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#949412 Legacy in general

Posted by Anialator on 23 September 2015 - 14:13

As someone with the best equipment set up in the game, you could start Legacy from scratch and I'd be on board with it. I'm guessing you have a particularly drastic idea in mind, go for it bro! :)

#949371 Legacy in general

Posted by Anialator on 22 September 2015 - 22:53

"I understand this will upset some players, but I have to do what is best for Legacy at this point."

Best for Legacy at this point.

Best for Legacy

#949196 Legacy in general

Posted by Anialator on 20 September 2015 - 15:22

Totally agreed. No offense intended to Zorg but I would like to hear a response from Hoofmaster. We've had staff reply to Legacy related threads here in a timely matter about server issues. This is a far more pressing matter than a day of down time.

At the very least if you can't make a proper announcement till you have had a proper discussion with the HCS staff team about this, a post to let us know you will give a full reply later would be appreciated.

#929643 Legacy 10 year anniversary

Posted by Anialator on 23 April 2015 - 16:56

A player had mentioned making a thread in these forums, as it tends to be the only thing that gets Legacy coding time, but I had initially suggested against it considering the recent release of the Wasteland Misc items. But now that I consider it, there's a number of things that make me take that back.
First off, it is absolutely astounding that there was no blog post made on Legacy to advertise the sale of platinum. It would suggest that HCS aren't even interested in the revenue we generate, let alone the game itself. Zorg hasn't posted a blog in over 2 months now.
Speaking of blogs, we are now day 22 into our new map and have yet to receive the results of the previous round. Before this we got our round results within 5 days, and the round before that on the actual day so surely a blog post to tell us cannot be a time consuming task.
The Plat market is dead. No one wants to buy any boosts, and for some like training boost why would you? I'm sitting here with 147,766  ability Points, for the HCS staff to compare thats a bit over 29% of what it takes to train all abilities, or 615 days of ability training. And I am no where near the record for backlog right now.
And to top it off, what brought me to this thread, the fact that Zorg, when asked what would be happening for the 10th year anniversary, could reply to the one guy bringing us amazing graphics for Legacy with "Toolboxes? lol" It really isn't a lol situation. :/ Is Zorg suffering Legacy based depression or what?
8 years of Legacy man. I'll be here till you've done to us what you did to Sigmastorm but just, damn. :|

#888734 Legacy's Future

Posted by Anialator on 08 September 2014 - 10:41

I too would be willing to pay in part for independent development of this game, my funds are somewhat limited as I am going to university this month, but I would be willing to chip in up to 50 pounds myself if everyone else would. Individually it's not much but being one of HCS most active games it could be possible to raise the funds required for a legitimate offer.

On the other hand that activity would be a reason you wouldn't wish to sell, when you employed Zorg you got access to a gold mine with Legacy. Your flagship product Eldevin may make a large profit when it goes to Steam, but it comes with the huge risk of the money and time you have spent producing it. Legacy is not graphically intensive and profits can be made from relatively small amounts of investment. (Heck I expect Steven would be willing to single handedly provide all the graphics required) We need a reason to start purchasing platinum again, something that assures us of Legacy's longevity.

Edit: Also as to what Aaron says,

These are genuine concerns others are too fearful to voice their opinion of, which is yet another problem in itself.

I saw this first hand with the creation of this thread, I discussed the contents of the original post with a few others prior to posting and they said it was very likely my thread would be deleted. That any player should feel that level of mistrust is most worrying.

#888686 Legacy's Future

Posted by Anialator on 07 September 2014 - 19:00

The recent loss of the game Solarfleet leaves me worried as to the long term survival of our game, especially when it appears we would not be given the source code to continue should it fail here. It is worrying enough that Legacy was relegated to "Other" despite our still reasonable playerbase compared to games with their own forums which, if I understood the page correctly, seem to average only 3 players online.


We were told joining HCS would boost our player base, if anything it seems the intention was to get our players to join games already a part of HCS. We are in a situation where there is only one person who may create content for the game, who has responsibilities elsewhere. Additional coders, and there are people on Legacy who would happily create this content, could not only prevent the end of this game, but even give it new life to grow once more.


I guess i'm just looking for confirmation that the years that the active players (quick average from online now gives about 5 years though many are at 8 now) won't be lost. Can we get feedback on this?

#815391 Legacy Updates

Posted by Anialator on 08 October 2013 - 00:59

So. You may have heard about the notorious WL Boycott thread in Main, if you haven't seen it yet I highly recommend it for an interesting read. A discussion has been opened in the Online Chat to discuss a way to return some balance to the wasteland, and i've been asked to bring forward the two systems that were recommended;


- Activity Reward System:

This system was suggested by Paxed. In short, each week the 4 gangs get a set number of credits, which are divided amongst the gang based on their warfare points, IE a player who gets 5% of the total warfare points for that gang, gets 5% of the credits. This means, that the gang with the least number of active players, will get the highest amount of credits per person, encouraging players to move to a less active gang to earn a greater share of the credits.


We know you are not a fan of players getting something for nothing, and that we need to be removing credits from the game rather than adding on, so these credits would be supplied by the members of each gang, so for example it the credits given each week were 10k, the credits removed from each player would be 10k / number of players in the gang. (with > x value credits on hand) This would take a small number of credits, approx 8 - 10c a week, and would redistribute them to the active players.


Edit: Suggestions forum thread here: http://www.legacy-ga...ugg&t=43909&p=0


- HQ Proximity System:

This one is more straight forward, the further a player gets from their gangs HQ, the less effective they become in combat, much like the guards, for example you could have 5% fat at 5+ squares distance and 10% fat at 10+ squares. In addition we could even have new buildings that remove this debuff, say a "Silo" that stops the debuff occuring within a 5 square radius. Would allow for a new spin on warfare strategy.




Ideally I would hope for both of these things to occur to allow a permanent and most importantly fair way to manage balance in the Wasteland.

#153682 Artist Search

Posted by Anialator on 16 December 2012 - 19:51

I was curious about which artist was responsible for this sexy piece of graphic art right here:

Posted Image

I was curious as to whether or not a PSD file of it were available, and if the original artist would be willing to send me the file. I wish to incorporate the image into my signature. <3

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