into what I think we should and shouldn't do, vaguely.


Roadmap pick:

Raid System (Original Post)

I think this has a lot of potential, and if done right, a lot of players could get a lot of enjoyment out of it. Of all of the items posted, I think this is of the few that is large enough for you to build a roadmap around.


Should do:

Warfare Shop Items (Original Post)

I think tons of players have WFPs sitting around doing not a whole lot for them, so it'd be nice to have a good use for them.

Inventory Revamp (Original Post)

Please please please! :D I don't think this is a big enough thing to be a 'roadmap' though.

Hospital Revamp (Original Post)

I don't think having the hospital close adds enjoyment to the game. I'd be happy to see it go away.


Shouldn't do:

Rogue Viability

I actually like the idea in general, I just think that it's probably going to be a fair bit of work and I don't think that all that many people will get a lot out of it. So, neat idea, but probably not the highest ROI of all the roadmap ideas.

Crystal Levelling (Original Post)

I don't think I actually understand the idea well enough to comment on it.

In Topic: Legacy Updates

14 September 2014 - 08:22

I've got a handful of small, simple suggestions that could help the game and should take little dev effort to implement.


Re. activity/engagement:

1. Add a visual indicator of some kind that you're elegible to vote for the game in the top game listings.

This is basically free publicity. LES has that functionality, for reference:



2. Along the lines above, add a visual indicator of some kind when your boosts are about to run out.

That way, you can buy a new one without letting your current boost lapse, likely increasing plat spend.


3. Somehow highlight on the forums at the top level when there's a new post for a given forum.

Probably easy to implement, and would likely encourage more forum activity since people can easily see there's a new post since they last visited the forum.


There's probably tons of other low-hanging fruit out there that would have a positive impact on engagement.


Re. gang balance:

Rather than assigning players randomly on sign-up, assign them based on which gang has the least amount of active members, providing a natural force for gang activity balance over the long term. For a more detailed discussion, see:


Gang balance has been a contentious issue for a while, and though I don't think this will fix all problems, I believe it can help, and should be easy to implement.


Re. developer communication/transparency:

Ani's thread about Legacy's future shows what happens when communication channels break down, and I think we would all appreciate an improvement in communication between devs and the community.




Meta-point: A lot of the things being discussed in this thread have been discussed in the suggestion forum. Perhaps we might benefit as a whole by having someone volunteer to summarize the top ideas brought up in the suggestion forum each month, and have you weight in on them?

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